Let the Fun Begin


Well, not really fun. In fact if it was up to me we would hire people to do this job, but Mr. Savvy likes for us to do everything we can ourselves and he likes not paying someone else for what we can do. Eventually, I hope I am too old to be going up and down ladders and getting down on the floor to get this job done. What am I talking about. PAINTING.....again. I always get to do the painting. Because I am the one that wants the color changed. Mr. Savvy could live with the same color FOREVER! I was hoping he would break this time and hire some nice painters, but no.

So let the fun begin......

Excuse this dark grainy photo. It is dark and rainy today. This is where Mr. Savvy started fixing a huge
crack in the wall last night. You see that tall wall. That is the wall I don't climb up to. Nope, Mr. Savvy gets
those honors. I do the lower parts and I will get on the eight foot ladder, but not that one. The wall looks yellow here, but it isn't.

This tall wall in the foyer is his job, too and the stair well.

Here is another crack he is working on. I am glad all these things will be fixed. That is the sanding
block sitting there.

I had so much fun choosing a color yesterday. NOT!  I had to make three trips to the store that is twenty minutes away. These walls may not look it in my photos, but they are that horrid pinky beige and it has to go.
The dark color there is the first one I tried. I liked it wet, but it got too dark when dry. Then I went and got what I thought was the right color and tried it there next to the dark and it is too light and too yellow.

Made a third trip back and had the guy add some black and red and now I think I finally got it right. Not a huge difference, but it has more yellow undertones instead of pink. 

We have to paint the great room, foyer, little hall by the powder room, stair well and upstairs hall.
Mr. Savvy said don't get in a rush and take your time. I said no, once I start I want to keep on painting till it is finished. I am not dragging this mess out. I cannot stand for my house to be a wreck like this.

I will be here and I will check in periodically in the blogosphere. We have a graduation to go to in the morning which will deter my progress for a little bit. I will have another small post in the morning for my friend Debbiedoos linky party. 

Hope everyone has a better weekend than I will be having. Hey, I know all of you come over and we will have a paint party!!

Y'all come back now,



  1. Have fun Kim...what more can a friend really say to this project?....except be flipping careful! See your post in the morning:)

  2. It will be fun seeing your transformation!

    This little cabin had those horrid pinky beige walls in all the room & even the porch & window trim! Yikes! I don't blame you at all for changing the color.

    Good luck - - - can't wait to see it finished!

  3. Have fun(?). Luckily my dh likes to paint and paint by himself. It's not my thing! It's going to look so nice. Love that window!


  4. Oh Kim, I can SO sympathize with you! A few years back I had THOUGHT I had picked the perfect color for my walls and mine was a pinky fleshy beige, DROVE ME NUTS! I am like you and need change! My husband could also live with the same color for 20 yrs, lol!
    Happy Painting and don't push yourself TOO hard! It will look wonderful when it's all done!

  5. I'd be over in a minute if I could - but that would be so that you'd come on over here in return to help me change my red kitchen to yellow. I've loved my pomegranate red kitchen for four years, but now it's time for a change! Good luck with your chore - looking forward to seeing the pictures.

  6. Kim,
    I'm soooo glad that I'm not the only one that has a hubby that will not hire a painter...Mr.CC and I painted sooooo many rooms, that I have lost count...I think if I started to add them up...well then I guess I might just agree with him (did I just say that?). I'm sure the money that we have saved would add up to a couple of cars:) Be careful and turn up the music and have FUN with Mr.Savvy!


  7. Hey Kim - If I lived closer I would be glad to help you I love to paint.I did MOST of the painting in my house too except for the ceilings and the really high walls like you.But I know how you feel I hate it when the house is a mess from doing a project!!Looking forward to seeing the results when your done!!

  8. Have fun painting! :)

    I really want to repaint our main floor and that includes our 24 foot entry way. Scary! My husband would rather hire someone to do the painting but the bids are coming in so high. So... after your hubby gets done on the ladder, send him over here :)

  9. Oh my!! That is one that I'd not want to do, ladders don't like me! Good luck! Know it'll look awesome in no time at all!


  10. I'll come over..... if you come over to my paint party!!!!!!

  11. Well, you know that I can relate, however I was the one doing ALL of it!! lol There will be a time when we can afford to hire out! I really like the warmer color. Will really enhance all your beautiful things! We had a few cracks as well that I had to patch. Some were from boys slapping those book bags against the wall when they come home!! Enjoy, don't push too hard and I would help you if I was about 9 hours closer!!!! Take care!

  12. No way I'd get on that ladder, probably not even the 8 foot one. I can't wait to see the finished product. Good luck and be careful.

  13. Oh I so agree with you about that tall ladder. I did that once in our last house and afterwards I told DH never again. Way too scary way up there. My knees were shaking after about 4 hours so bad I could hardly get down the ladder. lol Your new color is lovely. I agree, paint is so hard and the colors change so much in your house and with the light. Hard job to pick the right color. I know it will look fabulous when it is all done. Hugs, Marty

  14. I'm really curious to see your finished painting project!!

    Hugs xx

  15. Good upbeat music helps to wile away the time and you can keep tempo!
    YOU will be so satisfied when you're done!
    Can't wait to see. It's dark and rainy here too.
    It got Biblically dark - street lights came on and I had to flip the light switch!
    Good excuse to do those things needed done indoors!
    be careful!!!

  16. Good luck with all that painting! I know it will looks great!

  17. I too don't like the thought of painting although I do it a lot. Once I get started I don't stop until I'm done and then it also leads to painting more rooms. Yours will be beautiful when it's done. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the windows in the great room. Maybe Mr. Savvy will wash them for you while he's on the ladder... Have a great weekend.

  18. I would not be of any help. I don't do ladders anymore and I don't like to paint - sorry. It is taking me forever to make the simply decisions on paint and things around here. I could stop by with food and drinks! :D
    Enjoy your weekend.

  19. You don't want me painting. I can't paint worth diddly. I am too impatient and I make a mess. I thought you were going to say you were climbing a ladder up that tall wall. I got a little dizzy just looking at it.

  20. I love to paint! To me, painting a room is the cheapest and best way to freshen things up. I'm glad Mr. Savvy helps you...my husband helped me once 20 years ago and said Never Again. It's OK though. I enjoy the process.

  21. Kim, I soooooo feel your pain! We are redoing three bathrooms because the beige we picked does not go with the tiles and is so dark in the rooms with no natural light! arggh! At least hubs agrees and is not arguing, in fact he suggested it. Beiges kill me! Choosing paint colors kills me! Ladders kill me! Technically, I am dead! Have fun if you can!

  22. I just went through all of this 6 months ago when we bought our house, so I know what a HUGE job you have!

    You asked about cleaning a chandelier that is that high...similar to the way you probably clean your fan I see in that first picture! A tall ladder and a duster on a pole. Or because our loft is equal to the chandelier, I can put a duster on an extention pole and stand on the loft and reach over.

    Have fun painting! If I lived near by, I would come over and help.

  23. Really cool!
    Following you back :)
    I post everyday, come say hi when you can :)

  24. Good luck with all that painting. Hope it goes fast for you...can't wait to see the finished product.

  25. Yikes, Kim!
    Stay off those tall ladders for sure! We have really tall ceilings here, too. And neither one of us would attempt to paint up that high. At least I don't think we would. At this point I'm so restless and anxious to get some of the things on my list completed that I just might consider climbing up that high! You will be so happy when this is behind you! Once you start it won't take long.
    So, have some fun with it and then stop and take a nice long bath!!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  26. Hi Kim, have fun painting. When it's all done you will sure be happy....Kathy

  27. Yuk...we have those tall walls too....with cracks. Comes with the territory and every Spring I have said "honey, the foyer and stairwells need painting badly." Is it done yet? nope!! I usually do the painting of our home but not those tall walls. A pro needs to come in and he keeps putting it off. Like you said about your sweet hubby.....I think mine would be happy with the same old walls for the next hundred years. Good luck with the painting this weekend. I am sure it will be beautiful. Very cool blog you have. Come on over for a visit when you come down the ladder. :) ~~ Lynn

  28. WOW,that is a big project indeed!!! Good luck....can't wait to see it finished!! Have a great weekend!

  29. Girl, that's not resting. LOL! No wonder you are tired! Be careful on the ladder. Look forward to seeing the end result!

  30. I am the same way....when I start a project (mostly painting since I am not a diy-er) I work until it is finished. I can't stand the house being a mess.

    Good luck and don't overdo it.

  31. What a project! It will be worth the effort though! Take your time and treat yourself afterwards.

  32. Oh my friend, I do not envy you one bit! Have a fun and I can't wait to see it when it is done!

  33. all i can say is o my gosh:)

  34. Oh Kim...I feel for ya', Honey! I HATE to paint! Just keep thinking of all the wonderful items you can purchase with the money you are saving by doing it yourself. Yeah, I know...doesn't make it any easier, huh?
    If I was closer, I'd be right over!


    ps I ♥ the final color choice & can't wait to see the final results, too!!!

  35. I have a vertical settling crack up pretty high in my house too....and it waves hello to me every morning.

    Husbands must all know that line about not rushing and taking your time.

    Wives must all refuse to listen.

  36. As someone who hired painters for the first time last fall ( and it was far pricier than I had anticipated), I can honestly say that I will never paint a room again myself. The difference is incredible (particularly the trim, which i hate to paint) and so worth the $$.

    I know yours will look great when done and put back together, plus you will have that satisfied feeling deep in your heart :-)

  37. Can't wait to see what everything looks like!
    My husband likes to drag things out!! I am going on week #3 of him putting a roof on our house which is messing up our whole yard plus he replaced 2 windows in up bedrooms which he had to take the trim off of first so those 2 rooms are a mess. He is doing all this after work now because they(him and his brother) didn't get it done in a week like they planned and all this mess everywhere is driving me nuts.......plus they quit early b/c it's just too hot. But no he doesn't want to hire anyone b/c he can do it!!!!