How I Dry Hydrangeas


I love to use hydrangeas to add pops of color in the house whether they are fresh cut and vibrant in color or if they have dried for a few weeks and turned a beautiful softer muted tone. I never purposely dried my hydrangeas. It just happened accidentally when I forgot to add fresh water to some arrangements and I noticed them changing colors. 

My newest bunch turned the most beautiful shades of mauve and lavender.

This is how they looked originally. I bought this bush at Costco a few months ago. After sitting on the front porch this bush wasn't doing well so we moved it to a shadier spot and sadly it didn't get taken care of like it should have.

I cut some of the flowers and added them to this ironstone bowl and then tucked in an extra blue one I had leftover from another arrangement. This arrangement was in the foyer.

All I did to get them to this stage was to leave them alone. Yep, just leave them sitting in the vessel of water and let it gradually evaporate and watch the flowers change colors. I took the dried flowers out of the ironstone bowl and placed them in the urn in the dining room. Now I can enjoy these for months or bag them up and store them away to use again later.

This was so easy and I have dried the blue ones too in the past and will dry some again this year.

Well, I better go cut some more blue ones to dry. 

Have you dried hydrangeas before?


  1. Kim, I have done the same thing and it works. You don't have to go to the trouble of hanging them to dry! Have a wonderful Thursday, lit is raining at my house and we are expecting more from the tropical storm!

  2. Yes...this way seems to be the the colors that the hydrangeas morphed into! So far not much rain here...but should get some from the storm.

  3. Yep, that's all there is to it. Easy peasy. I used to dry them quite often, but not so much anymore. I had a huge dried bunch of white ones (my favorite to dry)for a long, long time. But they get messy and I get tired of cleaning them up LOL. I absolutely love my pink one fresh, but don't care for it dried. Kind of the same with the blue. My solution is to buy fresh flowers or blooming plants.

  4. PS - I meant to ask how your mother's recovery is progressing?

  5. It works every time. Easiest way.

  6. Natural drying is far the easiest way! You may also want to try drying them in a 1 to 3 glycerin- water mix after smashing the end of the branches a bit. End result is soft flowers that don't crumble. Either way, you can enjoy these beautiful blossoms for a long time!

  7. Never done this before but I'll have to try! Hydrangeas truly are an amazing flower!

  8. I love to dry hydrangea's too. They are pretty easy to dry out and save. Yours are so pretty.

  9. I love them fresh and dried. I started dipping the stems in alum before I put them in water to dry and it worked out better for me.

  10. If you have white hydrangeas you can add food coloring to the water and as they soak up the water they turn color. They will keep some of the color when the water is gone and they have dried.