An Easy Fix


When we changed the tile backsplash in the kitchen there was an issue that needed to be corrected. Since we tiled over the old tile and we didn't won't to remove the border tile, but it was the wrong color with the new tile. I thought for a minute and came up with an easy fix.

The arrow marks the problem.

Here's a closer blurry look. As you can see it is a brown color.

See it now? It blends nicely with the new tile. So how did I do that? In less than a couple of minutes I brushed a couple of colors of paint over it and voila!

These border pieces are in three places on this side. You can see the one by the arched opening in front of the sink here.

The other piece is behind the pitcher of flowers. I seemed to always have it blocked with something in my photos.

So if you have something that needs an easy fix....try paint.
I used watered down chalk paint in two colors so the color would dry quickly and with no sheen.

See the kitchen reveal here.
Tiling over the tile post here.

The winner of the Matthew Mead Upstyled Home magazine is Charlotte Mcclure.


  1. You can fix anything with paint! You just added another use to your 1001 ideas to use paint! Great idea!

  2. Kim, you put new tile over the old tile? How can you do that? Do you use a special glue or something? You might have given me an idea!

    1. Naomi, I blogged about it, but it doesn't work in every situation, but it did for us.

  3. Kim,
    Paint saves the day again. Easy, inexpensive, and any color you need. Every time I see your new backsplash, I love it more.


  4. the power of paint. changes everything. looks great.

  5. I wonder if when you clean the paint will rub off. If it does you can use a craft paint called PermEnamel by Delta paints, it will be permanent when it dries. Your kitchen is beautiful!

  6. Looks great and such an easy fix! Enjoy your day, Kim!

  7. What a simple but perfect solution! Congrats to the winner.

  8. What a creative solution. I have the same tile in my kitchen and and those pencil trims are expensive. It blends as if it was always there. Love your kitchen.

    My contractor is coming over this evening...I can't wait to show him your solution.

  9. Wow!!! What a creative solution Kim. Another way to share the amazing power of paint!!
    Hoping you are healing well and will soon be up and about.
    Hugs, Gee

  10. Kim, you are the master with a paint brush!! What an easy fix!

  11. That's the perfect fix! You are the queen of paint.

  12. Perfect! You are master with paint! Love the new look of your kitchen and know you are enjoying this redo. Congratulations to the winner.