Spring Has Sprung ......


At least in the decor shops it has. Yesterday I spent the day with my mom and sister for a fun day of shopping and lunch together to celebrate my mom's upcoming birthday next week. We don't get together as often as we would like to because this thing called life gets in the way. We enjoy getting together and laughing and even crying together depending on what we are talking about and discussing what is going on in our lives. Everyone should spend time with the people that we can have fun with or vent to when needed. Not good to hold all that in. 

I found this great store close to my home at the Mall Of Georgia for those Georgia girls who are close enough to shop there. This store opened last summer and I did not find it until the fall. This store is huge and so full of eye candy and super deals on most everything. They even have a seventy percent off room in the back! I didn't find anything in it I wanted or needed, but my sister took home a couple of treasures she found. Now, the thing with my sister though, shhh don't tell her I am posting about her, is she will buy things and find a place for them and keep it out for a while and then she changes her mind about it or finds something else to put in it's place and the other new piece is shipped off down to the basement grave of all her other cast offs. People I'm not talking about just a few things! Why no, she has boxes and boxes stacked up of stuff that may come out for a second life in her home or it gets carried off to the consignment store in hopes of finding a new life in another home that will love it. I know she will read this and kill me for telling her secrets. Sis you know I love you!!

Here are some pictures of some eye candy in this great big store so enjoy!

This is the outside entrance and they set all these goodies to entice you to come on in.

Look at this cute bird cage thing. Such a cute piece that just exudes spring and summer. This would be cute on a porch or in a sun room.

This is a cute hat stand with a bird perched on top. Very reasonable price, I think.

They had this perched on a bench outside. Really pretty colors  and only $5.99! I also like the weathered look of the bench.

This store carries furniture, too. Lot of the Belgium or Swedish looking pieces, but very affordable.


I love this white crackled finish bowl. It comes in three different sizes and all under twenty dollars.

Here's for you tablescaping lovers. This was so pretty with the vibrant colors of the dishes on the black table. 

I love the tiered piece for the centerpiece.

Look at the beautiful color of this pottery. The teapot with the bird on it is so cute. I liked the matching cake stand, too.

My sister and I both loved these. I thought of the cloche party at Marty's at a Stroll Thru Life when I saw these. The possibilities of these are endless.

Another cute item to join a cloche party.

They have so much pottery. Just makes you want to start playing in the garden and adding those spring items to your home.

Love the unusual shape of this cloche.

More and more cloches and candle sticks.

This picture did not turn out clear, but look at all these dishes you dish people.

I loved the pattern and color of this bowl. At $2.99 I may have to go back and get these.

Beautiful colors on these canisters. This is the new color of the year, I hear.

Cutest birdhouses.

Cute bunnies for an Easter table.

These lamps have been in all the decor and design mags and books and even on blogs this year. This one is solid wood and very affordable at $99.  I have seen them for a lot more than that.

Lots of clocks for you clock lovers and a lot cheaper than Ballard's and other stores, but with the same look. 

Well, that is all the pictures I took before my batteries died on me.  I am not use to taking pictures when I shop and I am sure some people were looking at me like I was some fool. Just part of blogging, I guess. All in a days work. We went to Pottery Barn, too and found a couple of sell items there. 

This olive oil jar look alike was marked down to $18.99 from $39.99
It just said country French to me and had to come home with me.
Sister bought one, too.

This is the piece that I bought from the first store and I added the succulents and moss to it.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the shopping trip and you Georgia gals really need to check this place out. They also have a lot of florals and greenery that I did not get pics of. There is also a florist there that will make you a custom arrangement for way less than I have seen at other places. So if your in the Buford, Ga. area check out this store. You won't be sorry!

I appreciate you letting me know you came by.
Everyone have a super weekend!! Weather is great here finally!

Y'all come back now,



  1. Well Well Well. You sneaky girl. Sharing my secrets huh? That will cost ya! Ha! I had so much fun yesterday. I'm loving all my new things. That store is the best! Glad you showed it to me. Today is beautiful and I plan on spending some time cleaning up that infamous storage room you talked about! Ha! It's in need of some Spring cleaning. I love your container with the succulents. Looks like you decided to place it in a different spot. That's such a versatile item. I'm sure it will visit other rooms in your house in the future. Ha! I used my yellow olive jar on my kitchen table like you did. Mine has forsythia in it. I'm so glad I found it! Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh Kim how fun this place looks!! Wish I was closer. I used to shop when I worked in Atlanta once a month. Here, I have to go to Asheville, which is 40 minutes away, or shop online. Looks like so much fun. We are still covered in snow, but temps are going to the 50s today and tomorrow so I might be able to see my yard for the first time in months:-) Thanks for the tour!

  3. WOWza that is some store! Did I see poppie dishes? And you did not buy them for me LOL!!~I am guessing those where not cheap! Oh I can tell I just love this place, I was getting tickled looking at the pics. Something about shopping and decor just really excites me...it is as though it is the first time every time! Weird! Anyhow thanks for sharing your day Kim!~ And your sister ummmm....she sounds like me!~ Except I have an attic grave!

  4. We have nothing like that store here! I want to fly to Georgia just to shop there! Everything looks fantastic and I can't believe the prices.

  5. Oh wow, what a great store. I would love to have one of those here, except I would probably go broke. lol There are so many pretty things that I would have had to have. I drooled all the way through your pics. Thanks so much for the shopping trip. Just great. Also, I am taking over Table Top Tuesdays while Barb is Very busy at work. I hope you will join us each week. Hugs, Marty

  6. Kim there is nothing like shopping with Mom and Sis. I don't have a Sis but I love to go with my Mom. How fun and lots of eye candy and a few treasures brought home. Sounds like a very good day to me. Kathysue

  7. We were in Albany GA yesterday, but I was in a total junk mode. I did find a few nice antique stores on the way there too.

    I have no idea how far away that fabulous store was, but it would have been worth some extra driving to shop there!

    I liked your cloches too!

  8. What a fun place! Wish I could go there. I like what you bought. Nice deals.

  9. What a great place! Sounds like a weekend trip for me! Thanks for posting all those wonderful pictures.

  10. Thanks, Kim, for taking us along on this fun shopping trip! I sure did see more than a few items I could be happy living with!

    Wishing your mom a Happy Birthday week! :)

  11. Oh Kim, I think you would have been perfect to host the Table Top Tuesdays. You always have such gorgeous posts. I can't wait to see what you do for this fun meme. Thanks so much for offering if it ever gets to be a little hectic. That is so generousof you and I will definitely let you know. Thanks again. Hugs, Marty

  12. My sister in law lives in Columbus. I'll have to pass this along to her. Love time with Mom and sisters!

  13. i love this store and all the birdie things:)

  14. Thanks for introducing yourself , nice to meet you Kim .
    Thanks for stopping by .

  15. Hi Kim

    I was left with my mouth WIDE open when I was looking at these pictures.Now thats my kind of store!!Love the new pieces you purchased,and your plant arrangement looks great! Looks like I'm going to have to come to Georgia to go shopping(LOL)I've added some new pieces in my house too and we're in the process of putting hardwood floors in my great room I want to post some pics but RMS is getting played.I'm going to have the hubby sit with me one night and help me start a blog.

    talk to you soon Martina

  16. Martina, that would be great if you start a blog. If I can do it anyone can. Just takes a lot of practice and then gets easier. I am glad I left rms. Blogging is so much more fun and rewarding. You will love it.

  17. Oh my! The kind of store I need to stay away from. :-) Thanks for sharing your trip there.

  18. Oh Wow, thanks for sharing. I didn't know about that store. We like to go over to IKEA from Alabama so we may have to go visit that store too!!!

  19. Wow! Thanks for taking us along! I could spend a lot of time in that store!


  20. Oh my goodness! Talk about eye candy...that's an understatement! It's a good thing I don't live near that store...I am tickled pink that you shared your pictures with us!

  21. ohhh. I want to go to that store - looks like i could make a killing!!!! thanks for sharing...guess it's best I'm not there hheehehhehhe

  22. Oh my goodness, I would be in such trouble there! It is almost worth the drive from Illinois!


  23. Thanks for taking us cyber shopping with you, Kim. So many lovely things and it did not cost me a thing:-) I love garden stuff, I could have stayed there forever. Those are the most cloches I have seen in one single store and they are all so pretty....Christine

  24. Hi kim, i'm so happy i found your blog!!Thank you for linking me.Your blog is just wonderful.I'm still learning, but it'so much fun.If you didn't come to my blog i would have never known you had a blog!! Your house is so beautiful,now i get to see it all the time.Congrads on your new granddaughter,she is beautiful.....Kathy

  25. Kim, Love the mosaic of your home and of the beach. We've had warmer weather this weekend & makes me want to get to the beach!

  26. What a wonderful shopping trip! So much fun - thank you for taking us along!


  27. I wish I lived closer to that store, beautiful things and such good prices! Your bowl with the succulents and moss is so pretty!

    Kat :)