Summer Styled Guest Bedroom


I hope everyone's summer is going well. Can y'all believe it is the middle of July already? June for me was filled with visits and surgeries at the MOHS doctor and for now I have no more skin cancer and I hope it stays that way. We'll see if any new ones show up when I go back in November. The other issue that just came up, the week of July fourth, is I broke a tooth eating a piece of steak. I didn't have any prior trouble or pain with this tooth so I was shocked. Tomorrow I go get a temporary crown. I was due to go for my cleaning the end of the month, but my teeth just couldn't wait to go see the dentist. 😀 
So far all I've done is go to doctors and now I'm due my eye exam and a physical.
 I'm ready for fall!

Well, you're not here to hear my woes so let's see how with just a few simple changes this guest bedroom has been refreshed for summer.

Weekend Getaway Dreaming


I think most people like to go to the beach for vacation and I used to, but as I get older and not enjoying time spent out in the sun anymore I prefer going to the mountains where the air is cooler. I would love a weekend getaway home, but that's not going to happen even though it almost did many years ago. Hubby was going through some kind of mid life crisis and bought a mountain property, but we never did build on it and eventually sold it. I still love the charm of mountain homes and I found this beauty on Atlanta Homes

French Country Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal


The long holiday weekend is over and now it's back to normal life and normal routines. Mr. Savvy took off most of last week to extend his holiday and he worked on our backyard some. His clothes were so wet that you would have thought he had been sprayed with a hose....gross! Hopefully some landscapers will show up soon to fix and add to our sprinkler system and they will lay some sod in the back where we now have dirt. While he worked and sweated outside I have been updating inside where it's much cooler. 
Today I'm sharing the French country guest bedroom makeover reveal.

Hutch Makeover Reveal


This poor hutch has had many coats of color over the past few years and now it wears another new color. It has actually gone through two changes in the past couple of weeks and I shared the first change on Instagram, but not on the blog. I have been cooped up in the house after having three more skin cancer surgeries so I decided to paint since I couldn't go out and sweat in the yard. 

The first thing that happened to cause me to repaint the hutch was I changed the wall color in here. Yep, I've been a painting fool lately.
I will share the room reveal soon, but first the hutch makeover. loss is your gain


Let's start off July with a giveaway! I haven't done one in a long time, but today I have something I just received that I don't need so my loss is your gain.

I have had many of you ask where the long ruffled shams on my bed are from?