Wow Us Wednesdays #384


Welcome to Wow Us Wednesdays! I hope y'all are having a good week. I think we may have sunshine today after several days of rain and a sun filled house is a good thing. 
Let's look at some features from last week and get this party started.

Check out the pretty blue and white DIY painted glass jars by Lantern Lane Designs.

Huffington Post Article of my Home 2012


I get emails all the time from SEO experts stating that they can put my blog on the first page of  the Google search engine and of course this comes at a price. So while I searched my own blog with google an interesting article came up that I had completely forgotten about. Huffington Post had shared an article and tour of my home in 2012. I thought some of my new readers and even the ones who have been here a long time might be interested in what my home looked like then because believe me almost every square inch of this house has been changed....and some rooms more than once. 😉

Beware this tour is filled with lots of color!

The Spring Front Yard


Did y'all have a good weekend? I finally got to work in the yard on Saturday and it felt so good! My body may not have thought it felt so good, but I sure did.
The yard is far from perfect and it still has a lot of greening up to do and a lot of grass needs to fill in some bare spots which happens every winter. We mainly worked on the front yard beds and the bed by the pond needed to be cleaned up. There were tons of sticks down and the ivy was taking over and needed to be trimmed away from the trees and other landscaping. We love the ivy, but we don't want it to climb the trees and bushes.

Here are some photos I took with my phone.

The edge of the bed had to be dug out and then cut with the edger to make the edge nice and neat. The deeper edge also keeps the mulch from getting scattered out on the yard. The new mulch was put out a few weeks ago.

Tomato Soup Cake, Table Settings, Pillows and More


Yes, I said tomato soup cake. I have never heard of it and I will be sure to check the link below to read Jamie's grandmother's recipe.
 Be sure to check out all the other inspiration this week, too.

A Grand Foyer Transformation, French Style Entertaining, and More


This week for our French Country Fridays series you'll find so much inspiration including a grand foyer transformation, French style entertaining and more. I'm sharing my pink and navy guest bedroom and you can find all the links below.

Wishing y'all a fabulous weekend!

Adding Vintage Decor to the Top of the Built Ins


After sharing the refreshed great room recently I was standing at the kitchen sink and looking at the built ins in there. I used to display things on top of them, but after painting them a few years ago I left the tops bare. So on a whim I decided to place some of my vintage breadboards and a French market basket to the top of them and I'm still deciding if I like this change or not. Sometimes I like changes right away and sometimes they either grow on me or I put it back the way it was.
So I thought I would share the new look and see what y'all think.

Adding Vintage Decor to the Top of the Built ins
I layered three different shaped breadboards on this side.