Spring Has Not Just Sprung......


.....it has EXPLODED!  I cannot believe how much things in my yard have changed in just a couple of weeks. We had such extremely warm temps in March and early April along with all the rain through the winter months, that all the plants have grown so quickly. Let me just show you some changes around my yard.

White salvia just starting to open

Three plants are growing a lot quicker than the others and I need to plant more to replace some that didn't make it.

Look how this tree has changed. I believe it is the fullest I have ever seen it.

These were tiny a couple of weeks ago.

This hosta is a larger variety and it is doing quite well, too.

Mr. Crow visiting the yard.

Blue salvia opening up.

Look how much the crepe myrtle has come out.

This loropetalum bush has gone nuts. I am going to have to give it a hair cut.

I thought I dug this rose bush up since it never would do good and was bug infested, but
it decided to come back.


Peter keeping watch

 Took this picture from the moving car coming home from Nashville.

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  1. Kim everything is looking so lush, fresh and green. I love Hostas and I keep forgetting that I wanted to plant some in my back yard. So glad you did this post as a good reminder to me. I don't think Mine would ever look as wonderful as yours but I will give it a try, Love you beautiful yard so much prettiness to look at, Kathysue

  2. Just beautiful! I don't have any salvia because my yard is so shaded. I love it though.

  3. Kim, your yard is gorgeous. Love all the green with sun (a treat here in Oregon)and thank you so much for linking to Woo Hoo! Wednesday.

    I hope you didn't have any problems because I fought with Linky and accidentally deleted last weeks links. Yikes, I'll get it figured out without hurting too much, hopefully by next week.

  4. I have to laugh about your rose bush, why is it that when you want them they have problems and don't grow, but dig them up... you can't get rid of them! Your yard looks nice and healthy-enjoy!

  5. Hi Kim! It all looks so beautiful! I love Hostas too...so green & lush! They don't require much work and they grow & grow...then divide and transplant! :)
    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

  6. Oh, your hostas are just beautiful!! Everything is so lush! Love me some spring!

  7. Your yard looks beautiful. I love hostas...can't have them here, but I love them!

  8. Oh GASP!! Those hostas are amazing. I'm truly green with envy as they are one of my favorites. Everything looks wonderful.

    Jane T.

  9. Girl, your garden and yard is looking fantastic! Don't you just love spring? (I saw your followers as I scrolled down. You have done a GREAT job with your blog in very little time! Be proud!)

  10. Kim, your hosts are gorgeous! Do you put any fertilizer or spray them for bugs? I have some types that do really well (the bluish ones) and some others that don't. Your yard is looking great!

  11. Your Hostas are Huge Kim!~ And your Crepe Myrtle is going to be gorgeous! I know what you mean about explode, My hubs has to do some tree trimming in the yard they going crazy!

  12. Your yard is gorgeous! Bursting with springtime lovliness! Everything is so lush and green! I could spend hours just walking around enjoying it all!

    Thanks so much for your sweet visit...Pinkberry is a famous hot spot in Beverly Hills. Very popular on the west coast and moving it's way into the rest of the country. There are only 3 in Texas and we finally got one in Dallas! It is really yummy and such a fun thing to do with my precious girl...I really go for her! If one ever comes your way...give it a try!

    Thanks again for stopping by!

  13. Kim, Your yard is really looking good. The hostas look so big and healthy. My hostas are just starting to appear. Guess you have had warmer weather than here in Virginia. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Love your blog site.
    Kelly Bookend Diaries

  15. Hello Kim,

    Thanks so much for your visit! Your yard looks so lush! Your hostas are amazing. Love Peter!

    ~ Tracy

  16. That hosta is incredible!Your whole yard is sooo pretty:) So did you take the time to explore Rock City? ;-P

  17. Your hostas are beautiful. I keep going out to check on mine, but the weather has been cool for the past two weeks and things have slowed down. Crepe Myrtle is something I've never seen. I wonder if it would grow up here..........

  18. I love it when that "Explosion" Happens!!!!
    It's our reward for making it through the long winter months!
    our yard is beautiful...
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  19. Your yard is beautiful. You must have two green thumbs. I love the hostas!!

  20. oh my lookie at all that beautiful bloomin green. Kim, your yard looks fabulous...


  21. It's amazing how things have just burst into bloom over the past few weeks. We had a very cold rainy winter also, and the plants are loving it now. The trees are fuller than I've ever seen them. Of course the oak pollen is heavier than ever too, but I guess it's worth it! Your plants are beautiful! Kathy

  22. Your yard looks so pretty. Those hostas are gigantic! laurie

  23. Oh Kim! Your yard and house look so beautiful! All that Green! I just love seeing photos of your "green!!"
    I try to make mine green like that too,(in Vegas..ha) but would love to have a yard like yours...beautiful!

  24. Just beautiful, Kim...I spent all day working in the garden today- spring came so early...I can't believe I'm in the garden in April!

  25. I love all the green. You have wonderful gardens. Enjoy your Spring.

  26. Your yard is gorgeous, Kim. Your grass is so green and lush. Love the May salvia especially when they are all blooming and your hostas are so healthy!...Christine

  27. Your yard is just exploding with full Spring color and fullness. Just lovely! Enjoy...

  28. Everything looks so green and lush in your yard..just beautiful, Kim!

  29. It is an explosion of green....just love it!


  30. I hope that plucky little rose blooms for you this year!

  31. you have a beautiful yard and hostas are gorgeous..
    Love the See Rock City barn.

  32. What an amazing garden! I didn't know about Hostas before but I like the look of that plant. Must look and see if I can get some here.

    Best wishes,

  33. You did a great job taking the "See Rock City" photo from a moving car!

    I love Hostas, and yours look great. Better be careful that Peter doesn't decide to take a nibble while on guard duty!!

    The Tattered Tassel

  34. Your yard looks so lush and green!!! My azaleas are on the downward slope, but I have my first daylily blooms. Thank goodness it has calmed down a bit though and we aren't dealing with that nasty pollen!!! I love all those hostas!! They are huge!

    Naomi's new picture is so cute. She is getting so big!

  35. Wow,wow,wow! I had to go back and look at all the pics 3 times to make sure I didn't miss a thing and to take it all in!!! Your yard is AMAZING...seriously gorgeous! *sigh* We are getting ready to re-landscape the front of our house and I am waaaay out of my element! Keep your fingers crossed that it turns out half way decent!!! LOL

  36. Your yard is truly gorgeous! Love how it looks so nice and neat. We have lots of pine trees around and it drives me crazy how there are always sticks and pinecones to pick up.

  37. I see your rose bush is coming back just fine. They are pretty strong plants. I like your hostas also. But the snails luv them too. Thanks for stopping by. Have a good day...Julian

  38. Kim, Your yard looks fantastic. And Peter must be in rabbit heaven with all that yummy greenery tempting him. I love your hostas and so wish I could grow them here.
    Thanks for sharing your spring yard spurt.

  39. Your garden is looking beautiful Kim, no slug problems either by the look of those hostas! They wouldn't last more than a week in my garden.

  40. I don't know why but, doesn't it just make you feel good when things are growing? Everything does look lush. Peter is my favorite!

  41. Hi Kim-
    Your yard and plants look so pretty and green. Is salvia a perennial? I am looking for perennials for next year. Annuals die so quickly.

    I have emailed you a blog layout question.

    I have also linked to WooHoo Wednesday.
    Stop by if you have time.


    White Spray Paint

  42. Kim, your yard is so pretty! I love your hostas! I cannot grow hostas because the deer eat them lickety split around here, but I do love them. Yours are gorgeous and that loropetalum looks more like a tree then a bush! Wow!

  43. Your hostas are great. I am going to get a couple more varieties this Spring for a trouble spot under a tree.

    We were amazed to see how early everything came out this year but now with the colder weather it is all shocked.

    Becky K
    Hospitality Lane

  44. Wow, everything looks great!

  45. Your garden is amazing and gorgeous, it would be like haven to live like you do : )

  46. You have a beautiful yard. Love you hostas!

  47. You are definitely farther ahead than we are! Love the hostas! Mine are started up but not out yet! We just had 4 days of rain, so there are dandeliions everywhere. I will be doing about a week of yard work before there are any photos taken, lol! Yours looks beautiful!!

  48. Kim,
    Everything looks soooo GREEN...I so love when all the GREEN comes out after a COLD winter! You have a beautiful yard...I'm a curbside person:) Hope you have a wonderful day!


  49. Your yard is beautiful! I've got to get busy around here!! Thanks for sharing.

  50. How I miss seeing green, thanks for treating my eyes this morning to such beautiful images.

  51. Luscious landscaping! Love your stacked stones. Oh for a yard like this!

  52. Love your salvia, Kim! I always buy an annual purple variety every year; maybe I'll get some white to mix in too. I noticed some of my stuff took off as well. I swear my hostas doubled in size overnight this past week!

  53. I love those hostas! My lorapetalum's are in desperate need of a hair cut as well. Maybe I'll get to that this weekend.

  54. So beautiful and green! It is starting here in NC too, but your crepe myrtle is much further along than mine!

  55. so fresh and beautiful! I want to spend the day out there!

  56. Kim thankyou so much for commenting on my 7 post. I was a bit reluctant to post that but I am glad I did. Now I can stop thinking about it. It seems we have something else in common 19 sounds young now but then it seemed so right and still does, he is my sweetheart!! Have a good day,Kathysue

  57. Sorry, I thought I was a follower...it is official now, I'm # 361!!!

  58. Beautiful photos, I think spring is nearly over here, we are headed for 90 degrees by the end of the week!!

  59. Oh wow! Very pretty pictures!

  60. Your yard is beautiful. So many pretty plants and flowers!!

    Happy White Wednesday! :-)


  61. Hosta grows so well in Georgia. When we lived there, it really was pretty. We just started our yard work and we have a lot. They didn't plant anything when they built the house.

    We aren't going to do to much because we probably won't be here that long.

    We were down to 36 degrees last night. I really need some warm weather and some greenery like you have. Looks beautiful.

  62. It is so lush there...beautiful!

  63. Hi Kim.. Your garden is springing right up! I love that rabbit.. he has ears for days:-) You are so lucky to have crape myrtle.. I have had them and the buds get right to the brink of opening then it freezes and it's all over... they are such beautiful trees!

  64. Everything is so pretty!!! And I especially like your "peter rabbit"

    My show n tell is my "BLUE IRIS". I do hope you can find time to stop by and view the beauty!!

  65. Hi Kim!
    I cannot believe the size of your hostas!
    What variety are they- would you mind telling us- or emailing me the name?
    We just can't get any of the smaller ones to grow in our yard, and we have a Southern yard (SC), too.
    Our black and blue salvia hasn't even gotten bloom heads yet- not fair! :)
    Thank you for showing us your yard- it's just lovely!

  66. This are pretty...happy blue Monday.