White and Blue Spring Bedroom


I know normally we say blue and white, but the room is actually mostly white with some blue accents added so that is why I said white and blue spring bedroom, k? 

I started not to even decorate the guest bedrooms for spring, but who am I kidding. I love decorating bedrooms and changing up the bedding and pillows. I don't know how this obsession even started. I think it started from browsing Pottery Barn store displays except I cannot do a messy bed like they do, but theirs look so good. There's just something about layers of pretty bedding and pillows with ruffles or even no ruffles and mixing patterns. Thoughts of combinations pop in my head and then I start implementing those or playing house as Mr. Savvy calls it.

 This spring, in this guest bedroom, I worked with the bedding I had on hand and added one new pillow.

The first thing I chose was the white duvet trimmed in blue and then I tried different pillows out until I liked the look. The first photo shows a blue and white jar and pink flowers which was changed out to the vintage jar of tulips after I started taking pictuers.

The only new pillow is the one on the front that I ordered from caitlinwilson.com. I also ordered two more larger soft blue pillows, but they didn't work with the blue on the duvet so they will be used somewhere else.

I brought out my stone bunny and added some grocery store tulips in the vintage jar. As you can see the bronze sconces that use to hang over the fireplace landed in here on each side of the window.

Texture is added with different ruffles and quilting on the shams.

Side table stays the same basically and I added my favorite sheep.

Here you can see the other sconce.

I was going to paint this hutch again, but never have gotten around to it so black it stays for now.

My shells and coral collection along with books adorn the shelves.

I hope y'all have a great week!

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  1. The duvet cover is very pretty! Blue and white is so timeless. Looking at this makes me think I might go back to it for our master bedroom.

  2. The white and blue is so fresh for spring! Love it, Kim! Have a great week!

  3. Love that duvet cover. The room looks very restful.

  4. So beautiful...fresh and so serene...just love that duvet! Happy Monday!

  5. Just a thought - seeing those gorgeous sconces again makes me wonder how they would look on either side of the mirror over the bed? Love how you are always in continuous improvement mode!

  6. Can you share the name and brand of white paint please?

  7. Love the blue and white Kim. The duvet is gorgeous. Have a great week.

  8. I love that duvet with the blue trim. So, so pretty. You sure can make beds look pretty. I always enjoy looking at them.

  9. Kim,
    Your bedrooms are always so beautiful! I love the blue and white. Wish I had your gift of decorating.

  10. Where did you find this beautiful duvet cover?

    1. I got it last year from Pottery Barn, but I think they still sell it.

  11. The black hutch is a gorgeous piece! and the White and Blue looks bright and welcoming.

  12. The room is lovely, as usual! Your bright white basic bedding with the different blue patterns is so Spring! Just a few changes makes the room totally different. I also adore the way you use your bronze sconces, and other metal pieces throughout. Everything painted all white would be so boring... Though I love your hutch as is, you've never disappointed me when you choose a color! Marie

  13. I love the subtle touches of blue and white. It's so pretty, Kim.