Master Bath Progress Week of Sept. 3


Time  to update what's going on in the master bath remodel. It was a quiet week until Thursday afternoon. The quartz counters were installed by two very nice young men with the best personalities.
After they were finished installing the counter I was talking to one of them and he mentioned he was originally from North Carolina and I said me, too! Then he said what part and I said Greensboro and he said he was from there, too. We then realized we were both born at the same hospital, but many many years apart. 😉

This white quartz has tiny little flecks of color in it and also some little flecks that sparkle, but I don't think the sparkles show in photos. I love when the light hits just right and I see sparkles.

The tile guy who had said he would work here this weekend on the wall over the vanity will not return Mr. Savvy's calls so now I have a new tile guy.....Mr. Savvy himself. It's just a wall and he really is excellent at tiling. He has always done our tiling himself.

We went with the ogee edge like we have in the kitchen.

Love the specks of color.

This started going up late yesterday and will be continued today.
Best birthday present evah!
Love you Mr. Savvy!!

Now, we just need the plumber to come back after the storm moves through and if we still have power to install all the bathroom hardware so this room will be finished and usable again.

Now, back to watch the weather channel.


  1. Beautiful Kim! That tile was very easy to install thankfully. We have the same counter tops in our master bath and I love them with the sparkle. We have the black version in our kitchen and at times I wish I had just gone with the white in there also. Your glass knobs are gorgeous too! I have a few I think just like those in our kitchen and have them set aside for the master bath but just haven't installed them yet. I need to get in there and paint. I love that your drawers are flush with the cabinet itself!

  2. It looks wonderful. Can't wait to see the final product.
    Fingers crossed for (against, actually) the hurricane.

  3. It is looking Wonderful! Sending prayers your way for the hurricane...stay safe!

  4. Oh gosh! I love your countertops that sparkle. I once had a dog that I named "Sparkles!" Hoping you don't lose your power during the storm!

  5. Happy Birthday Kim!!!! ... love the progress..the tile, the countertop and so funny about the installer and you having that in common! The bathroom is going to gorgeous..worth the work and wait!!

  6. Everything is just gorgeous!

  7. It is looking beautiful Kim. Hope your power stays on!

  8. Happy birthday, Kim! A new tile wall is definitely the best birthday present. ;) It's looking fab. Love the quartz.

  9. I love that counter top! We have a master bath remodel coming up sometime this winter and I will have to take at look at quartz. I am from NC too - Raleigh!

  10. Love your bathroom renovation. I live outside Winston-Salem, so it is nice to find out you are a former Tarheel.

  11. I have been seeing your Master bath progress on IG and I'm so excited as well! You have just placed so many gorgeous details in the space!

  12. It is going to be fabulous! I cannot wait to see the finished room.