Meet My New Pet


Hi, everyone and happy weekend!! It is absolutely gorgeous here today. Yesterday was a bit windy and chilly after the early summer temps we had the past couple of weeks. It is funny how you get accustomed to the change in temperature and then it snaps back to cooler weather and your cold again.  Bailey and I just got back from walking at the park and she may have over done it a bit. She is hard as a rock. Look and see what you think!

She looks a little different to me. Doesn't she to you?

O.k. o.k., Bailey is fine and still nice and soft. I picked up this little fellow at the flea market this week. I saw him one time when I went and didn't buy him and then I went back and saw him again and decided he needed a home since he was still sitting there in the flea market. He looks thin, but is quite heavy. Solid concrete that someone painted. I thought he would make a cute watch dog on the front porch and only $22 which I thought wasn't bad. Yes, Bailey is a little jealous. She sniffed him all over really good and figures he is no threat since he doesn't get to come in the house with her. Best part is he doesn't need food and he doesn't sit behind me and whine when I am on the computer!

This bush has peaked now so I wanted to get pictures of it before all the blooms disappear.

Just playing around with the camera.

I hope everyone has a super weekend with glorious spring weather. I want to thank everyone for all the great comments on my last post. They really do mean the world to me. 

Y'all come back now,


Here is a sneak peak of a project I am working on.


  1. THat was funny KIM!~~ I love him! I have a fake Lucy dog like that as well, of course PUG!!~ Can't wait to see you projects, I love your sneak peeks, have a great day! Gorgeous here too, working outside:)

  2. Love your new dog, Kim! I have to laugh at Debbie's comment because I have 2 stone pugs by my back door! We're such dog girls! Such a pretty bush- what kind is it? Looks like something we can't grow up north! Looking forward to your project after the little teaser! Have a great weekend!

  3. You had me fooled at first Kim. I thought you actually got a dog from my sidebar tiny photo! This guy will make a good watchdog for you front porch! Happy weekend!

  4. The new little dog is very well behaved!

    Maybe you should let Bailey sit on your lap while you are on the computer ;)

    My new little one is all over my computer... worse than any cat!

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  5. Love your new dog! And, I'll bet he's already house-broken, too! Have a great weekend, Kim.

  6. oh kim your new found friend is the cuteist i would not have passed him up either he has a great home to watch over love the bush it is so pretty :)

  7. He's so cute! Can't wait to see what your working on!

  8. Ewww. I knew Bailey would not share her home with another family pet. Good thing you got a concrete dog instead. Your yard is blooming up nicely. Going to Bishop Arts District today in Dallas. I have never been, old part of town lot's of eclectic shops. Watch for updates. Have a great weekend.

  9. Too funny! He is not quite as cute as your other precious pup;) but I love that he is keeping watch over your porch! Love the black as an accent to the stone on your house...beautiful!

    Can't wait to see your antler project:)!

    Have a wonderful spring weekend! I am playing in my backyard and having a blast!


  10. You have a true watch dog! Bailey can relax now and stick to being the house dog.

  11. The weather is glorious this weekend!

    Your new "pet" is so cute! We have a concrete golden retriever on our front porch.


  12. I love the new dog for your porch. I bought a cement dog for my front porch just last week. So of course I think it was a good idea that you added one to your front porch.

  13. Love the new dog and poop patrol will be so easy :) Your home is beautiful with all the buds.

  14. Kim he is perfect for your porch. That sounds like a really good deal for him. Your bush is so pretty, love it!! Have a wonderful weekend blogging buddy, Kathysue

  15. Oh I love your new dog statue! I bet Bailey did give him a once over once you set him out there. Ha! Ok, now what in the world are you doing with the antlers? tell!

  16. Hey Kim!! That sure is a sweet little addition to your porch. I would have scooped that up too.
    Enjoying a little Springyness here in Jersey. A little chilly, but I'll take it!

  17. Don't blame you for "adopting" your new doggie. Look how well he's trained!
    Looking forward to your next project.
    Have a great weekend and relax from all that yard work.

  18. Now that is another pet I could handle!He looks great on your porch!

  19. I love antlers!! Can't wait to see what you do with that, Kim!

    I'm happy Baily wasn't too upset with your "new dog". =) That flowering bush is beautiful. What is it?

  20. That is a good looking fellow! He will definitely protect the house! Can't wait to see your new project! It is gorgeous here too. We went to the USS Yorktown today. So neat!

  21. I hope the antlers don't go on Baily!!

  22. Cute little statue but wonder what Bailey thinks? I totally forgot to take photos of my trees and now they have lost their blooms. Wish some blooms would last a bit longer.

  23. Your new pet also won't bark at the neighbors!
    What a pretty Spring yard!!

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