Before and Afters


I hope everyone has had a good weekend. Our weather here was picture perfect. I just want to remind you that my first before and after party will be Wednesday 11-3 with the link up on Tuesday evening since that is the way we do it in blog land. I am excited and nervous about this new venture.

I thought I would share some of my past before and afters.


After. This was my first time painting and glazing a piece of furniture.
I noticed looking into the dining room that the first pic shows the before of it, too. It has been redone since that picture.

Before of this chest

After. This is not even in my room anymore.

Now it looks like this. I guess that was an after after.

Guest room before. Liked this look.

After. Love the new look.

Before of the drapery panels. One of my sewing projects. I have only done two.

After: added red ticking and cording to drapery panels and painted the rod.

Mirror before. Old picture from before blogging.

After with green paint and glaze.

Chandy shades before

After red trim was added. Inspired by Ballard's shades. Mine were a lot cheaper.

Mantel before.

Mantel with new color


Chair after.

vanity stool before

and after with this wonderful toile

bookcase before

After with burlap added to back. 

These just scratch the surface of before and afters around here since I seem to have a serious problem! Just kidding or maybe I'm not.

I sure hope you will join me and show us your before and afters. 
It can be a new or old post and if you don't have the before shots because we are human and forget to grab our camera and take before shots and then it's too late that's o.k. just explain the way it was before.

It can be anything such as a new wall or table arrangement, whole room or partial room makeover, craft project,  it can even be a before and after of you! We just want to be inspired by your creativity and copy your idea because that is what we do. We will just have fun!
After all it is a party! I just ask that you include a link to my blog or you can grab my before and after button on my sidebar.

I am looking forward to it!!
Y'all come back now,



  1. Oh, I missed the mantel! That was just gorgeous. They all were. Very nice. I will see you Wednesday!

  2. I'm totally inspired by all your before and afters. I'm afraid they make most of my efforts look a little sad, but I do hope to take part in some of your parties. I love the painted curtain rod--it really pops now.

  3. All I can say is WOW, you got it going on when it come to redos! I'll be joining you for your "Before and After" party, although I can hold a candle to you. Thanks for opening the door.

  4. All of your before and afters are fabulous but I really love the way the new comforter makes the green walls pop in the guest room. The mantle looks so good as well!

  5. Everything is so lovely Kim. My hubby thinks things should stay as before's so I won't be joining a good time and I'll sure enjoy the pictures.

  6. I never tire of seeing what you have done, Kim! I am in awe all over again seeing that mantle. I think I would have taken a big gulp before I put paint to it...but it just so beautiful with the new color and really pops out...or rather..blends in..and is not as stark looking-although it WAS beautiful before too.

    I am wishing you luck on your link up. I have a long work week ahead of me and am dreading it. This is my only day off until next I will pop in and out as I can. Off now with the kidsters for trick or treating. Hope nobody asks me to unmask as I always look this way;>) Hugs-Diana

  7. Fabulous Kim! I love every one! Doing the burlap in my bookcase is still on my list !! Thanks for the heads up on Met Monday being for Mom Caves!

  8. Kim, I'll try to get a post together to share on Tuesday evening. Thanks for hosting. ~ Sarah

  9. WOW! Your furniture looks amazing - very impressive! Perhaps a new business venture :)

  10. I am thinking of doing some furniture refinishing and seeing if I can sell some.

  11. Oh , yes, it appears you have an addiction!

  12. How fun Kim, and you'll be the perfect hostess! You have so many great before and afters, and I look forward to seeing everyone else's!

    Kat :)

  13. do you ever wonder if you had not started blogging if you would have done so much changing...i think everything is fantastic, and i wish you luck if you so start selling!!

  14. Where did the bedding in your BEFORE guest bedroom picture come from? The blue floral? I just love it and would love to get it for a client. Please let me know.

  15. Omg, such great before and afters. I love the chest in the bedroom that you said isn't there anymore. Do you remember what glaze you used on it. I'm doing a round table right now and have painted the legs creamy white but haven't started the glaze yet. Just wondering what you used.

  16. Hey Kim, like your house, my house is full of before and after's. My favorite of yours today is the mantel. I love the after. As far as the furniture thing, I know you can do it, and as for selling it, you ought to post it on SSS and let us bloggers know first. :)

  17. I already have the button on my sidebar. I've been racking my brain the past few days, thinking: What new thing can I come up with? I'm still thinking. Several nights I've gone to sleep pondering this question. Isn't it funny how we have after-afters? I never know when or where I changed something half the time!

  18. I ADORE every single before and after you have featured. You are such a talented lady. What a pleasure it is to view your blog. I don't always comment, but I do enjoy visiting. I love all your features, but I'm most intrigued by your mantel before and after! Now, that is FANTASTIC. I wish I could participate in your blog party, but we will see how my time goes. Keeping up a blog is time consuming. You do a fabulous job of that, and I am so very thankful that you do.

  19. Kim,

    I know you could sell furniture you have refinished. You do such a wonderful job!!! Your Before and Afters are great!!

  20. Oh wow! All of those before and afters! They are all so amazing. You are very talented!

  21. Many great before/after pic's...I still like the leopard stool though! ;D

  22. I'll be there for the all that you have did on the before and afters:) You are so very talented!


  23. Thanks everyone. I look forward to your posts.

  24. I love your use of burlap in the back of the china cabinet. I've been pondering what to use in mine for about 6 months and haven't found it yet, so I just might consider burlap. Thanks for the inspiration - that's what I love about blogging.

  25. Do the before and afters need to be something new we have done, or can they be repeats? I am spending more time cleaning out and such, instead of new projects.
    Have a great week.

  26. Glenda, an older project post is just fine.

  27. Kim, those are some great makeovers. If I can find an old post to share, I might join you. You've been busy!

  28. What inspirational projects Kim!
    I just adore your guest room!
    Everything is just so gorgeous, you have the touch!

  29. Wow, you are awesome!!! Love all your before and afters!!! Do you mind if I ask the color of paint you used in the after chest beside the bed? Its lovely!!!!

  30. Kim, you have some amazing before and after pictures that are very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Love & blessings from NC!

  31. The chest paint color is rosemary sprig by Benjamin Moore with Valspar Translucent glaze in Mocha over it.
    Thanks so much.

  32. Kim, you are sooo talented, I am tellin' ya, you need to start a business. You have exquisite taste, and you'd do well. Gonna find something to post, looking forward to it!

  33. I'm excited for your party Kim! Your before and afters are truly awwesome. You have the gift.
    I'll be back later to join when you post it. It will be an oldie but goodie. One of my favorites we have ever done in this home.

    Today is my two years of blogging day! Come by and enter my giveaway when I post it later on today if you would like. You have been a great bloggy friend. Thank you!

    Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  34. How exciting to be hosting your very own linky party!!! I can hardly wait to see all the will be so much fun! I always love seeing what you are up to....your home is GORGEOUS!!!

  35. Wow Kim! I just do not know what to comment on first!! Unbelievable. I love the transformation of colours on all the furniture. I love the red ticking added to the panels. Can I be a guest at your home lol ? Your guest room is so inviting!
    The chair I really like painted white. I want to do this with my dining room chairs.
    Love it all!!
    Pamela xo

  36. Hey there ... I so enjoy revisiting your before and after projects. They're all so inspirational ... can't pick a fave because I love them all !! (Looking forward to taking party in your first linky party, too!)*Becca*

  37. Kim - I LOVE your blog. You are the inspiration for my MIL starting a blog - I think you two are kindrid spirits. Thanks for sharing all that you do!


  38. Kim,

    I don't know if I missed it, but I do you have a post about how you did the fireplace?? I would love to know!