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My daughter's second baby shower was held at her sister in law's new beautiful home. Unfortunately I don't have home pictures to share because they just moved in a month ago and it will take time for her to fill this huge home with the things she wants. She wants to take her time and find just the right furniture pieces and accessories. I do have some shower pictures to share though. This shower was for both sides of the family, friends and former co workers of Brooke's. She had a very good turnout.
The party was held downstairs in the media and billiard rooms which also has a full kitchen. Just perfect for entertaining.

Please excuse the smudges on the left of my pictures. I did not realize that I had two finger prints on the camera lens until I started viewing these on my laptop. Woe is me!
This was set up with the favors and two gift bags for the winners of the shower game.

Each bag contains the makings for a glass of lemonade with a sugar stir stick. So cute.

The pool table was used for the gift table and soon it was completely full and more were on the floor.

Cute letters spelling out the baby's name, Leila (pronounced Layla).

This was the cutest idea. They put floating rubber duckies in the beverages.

Fresh tiny pink roses filled each vase that spelled out Leila.

This was the cutest thing ever. It is a cupcake topiary.

Brooke's  mother in law and her sister in law made this from scratch. So so creative.

Everyone said the cupcakes were so good, but I refrained since I am trying to get in shape.

Onto the gift opening. There were lots of gifts.

Those diapers may last a day or two.

Look at this adorable bag to carry those diapers in. Her husband's aunt made this and several other great things. She is an excellent seamstress.  If anyone would like to have a custom bag made let me know and I will get you her info. She also makes many other baby items. I will get pictures of the other things she made when I go to Brooke's to take more pictures.

This cute quilt was made for her mother in law when she was pregnant with her son, my daughter's husband and she has passed it on to them. What a special treasure.

Mama to be got her electric breast pump. I'm not sure they even had these when I had her.

This was a super nice diaper bag given to her by her former coworkers. She used to work at the same bank Mr. Savvy works for, but she has a different job now.

Nice tub and lots of toys.

My sister, mom and me. I wore black pants, grey tank top and a cotton cardigan. See my new necklace. That is a Lisa Leonard design that you can find here. I also have on the bird necklace with it. 

Me and Naomi.

Sister, mom, me and mama to be. Soon there will be four generations.
My mom looks good for 78 years young! Oops, sister corrected me she is 77!

It was so hot yesterday and Brooke was hot. I was hot my whole pregnancy, but she hasn't been. Hopefully cooler weather will come in soon. I will go to Brooke's soon and get some more nursery pics and some of the cutest baby girl clothes. I believe this little one will be stylin!

Thanks for letting me share this special time in my life with you!

Y'all come back now,



  1. Your mom looks 20 years younger than that! What a darling shower..loved the cupcakes! The house is beautiful..and I love the babies name! Thanks for sharing it all :D

  2. Great party room is right. I know it was fun! No way is your Mom that age. She could be one of the sister's My Mom was like that younger but, she aged fast during her late sixties. So what is your Mom's secret? WE need to know NOW.

  3. I've been waiting all day for you to post pictures of the shower! These turned out good. Mom is really 77 (born in 1933). Just thought I'd correct ya there. ha! Regardless, you're right. She looks great for her age! I didn't realize some of the cupcakes had little baby heads on them. Soooo adorable! How in the world did they make those? It's fun to see these pics because you see things you missed. I never saw the blanket with the stitched writing on it until now. I thought Brooke had a wonderful shower and probably has close to everything she could need by now. Now, we just need to meet Leila!!

  4. Lori, that is so sweet. I'm not sure except she takes a lot of different supplements. Maybe they work.

  5. First off I have to say your mom looks like she is your sister not your mom! She looks absolutely wonderful! I have enjoyed seeing the photos of your daughter's baby showers. She has wonderful and very creative friends. Her friends house looks gorgeous from what I could see of it. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. Looks like she had a wonderful shower and good turn out.
    Yes, your mom looks great for her age.
    Be sure to get that four generation picture. They are priceless.

  7. Love the roses and cupcake topiary. So creative.

  8. Wow! Your mom does look fantastic! I want to know what supplements she takes too! Great pics of all of you! I also love those cupcakes..sooo cute! Looks like another wonderful day!

  9. What a great baby shower. Love all the cute decorations and fun gifts. All we need now is that baby!

  10. What a wonderful celebration! I love the photo of all of you together!

  11. Hello Kim,

    Your mom looks fantastic! Definitely much younger than her 77 years! My mom was like that too until she got cancer. The stress, surgery and treatments have really taken a toll on her in more ways than one. I love the cupcake topiary. What a great idea! It looks like it was a great baby shower with many wonderful treats and gifts. Your daughter looks great! As for pumps, I know they had them 24 years ago when my first son was born but they were nothing like the ones they have today!

    ~ Tracy

  12. There is no way your Mom could possibly be 77...she looks like another sister!!! A gorgeous family and I'm sure little Laila will also be gorgeous...
    The shower looked so beautiful and I hope the in laws will show us how to make that cute cupcake topiary!!!
    Are you sure that was your Mom???

  13. Kim,
    Thanks for sharing this fun shower with us. First off, the decorations and food look wonderful. Second let's talk about the stonework and tile in the kitchen area. Beautiful! We need pics of this house when it is all furnished, pah-leaseeeeeee...
    Glad you all had a great time and nice to see pics of your Mom and sister :)

  14. Let me first say "GOOD GRAVY" your Mom looks like your sister! All three of you look like sisters...good genetics...all beautiful gals. Now onto the shower...OK that was her basement...WOW WOW WOW gorgeous. Gorgeous shower, Brooke really made out twice with these beautiful showers and gifts. You guys will be set for a while with stuff.

  15. Thanks for sharing the shower with us! Looks like she received a lot of wonderful gifts. Love the flowers, cupcakes and favors. Your Mother looks great at 77! Hope I look that young when I am 77! :-D

  16. Did you say your Mom? Let me pick my jaw up off the floor. Goodness gracious Kim you are all so gorgeous and young looking!

    Precious shower favors and her home is truly stunning. Can we get tour soon? WOW! *Smiles* :)

  17. What a beautiful baby shower. I love the cupcake topiary. What a cute idea to put floating duck in the drinks.
    Your mum looks great and could pass as your older sister.
    Can't wait to see more photo's of the nursery.

  18. PS My Mom turns 73 next week and looks very young too. I hope some of that rubs off on me! LOL! :)

  19. GET out, your Mom is beautiful!! I cannot believe she is in her 70s. I need her gene pool.

    The shower is lovely, and I am amazed at the creative people you are surrounded by. You are so very lucky. Cute decorations and loved the cupcakes.

    From Virginia

  20. Kim, you are just absolutely lovely and I see where you get it! Your mom can't be 77!!! She looks amazing! Brooke is just glowing! That house... wow!! You will have to go back and get more pictures in year! Looks like such a good time. Brought back memories... Jemma had that same bathtub!

  21. Wowzers!! When I saw that picture of your sister, your Mother, and you...I thought "Wow, she must have been a teen Mom!"
    She is absolutely FABULOUS!!
    Thanks for sharing these precious photographs, your daughter will come to treasure them when her little girl is trotting off to school...the prom...learning to drive...going off to college. I know you know this, but it really isn't that far away. Encourage her to treasure every second while her new daughter is very small. :-)

  22. Hi Kim, The photos look great! your daughter looks beautiful.And your mom looks fantastic for 77 years old.I would have never thought she was 77.....Kathy

  23. Oh, Kim, this was a delightful post full of happy times and photos of a beautiful family! I am so excited for you all!

  24. Thanks you guys. She would be tickled pink to read your comments. It is ashamed she does not know how to use a computer!

  25. Oh my many cute and pinkalicious things!!!! Thanks for sharing these great photos. Best of luck with the little princess!!!

  26. Your mom looks good and you do too and so does your sister and daughter. Did you cut your hair, Kim? Leila is the luckiest baby! Such cute letterings!...Christine

  27. I can't believe that's your mother! She looks so young! Does the cupcake topiary have real cupcakes? Cute!

  28. I never EVER would have guessed that was your MOM! She looks SO young, MAYBE 50!!!! I ned to know her secret, and if it is the supplements, make a LIST:):) The shower looks like it was great. Lots of very creative ideas! XO, Pinky

  29. BEAUTIFUL! your mom looks amazing, as do all the details for the shower! You look so pretty, too, standing with all your girls! :p


  30. Yes, those are real cupcakes on the topiary.

  31. It is really nice to see family pictures -But I had to read that a few times when you said "mom" my goodness you have a good gene pool there for youthfulness.

  32. Hi Kim, It looks like Brooke had a wonderful shower and the cupcake topiary is adorable! The host is very creative and all the decorations and cupcakes look so good. Brooke is such a beautiful mother to be.
    Hugs, Sherry

  33. Your mom looks FANTASTIC!!!! It looks like your daughter got a ton of great stuff! Here sis-in-laws house looks beautiful! How much longer before Leila gets here?

  34. Oh my!!! Your mom looks wonderful!!! I kept wondering who are you talking about?!!! you look wonderful too Kim!!! So does your daughter! She is gorgeous! The house looks amazing too! I hope we both get to go to Penny's house in October!

    Take care Miss thang!

  35. Well, First the good news..that was just a wonderful shower! And I love that cupcake topiary...How cute is that?

    You have a lot of talented ladies in your family. I hope some of that passes along to the newest members that will be coming up through the ranks.

    Now, here's the bad news. If your MOM looks THAT good at 77, people will asssume you are her sister...and you look pretty young'm saying because you all look so young people are gonna think you had your first babies at 14! lol...You can just tell them it's a Southern thing.

    Your Mom looks wonderful at any age! And, hopefully, you are blessed with her genetic makeup and will age the same good! Hugs to you~ Diana

    ps..from the little bit I can see of her house it is absolutely beautiful! Hopefully, one day you can go back and show us some more!

  36. That sweet baby is gonna inherit some great genes! :) A lot of pretty ladies in your family.
    Looks like a lovely home and the shower was a success. :) New babies are the best!

  37. Hold the press!!! Are you trying to tell me the lady with the blonde hair and back and white scarf is 77!!! I don't believe you She looks 55 max! OK, let me recover (I kept scrolling back looking at Mom) What a great shower! I love the floating rubber duckies!


  38. Kim, wonderful photos of a special family time. Your mom looks like she could be one of your sisters. It's difficult to believe she is 77. What great genes in your family. Brooke looks darling. ~ Sarah

  39. Special times, I love the lemonade in a bag idea, and the rubber duckies are hilarious!

  40. Kim, what a fabulous and well appointed shower. Every last little detail was adorable.
    On another note, your family is GORGEOUS!! Your mother does not look her age AT ALL!! What a lucky girl! Good, good genes!! XO ~Liz

  41. Okay, your mom needs to pass on her secrets!! She looks fabulous. Lucky you with such a good gene pool! The shower was beautiful. Wish I had a cupcake! ;) Exciting times!

  42. wow, thats the best shower decor I've seen.. everything is so festive and creative.. All you gals are beauties and no way would I have guessed your mom is past 60..
    Thanks for sharing this party and your family with us...


  43. My mom can't be 55 because I am. Y'all are all too sweet.

  44. The cupcake topiary was outstanding. And your Mom--OMG, what an inspiration!

  45. Kim, what a sweet baby shower, each and every detail was just so pretty! I have never seen anything as cute as that cupcake topiary! Okay, I can not believe that is your mother, she's gorgeous and does not look her age! I really had to go back and look again, I thought she was your sister. Wow Kim, you are all so beautiful!


  46. Oh Kim...I love it all! There are so many wonderful things out there now to make all of these parrties so special! The cupcake topiary is to die for and the LEILA banner is a love love!

    I adore all of the photos of you and your family...ya'll are all sooooo cute! You're right...your mom looks GREAT!

    It looks like fun was had by all;)!


  47. Kim, the party looks so pretty. Love the banner spelling out "Leila" (love that name). The cupcake topiary is amazing, and what adorable cupcakes! That is a crafty family! Your family and mother-to-be are so pretty. What great genes Leila is getting! laurie

  48. No way your mom is 77!
    Cute ideas for a shower. Thanks for sharing!

  49. Yes, please tell us what supplements she takes:) Your mom is a knockout for 77, you must be so proud!

    A wonderful shower with the duckies in the drinks and love the banner with the baby's name. All and all a wonderful family time for you!

  50. What a wonderful shower for your daughter! You look great and with genes from your mom, you will definitely grow old gracefully!!! She looks awesome and I would never believe she is 77!

  51. WOW!! You all have some GREAT genes!!! Kiss your mother! She looks like a youngster!! Love seeign you all together! What a beautiful shower! And those cupcakes look DIVINE! You get an A for effort for willpower!
    I have heard great things about that breast pump. I had the Medela, but my friend had the Ameda and loved it!
    What a beautiful home and great gifts! Thanks for sharing this beautiful day with us :)

  52. What a cute baby shower your daughter had! Love the little duckies in the pitchers.Very cute idea!

  53. Congratulations to you and your daughter, Kim! What an adorable baby shower! I LOVE those cute little cupcakes and all the personal touches with her name... so pretty!
    Have a great week,
    ~ Jo :)

  54. Kim,
    Your mom looks outstanding for a 77 year old...I thought you had made a mistake when you had this lady listed as your mom...she looks more like in her 50's! My oldest daughter (23) looks very young and hates it because everybody thinks she is younger than her 20 year old sister...I'm going to show her this pic of your mom and maybe she will see the benefits. The little ducks were such a cute idea and the cupcakes were out of this world CUTE!!!


  55. First off, I can't believe your mom is 77! WOW, she looks great.

    Second, I love the topiary tree. So cute. Looks like she got a lot of nice things.

  56. Kim que chá de bebê maravilhoso. Desejo a sua filha felicidades.que Deus as abençoe ricamente. Você está de parabéns, pela bela organização. Querida tenha uma ótima semana. Beijinho

  57. So precious! Everything is beautiful! I love the photo of you and your family, you are all just gorgeous. I can't wait to see that nursery!