Paint Color Info and More Thrifting


A few people have asked about the paint brand and color that I used in my hutch and one person thought it was fabric. I used Behr semi gloss paint, but they matched a Glidden color. The color is Thyme Green.

I cut in the paint with a brush around the edges and rolled the large surface. It took four coats. Yikes! I thought I would never get it finished. I let it dry over night and then it was so bright I decided to tone it down with glaze. I used Valspar Mocha glaze sold at Lowe's. I have been using this bottle of glaze over and over. This stuff just keeps on going. I brushed it on  and waited about five minutes and wiped it off with a slightly damp cloth pulling down from top to bottom making it nice and streaky. I was so glad the glaze made it the color I was trying to achieve.  

I usually use Benjamin Moore paints, but I was just walking through Home Depot at the time for something else and I grabbed the green card when I saw it and took it to the counter and ordered a quart. I sure was glad that it was the right green. The Behr paint seemed really thin though and that is why it took so many coats.

 Yesterday I went to the dentist  for my six month cleaning and check up and on the
way home my car decided to go by the flea market. Silly car we don't need anything else from
the flea market, but the car took me there anyway. So I went in and looked around since I was 
already there and I did find a few things. Guess my car has ESP.

I found all this old silverware in the same booth I got my other silverware at. This time I got the forks.
These were $1 each

Two meat forks $2. each

I got this lovely decanter for $5.00. That was more like a yard sale price than flea market.
It has some etching inside, but that's o.k.

I love the shape of the bottle and the lid.

I am going to link to Coastal Charm  for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday.
Please check out this party and the other treasures that were found.

I leave you with a sneak peek of another project.

Don;t miss out on my GIVEAWAY!! Info is HERE.

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments on my last project. Y'all are the best!
Hope everyone has a good day.

Y'all come back now,


  1. I'm loving that green Kim.

  2. WOW Kim what a process that hutch are so very patient. It really turned out awesome. Good for you on the scores from the Flea the decanter. Now this sneak peek, I have no clue:)

  3. I am collecting dessert forks, you did good on those. I painted a black cabinet once took about four to five coats too. I think the darker the color the more you need to get the true color and no streaking. I found out since then that tinted primer, the same color you are using, works wonders for saving time.

  4. A nice haul for a quick, unplanned stop!!!

  5. I love that green! And great scores at the flea market! My car goes into auto pilot when driving by the thrift store, LOL. Pulls in EVERYTIME! :)

  6. Great items from the Flea! I use Valspar glaze in Umber on my paint projects. And you are right, it lasts forever!

  7. Good point, that almost any company will mix the more expensive colors. I love the richness of Benjamin Moore, but not the price. My local paint store that has Columbia paint mixes their colors for me. This is a perfect green in a perfect project!

  8. Oh what a very clever car!

  9. The sneek it a chair? It's definately received the green treatment. I like what I see so far..can't wait!
    Nice flea market finds too, love the decanter!

  10. If you ever get a chance to try Kilz Colors paint from WalMart, you will love it! I have used Valspar and Behr and also Glidden but have more luck with the Kilz. My deep red walls took only 2 coats with NO priming and everything else I have painted is one coat without priming! Can't wait to see the new project!! I have to find a flea market around here!!!! Lucky girl, wish my car knew when to stop!!

  11. I can't wait to paint the back of my cabinet. It will have to be when I am not watching the "littles" so my dishes can sit out for a few days.
    Re: silverware......I have a old silverplated set that is tarnished. How do you remove that or do you? It's not silver.
    Have a great Tuesday!

  12. I've just been sitting here looking at your hutch for the longest time. Love that post and all the white you are collecting.

    Can't wait to see your next green project.

  13. I'm happy to hear that other cars do the same thing as mine:) That is one beautiful decanter...luv the style and the price!


  14. You know how much I love green and this is soooo perfect for your house. I had to laugh about now your car is thrifting, I can hardly imagine. You know my car does its own little shopping trips also. I must say your car did lead you in the right direction. I am very interested in the other green piece we got a little peek at. I just am about finished with some of the projects I have been working on, Oh my, nothing seems to come easy for me, I am just not a DIY gal, I am now convinced, Happy Tuesday,sweet friend, Kathysue

  15. Working with those dark colors can be a pain. If you use a tinted primer that probably would have covered in two coats. Really nice color and Behr is a good quality paint. I have it in my house - Gold Buff is the main color.

    I love your thrift store finds too. You have a very creative mind!

  16. I'm such a green gal myself. Love that shade. Pair the greens with reds and golds and instant beauty, in my book. You certainly have that decorator's eye for color and style.

  17. Beautiful...and my car does not stop at thrift stores or flea markets but my truck will whip into one in a heartbeat!!!

  18. Thanks for the mini-tutorial. One of these days I'll follow your lead and do some painting - I seem to have more projects than time!

  19. It is amazing where our cars want to go some times. :D

  20. I really love that green and I wouldn't have thought to use it but I wrote you earlier that I loved it in the back of your hutch. I'm glad you talked about the color and the glaze. I have done a lot of painted furniture but am just putting my toe in the glazing pond. I don't know yet what I'm doing.
    Thanks for the info.

  21. Thanks for sharing the paint info, Kim~ I LOVE this color! Your project was one of the prettiest I have seen in a long time!

  22. You know that I love your Hooker hutch. Gorgeous!

  23. That is a great shade of green. Your hutch looks great! Love your new decanter.

    ~ Tracy

  24. LOL! You've got it bad for the silver, girl! LOL! I seriously have had to ban myself from going anywhere there might be a box (I love the boxes, too) of it! Sometimes, it sneaks up on me... and, I have to have it! LOL!

  25. I LOVE the green! I am so glad you shared the color and the has me thinking...hhhmm!

    Love your thrifty finds and can't wait to see your finished project you are teasing us with!

    Happy Tuesday!

  26. oh,you always bring out the best images there is! thanks for your sweet comments, am really blessed to be surrounded by blogger friends like you! have a great week! verbena cottage

  27. It's really a very pretty shade of green, Kim. Love that decanter, what a pretty shape! You got a great deal on the forks....Christine

  28. Cool flea market finds!!! You might soak and swish your decanter out with a product called "Lemi-shine". I get it at the grocery store...with the dishwashing detergents. It has cleaned up a few "gently scratched" glasses and vases for me!
    Good luck and thanks for a really great blog!