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Prepping For Guests

I am so excited that the weekend is almost here! This weekend is the Country Living Fair and I can't wait to attend. Last year was a blast! 

I have been busy busy getting ready for two house guests. It was cold and windy yesterday, but I had to get the yard cut since it was looking quite bad. I was wondering if I would be able to get it done in time since we have had rain a couple days this week and then the grass needed to dry, but all is done.

On the inside I have been cleaning and prepping the guest rooms. 

As most of you know, if you have been following me for the last few years, I like to change up the bedding around here and it was time to switch things up for fall. 

I like adding warmer colors and layers since the nights are much cooler these days. I purchased this quilt last year at the Pottery Barn outlet and used it on the master bedroom bed for a bit. I like that I can use some of the same bedding from room to room since all the beds are queen size.

The khaki colored shams were marked way down at Pottery Barn in Atlanta this summer when I attended the Haven Conference and we did a little shopping. Everything else I had.

I try to think of everything my guests will need while they are here. Good lighting is a must and I have an alarm clock and a dish to place smalls on. I will have water and possibly some chocolates.

Bed linens are clean, fresh towels are ready and bathrooms are clean.

Want to know who is staying with me? Most of you have probably guessed Shirley of Housepitality Designs and the other one is Kristen of Sophia's Decor. Kristen will be staying in the farmhouse style guest room that I shared here. Shirley normally stays in that room, but we are matching the rooms to the guests this week. Kristen grew up on a farm and loves farmhouse style while Shirley loves pretty gardens, you should see their yard, so she gets the green room.

So I hope they will have a "good night" like this pillow says.

Friday morning two other bloggers will arrive at my house, Laura of Top This Top That and my sister of The Essence of Home. This is their first time going and I am sure they will love it, too.

Oh, gosh, I gotta run I still have a bit more to do to get ready and Shirley arrives first later today.

Hope to see some of you at the fair!

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The Kitchen Project Reveal

I have wanted to paint my black island green for a couple years and I finally just picked up the brush and did it. Don't get me wrong I loved the black until it started getting scratched off and white spots were everywhere. On a Monday afternoon two weeks ago I was just going to test the paint in a spot and I just kept painting and painting until I was in it all the way. No, stopping me now. While I was painting I also developed a nasty cough, but that didn't stop me either. I just had to get them finished cough or not. It took me six days of on and off painting. I could have finished in three days if I didn't have to stop, but I am a lot older than I use to be when I did paint projects and I had to take breaks. I just took my time. I am so pleased with how they turned out and so is Mr. Savvy.

To refresh your memory or for those new here the other cabinets are the antiqued ivory which were professionally painted when we did a mini kitchen makeover several years ago. These are still in very good condition, but the black ones just wore so badly.

 Have y'all tried honey bells? OMG they are so juicy and so good. Dawn shared these on her blog and I ordered some and I will order them again next year. I understand they are only available a very short time.

The best part is I did this ALL BY MYSELF with no help from Mr. Savvy.
He said he was going to hire me out. No, I don't think so.

You can see how they looked before in this old post.

I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in Chateau Gray.
I will share a tutorial soon.

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The Kitchen

I shared the breakfast room table all ready for a big family Christmas breakfast and now here are a few festive touches added to the kitchen.

 Bessie got a nice necklace of red ornaments to make her feel pretty.

 A fresh rosemary plant is wrapped in burlap and tied with a gingham bow and it sits in a basket tray filled with ornaments.

 This gingham bow is really a chain or cord cover that I had tucked away.

This fresh rosemary smells so good and I have trimmed it several times.

Tiny grain sack stockings from Dreamy Whites added to the canisters.

 Hot cocoa anyone?

Tomorrow is my favorite room decorated for the holidays.

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Vintage Christmas in Bedroom 2

This  guest room also got some vintage touches for Christmas. It is done in the traditional red and green colors that work well in this room. You can visit the other guest room here if you missed it.

Leila naps in this room when I keep her and she loves looking at this Santa pillow. The other grand girls will be staying in this room when they return next weekend.

I hung the Santa face over the bed this year. Leila says Santa is coming soon.

This is a vintage quilt I picked up this summer for a song. I love it at the end of this bed to add some vintage charm.

Very soft green and cream ticking sheets have been added to warm up the bed for those cold nights.

I tucked this little tree in the old enamelware coffee pot and hung some red and green ornaments.

Ho, ho, ho and more to come.

I wrapped gifts all day while it rained outside. I will be busy in this last week before Christmas getting ready for our son and family to return. I may even do some baking.

Have a great week.

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Green For Little Green

My vintage kitchen scale collection is surely growing. I have two solid white, one white with red, and one black. Now to add to the collection I found a bargain on a green one.

This is the first one that I have purchased with a basket. Love the green.

So many things I can place in the basket. I put my lemons in it and then.....

.....I tried my hydrangea bloom, but it still needs water. I can't believe how well it is doing.

Look at that wonderful rust. 

Not so sure about the eagles on the back side of the basket. I guess they are a symbol of this American family scale company.

I have seen these at so many price points lately. Many are fifty dollars and up.
I found this one for $25. Started not to get it and then knew I would be sorry if I didn't.
I have never paid more than $30 for one of these. I saw one like this one for $90. That is just crazy.

Enjoy the day and come back tonight for a makeover at my sister's.

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