Herringbone, Tufts, and Tacks


I have had mismatched chairs for so long in the dining room, but now I have four matching side chairs and two matching host and hostess chairs. They are the perfect new additions in here. What could be wrong with herringbone, tufts, and tacks? 

This is the look now, but soon this will change as I mentioned in this post.

Sunlight streaming in through the plantation shutters creates pretty shadows in the morning. 

I started using this chair as a host chair, but didn't have a mate......

.....until now! I ordered a mate when it went on sale. Now I have matching host and hostess chairs. Just look at that beautiful textured fabric and those tufts.

These are my new side chairs. I had been looking at this style of chair for sale on several sites and then came across these in person at a local shop. I just love the herringbone hemp fabric and the furniture tacks which are like the tacks on the host and hostess chairs, too.

The wood is oak that has been lime washed.

On line a pair of these was quite pricey and I just couldn't bring myself to buy them, but when I found the same chairs in a shop and the four were the price of two on line I bit the bullet.

They are so comfy my guests may never leave.

Early morning shot with my phone.

 In less than a week this room will look a bit different again as the furniture shuffle begins.

I hope y'all have an awesome week!
I'm heading back up to the bonus room to get that makeover finished soon.


  1. Love the new chairs, Kim. Wishing you a wonderful Monday!

  2. Looks great, and comfortable!
    The lime wash (called cérusé) is just right.

  3. It's going to be a totally different dining room by the time you are finished....love the new chairs!!!

  4. Very pretty - love the chairs!

  5. So beautiful and elegant. LOVE the rug! Happy Monday!

  6. Now you need to have some friends over for a dinner party!

  7. Love them and the new look.

  8. Love the host and hostess chairs as the inviting, cushy, tufted armchairs that they are. I've often thought wing chairs, and variations on them, are a such an elegant statement at a dining room table. Love the herringbone fabric on the side chairs, too, along with the tack detail. I'll be thinking of your dining room choices when I recover my fabric parsons dining side chairs - gorgeous!

  9. I love them - wish we had space for host/hostess chairs.

    What struck me most was the gorgeous vase full of lavender. You've inspired me to head out to the garden to get the bees' permission to snap off a bouquet of lavender for an old silver teapot.

    Have a great day!

  10. I love all the new chairs! Cant wait to see the changes you have in mind and the bonus room!! :)

  11. The new chairs are beautiful! I really love them and can't WAIT to see the new hutch in here!!!!

  12. I love this room! Can't imagine it will look better in a week but knowing you, it will!

  13. Love the chairs that look great with the table (dark top). The buttery yellow ceiling and the sun streaming through the window is perfect! Keep us posted every step of the way.

  14. That sounds like a great bargain you got on the chairs! I've been wanting those on World Market's website for some time. Like you, I just can't seem to pull the trigger. I would love to know where you bought these? I also live in metro Atlanta. Thanks!

    1. Jill, this was the only chairs they had at a shop in Norcross.

  15. What a lucky find! I like the new look, and can't wait to see the results of the 'shuffle'.

  16. The new chairs look stunning and comfortable!

  17. I love the chairs! I think they are my favorite yet! I'm currently looking for dining chairs and these have me thinking! Beautiful!