How I Dry Hydrangeas


I love to use hydrangeas to add pops of color in the house whether they are fresh cut and vibrant in color or if they have dried for a few weeks and turned a beautiful softer muted tone. I never purposely dried my hydrangeas. It just happened accidentally when I forgot to add fresh water to some arrangements and I noticed them changing colors. 

Wow Us Wednesdays #341


Welcome wowzers! This chick is so much happier now that my Bailey is home from the animal hospital and feeling more like her old self. She is on medications and some special food and all is good. She will go back on Thursday for a recheck and to be groomed. I know the report will be good and she will feel so much better once she has been groomed, too. I gave her a bath, but boy oh boy she needs to be trimmed. Pancreatitis is a scary thing and the doctor said it was a good thing we got her in when we did.

Let's look at some features from last week and get this party started!

This looks like back breaking work to me, but check out this DIY stenciled floor by The Heathered Nest.

My Eclectic Summer Sunroom


Last week I shared last year's summer sunroom and this year's sunroom has had quite a few changes. I'ts a mix of styles so I'm calling it my eclectic summer sunroom. This year it's a lot simpler with less decor. It's still decorated in shades of blue because what's cooler than blue and white? I just love this combo and in hot Georgia we need all the cool we can get.
The sofa, wicker chairs and the tall chest were in here last year, but the other chairs, coffee table and end tables have changed. 
So let's tour this summer's look.

One Very Sick Dog and More


It's the weekend again! Hope y'all had a great week. Me not so much. If you follow me on instagram and facebook then you know my dog Bailey was very sick. It started on Sunday with a visit to the ER and then she seemed better on Monday. We think it is because they hydrated her with fluids under the skin plus an injection for the vomiting. Anyway on Tuesday she wasn't acting as well as on Monday and she would only eat a few bites of chicken in the morning and then that was it. Wednesday she was eating even less and drinking less, but acted okay. Well, her urine was getting darker and darker since she was going on a pee pad I could see the color. By Thursday morning it was brown so off to the vet we went. Her liver numbers were sky high plus she tested positive for pancreatitis. She has always had a sensitive tummy and we are pretty sure this time it all started with a certain someone, not me, giving her some of his leftover sausage on Saturday. No more rich sausage or anything else for this girl. I don't care how much she bats those brown eyes at him. She spent the night in the hospital as they flushed her with fluids and medications to get her back to normal.
She is on the mend and should come home today! I'm going to give her some extra hugs this weekend, but not any treats she shouldn't have.
Thanks so much for all the prayers and love shared on fb and IG.

What I'm Loving.....sunrooms


This week I'm loving sunrooms. My sunroom is where you will find me most of the day. It's where I blog and where I watch television. I don't like the same shows as the mister so separate rooms are best. He changes channels way too often and it drives me nuts.

Sunrooms can be very casual or what I like to call casual chic.

Enjoy these sunrooms I found on the web.

Summer Sunroom 2016


It's summer, it's hot and sticky and life is slower. I am just beginning to share how I have added summer in the house this year and I will be sharing the sunroom next week. Before I share how it looks now I am sharing last year's look again since a lot has changed since then.
Enjoy 😊