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Out My Window

We had some cute visitors yesterday. All of a sudden I heard Bailey just barking like crazy and had to see what all the fuss was all about. Then I saw these ducks in our pond. We normally start seeing some ducks around March so this is really early. I think nature is so confused with abnormal temperatures and odd seasons. I grabbed my camera and snapped these shots through my sun room windows since it was cold out and I was still in my pajamas. My neighbors probably were thinking there is crazy Kim in her jammies taking pictures through the window again.

Now you see him.

Now you don't.

They did this all day. Dipping, diving, and swimming.

This is normally a sign of spring around here, but we really haven't had winter yet. We normally have mallards. I think these are called wood ducks but, not sure.
At least they are cute to watch and thank goodness after a week of gloom and rain we finally have sunshine. 

Post edit: looks like the ducks are Hooded Mersingers that a commenter mentioned.

May your day be filled with sun.

Oh, and I am not a fan of football, but GO FALCONS!!
Mr. Savvy and I will be babysitting Leila while her parents go to the game. Mr. Savvy prefers watching it on the television anyway and they have a nice big screen over their fireplace.
My project hopefully will get finished tomorrow if I could just stay with it.
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