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Farm House Style Finds

Well, I went back to the flea market that I went to a week ago and bought the two stools that I left behind the first time. I am glad they were still there. I am showing one of them today before I get a hold of it with some paint along with my other find, a vintage looking farm house style pitcher.

Don't you love it. It isn't old, but it looks old and that is good enough for me.

My eight dollar stool. Not bad this way, but I think I will be painting it.

Love the red checks around it. Perfect in my kitchen.

The pitcher was marked down from $32 to $20. Sold!

So have you done any junking lately? 

Only problem with junking is that I need to clear out the stuff I don't need anymore.
Mr. Savvy doesn't understand why I bring in more stuff and get rid of the old. I don't know why.
I just do. I know I'm not alone.

Enjoy your week!

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A Few Antique/Thrift Goods

I have made a couple of visits to an antique shop recently and found a few things. Then I made another trip back to get some more ornaments since I didn't get enough on the first trip. I also stopped by a thrift store on the way back home.

The antique shop was having a Christmas open house on Saturday and look at this cute picture that was tied to the bag. This is the store owner's picture when he was a child. Such a great idea for a vintage look.

Look at my loot. I found the vintage grain sack down under a table and under a bunch of stuff, but I spied it and pulled it out. Oh, the thrill of the hunt!

This is old and has such a wonderful nubby texture. It was only $28 so it came home with me.

The first two books came from the thrift store for a dollar each and the other two were fifty percent off at the antique shop. I changed the look of a couple of them. I mostly buy old books for the looks as shelf fillers. I stand back and look at the color and if they look old, which they usually are in the antique stores. Now I know to go to a thrift store if I just want to alter their look.

Since the thrift store books were so cheap I took the covers off except for the one from the antique shop.

I love these pewter colored ornaments. The whole bag was $7.95 for ten ornaments so I went back to get another bag since I didn't buy enough on the first trip. That makes them less than a dollar apiece for an unusual colored ornament. I love the tag on the bag, too.

I will have to share where I have used these finds at another time. The weather is not good for taking pictures today with all this rain and gloom.

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My First Time in a Thrift Store

Yesterday was day two of car shopping and we finally decided on the Buick LaCrosse in Gold Mist not white. So we are driving home and the salesman calls us to say that Mr. Savvy left some more stuff in the car we traded. I thought he had gotten everything out, but, no he left some things in the back and in the little compartment in the dash. Anyway I said I would go back up and get the stuff he left in the car.

So I went back up there this morning and got the loot that was left in the car and then stopped at a thrift shop on the way back home that I had seen on the way up there the past couple of days. I walked in and right off the bat was a white covered vegetable dish.

I love the flower detail of this dish.

a crack has been glued on the handle

Here it is in it's new home

Price was $6.00. I think that was a good deal.

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I Think I Got Some Good Deals

Friday I went flea marketing. Not sure if I would find anything I wanted or needed, but did find a few things. Things I didn't even know I was looking for. Funny how that happens sometimes. I was checking out several booths and then there was this tiny little room that said 50% off all books. Of course I was looking for old leather books, which they did not have, but found these instead.

I found Dr. Seuss books marked $2.50 less 50% equal $1.25 each. I was thinking about future visits from
my grandchildren and how they might enjoy these. I know I sure did when I was growing up.
That's eight books for ten dollars. Not bad.

Green Eggs and Ham brought back a flood of sweet memories. My maternal grandmother, rest her soul, sent me Green Eggs and Ham when I was five years old. I believe she had signed me up for a book club. She was a first grade teacher and of course new the importance of reading. I wish it had stuck because I am not a reader. I just cannot sit still long enough or keep my mind on a book long enough to really enjoy one. I have
read a few while at the beach or pool, but not at home. 

Then I found this old bobbin for four dollars. I have seen a lot of these lately. The last flea market I went
to had a booth full of these in all sizes, but they started at twelve dollars. 

I love all the patina that has been created on this one.

Then the very last booth had some vintage kitchen wares and I spotted this scale. It is a vintage Hanson scale
and it is the most perfect color for my kitchen.

Just look at it.

Just love the red top and the worn edges.

And here it is in it's new home!

I bought that for $18 which looks like it was not a bad price. I went on ebay and checked them out. 
The cheapest one was $19 and not a Hanson. Some of them were over $80. Wow! This one is in perfect
working condition, too.

Those are my newest treasures.  What did you find this week?

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Hope your weekend is going well. I have been busy cleaning the deck and spray painting.
Photos coming soon.

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Just A Few Changes...... change the great room from a warm look for fall and winter to a lighter and cooler look for spring and summer. It is all y'all's fault, too. Since I started blogging and getting inspired by your projects and slipcovered wonders it has made me want to change a few things. I wish I knew how to make fitted slipcovers, but I don't. I would love to have some custom made, but cannot at this time. So, I checked out ebay and found some great alternatives from Pottery Barn at greatly reduced prices that still gave me the look I was going for. I have also been doing more flea marketing and antiquing since I started looking at your blogs. So, see it is all y'all's fault!!

 New natural box pleated slipcovers to lighten up the brick red sofa.
Changed the darker and heavier pillow covers to lighter ones that I already had stored.

Covered the red chair, too and left the leather chair uncovered

Changed the accessories on the mantel to white potted plants, wicker chargers, green plates, bird house and bird for a fresher and layered display for the warm season. I had all these things.

Antique wicker tray filled with antique and flea market treasures and design books.
The tray is from a local antique store.  The shoe form and antlers are from a local flea market
and the old bottles were found many years ago by Mr. Savvy on his childhood home site.

Fern added to the fireplace, which is a southern thing, and flowers added to the coffee table.
I keep forgetting to mention that Mr. Savvy designed and built the mantel all by himself. He also replaced the original white marble tile with grey veining  to the new marble tiles I chose. He is very proud of that mantel.

I love the way the room feels now. Don't be surprised if I make some more changes since I may want to change some of the displays on the built-ins with fresher looks. I am sure I will find some things at the antique and flea markets that just may want to come home with me.

If you want to see the before you can see it HERE.

I am joining Transformation Thursday over at The Shabby Chic Cottage  and Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home and Beautiful Life Friday at The Inspired Room so be sure and click on the link and check out all the other transformations. I am sure you will be inspired as I have and it will make you want to make some changes. Don't say I didn't warn you. All this inspiration can lead to some serious shopping addictions and room renovations.

And now I found a new party to join. The Mantel Party over at The Nesting Place. Please check out each of these party goers, too!

Thank you so much for all the comments and for each one of my followers who have gotten me to the 200 mark! Please be sure and let me know you came by.

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