Wow Us Wednesdays #354


Welcome to Wow Us Wednesdays! I hope your week is going well. Fall tours are all over blog land and I shared my fall master bedroom yesterday in the bHome tour. You can see that HERE if you missed it. There is also a giveaway for a set of Plush Pumpkins and it's very easy to enter.

Let's look at some features from last week.

Nice closet makeover on a $100 budget by 1915 House and they came in under that. You must see the before!

The Softer Side of Fall in the Master and Fall Blog Hop


It's fall tour time and if you just came from Jennifer's at Celebrating Everyday Life I know you found some beautiful inspiration there as she is a fabulous stylist! If you are new here, welcome and I hope you will return again. This week several of my fellow bloggers are opening up their homes to bring you lots of ideas to welcome fall in your home. There will be a new group each day to bring you more inspiration and don't miss the giveaway information at the bottom of the post.

Today I'm sharing what I call the softer side of fall in the master. 

It's Just Trees


I keep telling myself it could have been so much worse and it's just trees.

Last Monday started out with just some rain and wind, but the gusts got increasingly stronger as the day went on and then it happened! As Mr. Savvy walked into the sunroom he saw one of our large trees go over in slow motion and it landed on the tree next to it which pushed that one over on the next tree. It was just like dominoes going over, but they never fell to the ground. 

A Fall Tour, A Fall Printable, French Farmhouse Decorating and More


It's the weekend and time for Home Style Saturdays where we share lots of inspiration and this week it's all about a fall tour, a fall printable, chic French farmhouse decorating and more. I hope you'll grab a cup of coffee or whatever you prefer and enjoy the links below. 

Be sure to come back Monday as I join a fall tour and I'll be sharing the softer side of fall.

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This and That


It has been one busy week around here so today I'm sharing this and that to show you some fall peeks and what I'm working on now besides the master bathroom which is almost ready to use. Haleighuia!
The week started off with tropical storm Irma approaching us and boy did it get worse as the day went on. Now my view through the sunroom windows has changed a bit and will change even more.

Yep, one tree uprooted and fell against two more trees and one of those trees is uprooted, too so we will probably have to have all three cut and removed. We are on our tree guy's list for him to get to us as soon as he can and tree labor is so dang expensive. Cha ching!

Wow Us Wednesdays #353


Hello Wowzers! Well, it has certainly been a scary week since last time we partied with the monster storm Irma on the news and then watching her hit Florida and then down graded to a tropical storm and spending the day here all day Monday. I can tell you she left the biggest mess, but we kept our power on unlike so many others. It went out for about thirty seconds while I was cooking dinner and then clicked back on. We were sure it was out and would stay out. We had a very large tree in our backyard uprooted during a very strong gust and it landed against a pair of trees that are holding it up. We hope when our tree guy comes that the other trees don't have to come down too. When you lose trees it just changes the whole look that was there before. Anyway we survived and were much luckier than others as I heard a couple of folks lost their lives due to trees falling on their homes. I'm so glad our tree was away from the house.

 Let's looks at some features from last week and get this party started.

I love this pretty arrangement hanging on the red door by Daffodil Hill.

New Gallery Wall in the Breakfast Room


Last week when I shared the fall mantel I mentioned that while decorating for fall a few things have moved around. I loved my breakfast room wall when I had the vintage bread boards hanging on the wall, but after having the new crown molding added to the wall during the kitchen remodel it wasn't quite large enough anymore for my over sized boards. In the meantime I hung a painting and sconces and then switched the painting for another one, but I still wasn't feeling it. Then I had an epiphany and realized my copper molds collection might just work. So today I'm sharing my new gallery wall in the breakfast room with a bit of fall added, too.

Master Bath Progress Week of Sept. 3


Time  to update what's going on in the master bath remodel. It was a quiet week until Thursday afternoon. The quartz counters were installed by two very nice young men with the best personalities.
After they were finished installing the counter I was talking to one of them and he mentioned he was originally from North Carolina and I said me, too! Then he said what part and I said Greensboro and he said he was from there, too. We then realized we were both born at the same hospital, but many many years apart. 😉

This white quartz has tiny little flecks of color in it and also some little flecks that sparkle, but I don't think the sparkles show in photos. I love when the light hits just right and I see sparkles.

Go Away Irma and More


For days I truly thought the Atlanta area might not have any impact from hurricane Irma, but now it looks like it is headed our way, but of course not with the fury it will have on Florida.We have been told that we could have some severe wind gusts and possible power outages so like everyone else I went to the store to stock up on mostly non perishables like bread, peanut butter, chips, cookies, deviled ham, and more junk. As I was strolling through the bakery department I came across this cookie and just had to take a picture of it. Yes, it says it right there....Go Away Irma!

While the weekend weather is still nice I'm going to enjoy it and I hope everyone stays safe from this storm. If you aren't in it's path and need some inspiration I hope you visit the links below.

A Little Fall Preview


I love to change the bedding in the bedrooms seasonally and it's time to put away the white bedding in the master and bring out some soft colors. I put this mood board together to give you a little fall preview of the colors and patterns I'm using this fall in the master.