Come Along With Me.....


.....on a home tour sponsored by the Roswell Woman's Club. This is a English Tudor style home with a mix of styles inside. Each room was decorated by a different designer. This house is on the market for over five million dollars. I like to go look at these to get decorating and color ideas that can be done on a much smaller budget. No way can I now or ever afford a home like this, but it is fun to tour one. Here are several pictures so enjoy the eye candy.

Isn't the outside of this home beautiful?

This is the living room across from the entry. The entry was too full of people to get a picture.

The paint color on these walls was amazing. Where the sun was coming in it looked green and then on the other side of the room it looked like a steel blue. The paint color is Sherwin Williams Pewter Green and it was so pretty in person.

Keeping room next to the kitchen.

The ceiling in the keeping room was so different. I loved the painted wood and the louvered shutters on the sky lights. What a great chandelier. Can you say huge!

Only shot of the kitchen I could get. Wonderful large hood over the wolf stove and ovens.

This is the first floor of the two story library. Wonderful stone surround on the fireplace all the way to the ceiling. Hey lady, could you move, please?

Beautiful old world style leather chair and screen in this corner.

This would be an easy project for cheap art. It is just moss glued on to canvas probably.
This is a multi million dollar home with moss for art!

This is a beautiful ivy covered wreath with two birds on it hanging on the double french doors that go out to an English style garden. I could not get a shot of the whole thing with the light pouring in.

Beautiful garden outside.

Now I am on the second floor of the library and this is another gorgeous big chandelier.


                     Love the tall headboard of this old bed.

      This was a little sitting area upstairs. Not my style, but interesting.
The pillows are a very bright purple velvet.

This is the Nanny's room all dressed in blue.


Love the faux painted chest and this toile chair.

                         Nursery next to the Nanny's room. Could not get good pictures due to the crowd.             

            This shot shows how the walls were done in this house.

        Gigantic chandelier hanging in the entry.

Gorgeous outside area.

  I sure could enjoy this spot at the end of the day with a nice glass of wine.

I hope you enjoyed your tour with me. That was just part of this lovely home. I didn't get pictures of the media room or the finished terrace level or the master. The master had way too many people standing in it .

Anybody ready to go purchase this home?  Got any spare 5.? million lying around?

Let me know if you enjoyed this tour by dropping me a short note. Doesn't have to be big like this house. I do appreciate all your wonderful comments.  Hope everyone is enjoying this first day of Spring!

Y'all come back now,



  1. Thanks for the tour Kim. I thought the paint color in the living room was beautiful and unique. As far as the decor, thought it was a little "faux chateaux." But, a beautiful house inside and out. Loved that outdoor fireplace. I would be sitting there having a glass of wine too! Happy first day of Spring!

  2. Kim,
    Thanks for taking me on the tour...beautiful fav is the outdoor area!


  3. What a gorgeous home. I love to go to show homes with friends. My next door neighbor and I always go when they have them here. Sometimes they are decorated so over the top..but that one isn't. :)

  4. In the pool, sit by the fire, back to the pool, back to the ... you get the picture. That is what I would be doing if I wasn't reading in the library.

    Nice tour, I bet you had fun.

  5. Fun to look at but I won't be handing over $5 million anytime soon. Interesting to see what that kind of money could buy, I have a feeling for a lot less most of us could sure come up with a cozier version of home...


  6. I sure enjoyed the tour!~ I love touring homes as well, but then when I leave I feel like I have to redecorate, I get decorating confused LOL!~ That was stunning!

  7. Oh my, that is eye candy! Thanks for the favorite was the little bit I could see of the kitchen...and those chandeliers, wow. The keeping room ceiling is cool, too.

  8. Gorgeous house! The paint? behind around the hood was very unique & I loved the stone facade on the fireplace. Love the backyard, too.

  9. Kim it is definitely a Grande house but I like your HOME better. Your house is so much more inviting to me. It does not have to be Grande to be Lovely and your home is just that, Lovely. I did borrow a picture of the garden as inspiration for my yard I hope that is OK. loved the boxwood with the large urn in the middle. I just bought a bunch of dwarf boxwood today for another hedge in my yard. the true dwarfs are hard to find. Thank you for the tour but I still like your house much better. Hugs Kathysue

  10. Beautiful! And I would say the sitting area has really BIG pillows doesn't it?

  11. Hi Kim!
    Thank you for sharing your million dollar home! LOL! You are not kidding, that is some serious eye candy, godiva eye candy. I always enjoy going to the parade of homes tours we have in our town. Alot of those homes are quite expensive too but a wealth of design ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Thanks for sharing this, Kim- it was fun to see! I really enjoy seeing the stonework, landscaping, and built-ins! This must have been a fun tour!

  13. Thanks for this special treat! Enjoyed my tour of this beautiful home.

  14. Great tour. Don't those people know to get out of the way. You have a blog to run here! I love that stone wall with the pictures going all the way up. Was that dresser a box that was painted to look like a dresser? I would live outside in the pool and by the fireplace! It was nice, but I think your house is way nicer and cozier. You just need a ginormous chandelier! :-)

  15. all I have to say - Let me check my bank account --- I'm a 'bit' well - too much to clean anyway!!!! Enjoyed your tour..thanks

  16. I guess I could live there if I had to! LOLOL. Everything is gorgeous, but, I laughed at the moss glued on canvas!

  17. Hello Kim!
    Just found your blog!
    Thanks for the tour...Fabulous...
    Too bad I'm flat out of 5 Mill. or I might consider it! Lol.
    Anazing home for sure..
    enjoyed scrolling through some of your previous posts...
    Have a wonderful weekend, and stop over when time permits...
    Love to have you visit!

    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  18. What a wonderful tour you took us on!!! Loved the "bungalow" !!! Were the walls a large tile or was it faux painted?

  19. Thanks for sharing this! I loved looking at all the rooms! Going back to look again!


  20. Kim, Thanks for taking us on the home tour. The garden is my favorite part of the home and the pewter green paint color in the living room. I agree with several others... I like your home better! Please share some of your garden ideas.... now that Spring is finally here. Thanks again.

  21. Wow! I'll take either chandelier and either fireplace....although I prefer the first of each!

    And I love the pewter green/blue paint color.

    Too bad their budget was so tight that they couldn't see to the details. Wait - let me get a tissue so that I can cry like a lady!

  22. Kim! Thanks thanks thanks for telling me that paint color! I have been eyeing it and many more SW with that deep mysterious hue to it, and have got to say it looks fabulous up! What a great tour...I love doing those and you are a doll for sharing it with us! I am looking out the window at 6 inches of snow, waiting for somebody to tell me that church has been cancelled....(hope) I just want to look at lovely houses this morning! :(

  23. What a beautiful home! I love going on home tours and this one is amazing! It reminds me of a house that I looked at in my home town that I posted about on my blog a while back. Of course the one that I looked at was no where near that price tag and a lot smaller but it still has that style. We went and looked at it again last week and it is still for sale. I was dreaming again! lol Now that I've seen this house that you've shown, my wheels are turning again in my head! I could get some ideas from this one and apply them to the one that is for sale here. If you have time, go look at it on my blog. The name of the post is, "We can all dream...". Let me know what you think. May 28 2009.

    Lee Laurie

  24. Thanks for the tour - beautiful home. Little out of my price range also. :-)

  25. Wow. Thank you for the tour, Kim. That place is somethng else. I loved several of their chandeliers and the paint color was beautiful!

  26. I love home tours. When I see homes which look like this on the outside I immediatly think dark and dreary. Oh contraire! Consider this sold!

  27. A 'to-die-for' house, thanks for taking all the pics, I really enjoyed looking at them all.

  28. What a stunning home!!! Tudor's were always my favorite. Martina

  29. WOW! This home is beautiful!! I would love to live in this house. Every room is so elegant. I love the pool area and garden!! Thanks for sharing with us.

  30. Thanks for taking us along with you, Kim. I enjoy reading your blog every day and getting inspiration from your beautiful pictures. I especially love the way you transformed your entryway table. I hope to be sharing our kitchen remodel on RMS soon. We're in the final stages of finishing the floor now.

    Thanks again,
    Debbie McNally

  31. Kim that first bedroom with the tall headboard looks like it could be yours! What a grand house! I do love all the chandeliers and the woodwork. What I would give for a two-story library!

  32. Beautiful home tour.

  33. Oh, how I miss Roswell! Thank you for taking me along!

  34. Somehow I missed when you posted it. I LOVE looking at houses & how people decorate! This one's really pretty. Love the outdoor area.

  35. I LOOOVE gong to open houses and seeing how others live and decorate! Thanks for this tour!!! LOVE the outside areas, the landscaping is gorgeous! Like the inside; some is my taste and some is not but all beautiful!

  36. Hello, I just found your site today via The Yellow Cape Cod. This house tour is beautiful. I have question about the walls that I think are in the entry. It appears to be cinder blocks painted to look like white stone. Can you tell me about this? As with most basments, mine has cinder block walls and right now doing sheetrock is not an option. I have thought about doing a paint project to get this very look. I was just curious about this.
    Thanks, Michelle