Another Award and Shopping Trip, Too


This was such a surprise when we got home from our little trip. Jessi, at Yankee Belle Home told me to come over to her blog to receive this. Be sure and check out Jessi's blog. She is so cute in her glasses in her photo.

Thank you so much Jessi.

1. The rules are to list six things that you are the master at.
                                       2. Pass it on to six master bloggers that you think make blogging so awesome. 

Six things that I am the master at. Umm, let's see: 
1. I have mastered painting. I can cut in around trim and along the ceiling line without using tape. I should since I have been painting for over thirty years.
2. I have mastered mowing the grass. Been doing that since I was nine.
3. I have mastered edging the grass.
4. I have mastered vacuuming which I have said before I love to do.
5. I have mastered yo-yo dieting. Been doing that most of my life, too.
6. I have mastered making our house a home.

As far as passing this on to six bloggers I am afraid that I must decline. This isn't like breaking a chain letter is it. There won't be years of bad luck will there?? There are just so many great blogs and I just had to pass out an award to fifteen blogs a couple of weeks ago. It is just too hard to pick out bloggers to pass awards on to.

Now I want to share some pictures of a little shopping excursion that my sister and I did back in January. We went to the cutest shop in Alpharetta, Ga. called Ivy Interiors. This store had so many great things. This is in an old house and every room was filled to the brim, so to say. The quality of these photos are not the best, but hopefully on my next shopping excursion they will be better with my new camera. Not a real expensive one, but better than what I had.

This is the first thing we saw upon entering the shop. Look at the cute bunny things. Love those Staffordshire bunnies.

Love the bunny hand towels and the sunflower linen towel.

Look at these cute dog figurines. At first we thought they were bunnies, but this whole room is full of dog things.

More dog stuff.

and more

This is the name of the shop over the arch in the center of the shop.
Look at this whole area of gardening goodies. Love that big lantern.
   Nice rustic tub would be great to load with ice and place canned and bottled drinks in when entertaining .

Lots of silver and black and white toile dishware.

This room reminded me of my sitting room. Look at all the English hunt items. Can you believe I left this shop empty handed. I walked around with things in my hands and then I put them back. I will have to go back to this shop again.

From this shop we went to a flea market, but I will share that with you another time.
Now that the weather is improving I will get out more to these places so stay tuned for more.

Y'all come back now,



  1. Such a cute shop! Love those Staffordshire bunnies! Have seen the dogs before, but not the bunnies.

  2. Love that store. They have some beautiful things. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Congrats on your award!! Your are really racking up the awards aren't you?

    That looks like a great shop. Love all of the dogs.

  4. What a wonderful looking shop! I love the dog pillows. Congrats Kim on on another award!!~

  5. I would be hard-put to leave empty handed; you really should go back and get a truck load.

  6. That day was alot of fun. Looking forward to our next shopping trip together. I really want to go back and get one of those large magnifying glasses some time.

  7. What a cute shop! I'll have to check it out. Linda

  8. What a fun shop to visit. I loved all the dog figurines. Thanks for sharing your fun day with us,Kathysue

  9. HI Kim,
    Good job on another award, I agree - they are fun to receive but hard to pick blogs to pass them on to!
    Your shopping trip looks like it was a lot of fun. There is a shop similar to that around here, I always leave empty handed but full of ideas and inspiration. It's where I go when I'm feeling a little down, or just need a little "eye-candy"!
    We seem to have a lot in common - country living etc. Too bad we live so far away from each other, I think it would be fun to tag along on your next outing!
    I'd love it if you'd consider joining Wed. Gratitude again sometime. The party is small, but it's quality, not quantity that counts, right?
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  10. Congrats on your award...and thanks for the tour of this wonderful store! I see all kinds of neat things! ♥

  11. Congrats on the award. Love that store, the garden area is where I would go crazy!