My Kitchen From the Beginning


While we are waiting for the new quartzite counters to be installed and then the tiled backsplash I thought I would share my kitchen from the beginning of blogging. I have been blogging for ten years. In fact January 29th will be my official ten year anniversary when I finally hit that publish button.
We had remodeled our kitchen a few years before I started blogging. I wish I actually had photos of the original kitchen, but those were on film. Just use your imagination and picture white linoleum floors, glossy white cabinets and white Corian counters with a blue border. Yes, I chose a border along the front of the counters. I had come from a dark galley kitchen in our first home of twenty years and I wanted light and bright in the new house. Blue, which is a favorite color, was in the wallpaper and throughout the rest of the house. Yes, the house had lots of wallpaper when we built. Everything I chose in 1995 was on trend then. 
Then the antique white cabinets with black lower or island cabinets along with granite was the huge new thing, but we had to save up for it. I was thrilled to have the cabinets painted and new granite counters and tiled backsplash installed.We paid to have the cabinets professionally painted that time, but I have been painting them since then. It was over $4000 to have them done the first time.
 The first photo below is from the first blog post where I shared my French country kitchen and you can view more here. You must see the green walls, red buffalo checked curtains in the breakfast room along with a yellow table and chairs. Yes, I used to be all about loads of color. My readers who have been with me over the years will remember the red checked curtains.

A Big Project Has Begun


To my surprise we have begun a big project in the kitchen. I knew we were going to do this pretty soon, but not this soon. We went to look at stone slabs last Friday just to see what's out there and one thing led to another and we are now in full on kitchen counter replacement mode,  Of course that means also the backsplash, sink, and faucet are getting replaced, too. Am I excited? Yes, yes I am! 

Years ago we replaced our first kitchen counters with the granite we have now and I have loved it a long time, but after painting the cabinets white a few years ago the counter looked dark and dirty so I have been longing to lighten it up. I was leaning towards marble and would have gone in that direction even knowing the upkeep of it, but then I saw this quartzite slab below and I knew it was the one. It is called Sea Pearl and it has beautiful veins of gray and golden browns running through it. I didn't know the difference between quartzite and quartz until it was explained to me. Quartzite is solid quartz from the earth and quartz is a man made product and you can certainly tell the difference between the two. I have no issue with the man made, but I love the movement of the real deal. 

I wish y'all could see the many colors in this. My phone does not do it justice. We will need to use more than just one slab, but this place will only charge me for what we use. Some places charge you for each slab.

My First Antique Find of the Year


Happy New Year! Hope y'all enjoyed the holidays and festivities with family and friends. Now, it's a whole new year to start fresh. I don't make resolutions and I don't have a word of the year, but this year, I pray, is better than the last two. I miss my mom dearly, but it's very stressful having a sick elderly parent and I'm just glad she's not suffering anymore.

We went on a little overnight trip for New Year's eve and on the way I asked Mr. Savvy to stop by a shop I like to browse when passing through. Sometimes I find something and sometimes I don't. This time I really found something wonderful that I have been on the hunt for for quite some time. I titled this post my first antique find of the year, but technically I bought it on the last day of 2019. It wasn't in my house though until 2020 so I think I can call it my first antique find of the year.

By the way my computer is not working correctly and I cannot edit photos on it so these were taken with my phone and edited on my phone so they aren't the best, but will have to do. I need to get a new laptop and soon.

Just look at my beautiful early 19th century Swedish horse. 

The Top Ten Posts of 2019


It's hard to believe another year is coming to an end. Personally it wasn't a very good year for me, but hopefully 2020 will be much better with less to worry over. I'm super excited about some changes that will be happening to the house that I have wanted to update for some time.

Every year I look to see what posts were of the most interest to my readers and I share the top ten. Here are the top ten most viewed posts of 2019 starting with ten and working up to number one.

No. 10
Mr. Savvy and I went on a short road trip to tour The Cashiers Showhouse 2019.

Christmas Breakfast Room Table


Well, there are only three more days until Christmas and I cannot believe how quickly it came up this year. I am having my family over on Christmas eve for dinner and I shared the French Country Christmas Dining Room last week. Today we're going in the breakfast room to see how I have set the French farmhouse table. I went very classic in here with red and green and a mix of patterns for the cloth napkins.