Shopping in Cotton Mills Turned Antique Shops


Last week I shopped in no less than seven antique shops. Yes, I have been on a mission to find a couple of things. I didn't take pictures in all of the shops but I did grab some in two old cotton mills turned antique shops. 

Both of the malls I shopped in are in Monroe, Georgia which is around forty five minutes from me.

I thought this was a rather unique old ironing board.

This was a really pretty booth. This vendor does monogramming so I may need to go back and check into this more.

Love the brick wall in this old building.

My first stop was the Walton County Cotton Mill that comprises a few different shops. I shopped at  Ian Henderson's Antique Mall. It is huge and I basically did a quick browse, but may go back some day and look a bit slower. You could literally spend all day or longer in there. 

Look at the old floors. 

The other place is Monroe Cotton Mill and it is another huge antique mall plus another smaller mall downstairs. The large one is Vintage Revival Antiques and the downstairs shop is The Cotton Depot.

Even old items from the mills are for sale.

While I was there I filmed an Instagram story of this side of the building filled with salvage.

Cast iron anyone?

Nice butcher block, but I couldn't find the price on it.

I don't know about y'all, but when I see a booth like this I pass on by it. It's just too much.

The Cotton Depot was much smaller and had some really nice booths. Much easier to shop.

I don't know why I left without this. Hmmmm, may need to go back.

I shared this stunner on instagram. I would put it in my house if I had a full size box springs and mattress.

After shopping all week I still didn't find what I'm hunting for, but I may have found them another way and will share soon.

Happy hunting!


  1. Drooling! Love the bed! I'm going antiquing today at an old cotton mill in Belmont, NC.

  2. I spy lots of great things! Love transformed mills. Their architectural details are always so beautiful.

  3. I know what you mean about a booth that is crammed with stuff...too much for my eyes! I hate when I pass on something, like that quilt you passed on, when you go back typically its not there. Hope you luck out! Can't wait to see what you were looking for!

  4. I spent Friday at the Winter Antique Show in Round Top and then on to Leftovers in Brenham. Fun day with girlfriends, and we each came home with a few finds. I think you should go back and get the white spread if it is in good condition. Great price and size.

  5. What great shops. I might need to take a trip out that way soon.

  6. Wow! What a lot of things! We have an old mill here, too, with three floors of shopping. It's about an hour and a half from here so I haven't been in a long time. They actually have a little cafe tucked in on the lowest floor.

    That one booth has such a hodgepodge of stuff it feels kind of claustrophobic to me. I like a little space between items and things that are staged. Hope you have a great Sunday- xo Diana

  7. Yes, go back and get that white quilt or coverlet!!! The price was fantastic!

  8. I need the "sweet tea" sign and the sheep picture! Wish I didn't live nine hours from Georgia ...

  9. This looks like a fun shopping day! The bed is amazing...and I love the Bates bedspread and its cute pompoms!

  10. Get back there for that white coverlet!! Great price!! Loved looking at it all, thanks.....

  11. Thanks for sharing! I live right up the road in Snellville and may have to check these places out!!

  12. What ya huntin for, Kim??

    I'd love to shop in these places - wow.

    The one you'd pass by I never would b/c I am always watching for teacups and saucers and teapots - that vendor had a lot of glassware so they could be just out of sight lurking in a dark corner...............

  13. Kim you should definitely go back and get the Bates bedspread. I remember growing up and my Mom buying a Bates because they were considered the best, wish I had hers. Fun shopping vicariously with you.

  14. Oh Kim~that bed was aMAZing! The price~yikes!
    Thanks for the "tours" --love shopping in Atlanta!
    Btw-I've twice used full sized beds in guest rooms by adapting the rails and ordering a full extra long mattress set. You have to use quenn sheets but otherwise no problem.

  15. Now you are in my neck of the woods. Did you realize that Ian Henderson's has a downstairs too? Also I hope you saw Hodgepodge which is right beside Ian Henderson's Mall. Happy shopping!

    1. Yes, I just went through quickly, but will go back and go slower next time. I did visit Hodge Podge. That is where the first few photos are from.

  16. Good to know...the shops in Monroe are closed on Mondays.

  17. Love the sheep art. Love blackface sheep. We rented a lovely thatched roof house last May in the Cotswold area of England and my very favorite thing of the whole trip were the black faced sheep in a field right outside our kitchen windows. So beautiful.

  18. I could have got lots in there for hours, just browsing and filling my head with ideas. Thoroughly enjoyed looking at these, thank you x

  19. Oh how this is making me want to make a trip to Georgia! We have several antique malls near me in North Carolina but only one that I know of that looks about as great as these! I actually visited on Saturday and blogged about my anituqe shopping trip as well! I would love for you to come check out my blog, as I just recently started blogging and am looking for any tips and advice I can get! I look forward to reading your future posts!

    Chasity @

  20. Thanks for the shopping trip!! It was so much fun to see all that goodness!! Loved the green chair, and I did a whole room redecoration on my head just to fit that chair in!! and that french bed will be perfect on my daughter's room!!