An Antique Table for the Sun Room


While on our trip, you know, I shopped. I love visiting The Plantation Shop on Amelia Island and have shopped there for years when in that area. We used to have two stores here in the Atlanta area, but they closed several years ago. One was very close to where I live which was not a good thing.

 After Mr. Savvy attended his conference classes we hopped in the car and went to The Plantation Shop and then over to Fernandina Beach to browse the shops over there. We even played a game of putt putt.

The Southern Living Idea House Amelia Island


Hello! I'm back from a whirlwind trip and I'm drowning in laundry at the time I'm writing this. 
Mr. Savvy and I went to Amelia Island, Fl. where he attended a conference at the Ritz Carlton. We have stayed there for other conferences in the past, but not since 2008 and it was nice to stay there again. We had two nights there and then it was on to the next stop, but on our way out we went to the Southern Living Idea House 2019 which was absolutely gorgeous, casually elegant and my style.
It was decorated by Heather Chadduck.

We were the first ones to arrive which was nice because I could take pictures without waiting for people to move. I grabbed this first shot right after we parked.

Christmas Bedroom Ideas


My favorite thing to decorate for the holidays are the bedrooms especially the guest bedrooms.
I like to come up with new ideas each year and then watch them come to life filled with Christmas joy. Today I'm sharing some of my past favorites and I hope it helps you find some Christmas bedroom ideas for your own home.

Fall Tour 2019


I have shared some rooms individually over the last couple of months decorated for fall, but I wanted to put them together in one post.

I know many are moving on to Christmas decor, but it's just too soon for me. Just call me old fashioned. Anyway we just started enjoying fall here recently. Let's not rush the season.

I know many share Christmas early so our readers can find inspiration and I may share some old Christmas decor posts, but not new ones yet. I am planning things though in case I need to get anything new.

 If I decorate this early I will want it all down before Christmas gets here.
Anyone else?

Welcome to my fall tour 2019.
If you want to see the full post just click on the highlighted links.

Country Living Fair Atlanta 2019


Did y'all have a good weekend? It was supposed to rain all weekend, but thank goodness it didn't. Friday was overcast, but not raining so the mister and I went to the Country Living Fair after he got home around noon.
I attend every year and sometimes I go all three days and sometimes only one like this year. The fair didn't seem to be as good as the past fairs. Maybe because rain was expected for all three days so the vendors didn't decorate their outer spaces as creatively as they have in the past. Also some of the past vendors weren't present this year. 
 It was still fun just to go, eat lunch with the swarming yellow jackets, walk the trails and view the wares. And y'all won't believe this, but I didn't even buy anything this year. 
There was one of those vintage European horses I long for, but it was already sold. If only I had gotten there earlier. It was white with missing ears and the saddle was worn to the horse hair. Oh, it was so perfect and I asked the vendor what it went for and it was very reasonable. So if that had not been sold it would have been mine. I need to go to Roundtop some day because they sell there, too.

Here are some photos I snapped with my phone and thank goodness it didn't start raining until we left.

First thing we did was eat lunch as the hubs had not had breakfast. While we were eating I noticed this super cute trailer turned coffee shop.