How I Decorate with French Everyday Items


Today I'm sharing how I decorate with French everyday items. I have collected quite a few French items that the French may use in their daily lives, but I display them as decorative accessories throughout my home. I have only gathered these things through my blogging years since 2010. 

1. Demijohns: I have demijohns scattered here and there as I shared in the sitting room. They are on top of the hutch and on the floor.

More are in the dining room along with......

2. Breadboards: This gallery wall is no more, but as you can see I have quite a few vintage breadboards that I have collected from antique fairs and shops.

Breadboards make a nice hard surface on upholstered pieces.

3. Ironstone: I didn't own one single piece of ironstone before I started blogging and now I have an extensive collection. It's in the dining room, kitchen....

....and a vast majority of it is in this curio cabinet that we made over. Some of it isn't even out.

4. Grainsacks: I have several vintage grainsacks and some of them have been turned into pillows like these in my Eclectic Summer Sunroom.

They also make great runners like this one on the breakfast room table.

5. Copper: The French love their copper and I have a couple of pots to cook in, but I collect copper molds and now display them in this gallery wall.

6. Confit pots: I have been displaying two of my French confit pots on the bookshelves in the great room. The French used these to preserve meat. Confit means "to preserve". These can be quite costly here, but I was lucky enough to buy these in France.

They also make great vases. I filled this very large confit pot with some faux lavender in the kitchen.

7. Dough bowls: I love using my vintage dough bowls in different rooms and filled with different items throughout the year. I have filled them with books, shells, beads, dried hydrangeas, and Christmas greenery and pine cones.

There are many more French pieces I like to use in my decor such as French linens, enamelware pitchers, mirrors and more.

Happy decorating!


  1. It's interesting to see how you have deployed your treasures.
    Demijohns, confit pots, grain sacks and copper are inexpensive and easy to find here. But I rarely see ironstone, breadbowls or breadboards. It drives me nuts, because I want to get all three. I keep looking. Happily, the hunt is fun, and other treasures are found along the way.

  2. I use all of those as well, with the exception of the white ironstone. You have some lovely collections.

  3. So wonderful how bringing in French antiques/accessories and other French inspired items into your home can transform a room so beautifully! You have great collections....I didn't have any luck finding confit pots in France, but I may break down and get one and "pay the price"....Happy Thursday!

  4. Hmmm I think most of my ironstone is english, which is usually where the white ironstone comes from. I use demijohns, ironstone, etc., etc., etc. but not trying to decorate in a french style. I just use what I like. I love a collected look style. Not sure there is a name for MY style LOL!! Maybe eclectic cottage!

    1. Yes, a lot of mine is English, too, but every tureen in the dining room is French ironstone.

  5. Kim, I love your collections and how you present them in a lovely way! I would love to own a few confit pots. Perhaps, on our next trip to France, I can buy at least one!

  6. Hi Kim, I love looking at all your amazing finds. I don't think I ever thought about all the pieces that I have in my home that are french inspired and I probably purchased because of you and how I liked the way you styled them! You have got to stop tempting me! It's Lent! Hugs, Becky

  7. Oh you have my heart with all the french decor and you have all displayed beautifully Thank you for sharing

  8. OH My! Pitter Patter my Heart!