To My Surprise!!!!


I have been given an award! I am not sure I really deserve this,  but I will gladly and humbly accept it. I must thank my dear friend Debbie at Debbiedoos Loves Livin In The Carolinas for this awesome award. Now I get to give it to fifteen bloggers. It is hard to come up with fifteen when she has already given to some of the bloggers whom I would have chosen, too. So I will give to as many as I can. First of all there are a couple I would pass this onto, but they are award free blogs. One is Pat at Back Porch Musings and Stacey at Poofing the Pillows. They are award free, but I would have given one to them. So here is my list of blogs to pass this award on to.

After each one of you receive this award you must choose fifteen bloggers and let them know and write seven things we may not know about you.
Now that list is not in any particular order. All these lovely ladies have been so nice and have commented on just about every post I have done or they have made me laugh with their humorous posts.

The next step is to list seven things about myself you may not know:
  1. I love to go to movies. Mr. Savvy and I have a standing date almost every Friday. 
  2. I have a cat, too. He is fifteen and is a long haired orange tabby named Rusty. He never lets me get a good picture for the blog. Poor thing is getting old. I have always had cats.
  3. Bailey is my first inside dog and she is spoiled rotten.
  4. I love to eat out and Mexican is one of my favorite foods.
  5. I love to travel.
  6. I love to vacuum and yes I know that is not normal.
  7. I worked outside the home for several different doctor's offices, the last one was for a busy pediatric group. Ten and a half years at that job.
  8. Now, I can not figure out how to make my computer quit numbering, but ladies take your award and bestow it on fifteen others.                                                                                                                                               


  1. Hi Kim, it's wonderful to learn some fun facts about you and thanks so much for the award!

    Kat :)

  2. YAY! You did it, and you so deserve it! P.S. Christine was on my list too LOL!!~

  3. Wow! Thanks, Kim! You are such a sweetie! I loved reading about you! I am so far behind from my Granny break, so I scrolled down to catch up. You know I am drooling over your breakfast room! It is soooo frenchy! Gorgeous! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday and thanks again for thinking of me!...hugs...Debbie

  4. Thank you so much, Kim , for thinking of me and passing this award to me. Well, we have something in common. When I was still working, I also worked in doctors' offices, mostly in the lab though. So nice to know ore about you...Christine

  5. Hi Kim. Congratulations on your award! You're the best and thank you for passing it to me. It's great to know a few things about you!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Hi Kim, Congrats on your award! I seem to have more time these days, so I should be visiting a little more. Love, love your newly redecorated breakfast room. Look at your follower numbers- you are doing fantastic as a new blogger, my friend! :-) Sue

  7. Hi Kim thankyou so much for even thinking of me. You are a sweetie. I always love talking to you on Micasa and I am so thrilled that you started a blog and now we can communicate in another venue. It is fun sharing in this new journey in our lives. Hugs Kathysue

  8. Hi kim, I put a comment in earlier, i guess it didn't go through!! I want to thank you for thinking of me and passing on the award to me!!congrads on your award!!Now i have to go look at all those beautiful pillows...Kathy

  9. Well Kim, I'm honored! But first of all, congratulations on your award! Yes, you do deserve it! I will carry on the award tradition as you have. Can I give you the same award? haha. Anyway, thanks for thinking of me. I am truly honored.
    BTW, I love your pillows!

  10. Oh I do thank you so much for thinking of me. I am award free, but I am so humbled that you honored me with this award. You so deserve it. Your blog is wonderful and I always look forward to everyone of your posts. Thank you so much. Hugs, Marty

  11. If anyone deserved this award , you do.. Visiting your blog always has a warm cozy feeling and for me thats a great thing.. YOU are so real and its a joy to come here..

  12. CONGRATULATIONS, Kim! Your blog is a wonderful soft place to land. It brightens my day to visit! And, thank you so much for sharing the fun with me. You are a doll.

    I love, love, love your pillows! Crazy fun!