Good Times


Thanks so much for all the comments on my brother's home. I will take some shots some time later when all the Christmas stuff is put away and share their beautiful home.

This is the metamorphosis of opening that special gift.

First you start tearing the paper.

Then you tear it some more.

Then you get help from mom.

And some help from G Dad.

Then you watch Tickle Me Elmo shake on the table.

Oh, the delight of that precious face! She loves her Tickle Me Elmo!

Making friends

Look at that cute behind!

How to eat Elmo's eyeball

Sleeping cutie

Sorry about some of the blurred shots. No do overs!
Hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday!
Our son and family go home tomorrow and then the cleaning begins.

Y'all come back now,



  1. The look on her face as she watched Elmo is just precious and I love her bum on the pj's.

  2. Dear me that photo of her on the stairs is just too too cute!

  3. I bet she had a great time this year!! Great pictures!!

  4. Looks like so much fun. Tickle me Elmo is the cutest...Jack loved his.

  5. Oh, the joy of a childhood Christmas! Cute photos each one!

  6. That was so sweet Kim. That smile when she saw Elmo moving. Just priceless and they were all so precious. Christmas is best enjoyed with children. Stay safe and warm in that snow. Take care.

  7. I'm not sure what's cuter, your post or the PJ's.

  8. OMGoodness, Kim that is the cutest metamorphisis I have ever seen:):) Her little bum is so darn cute in those PJ's!!! Thanks so much for sharing this! XO, Pinky

  9. Oh- I love Tickle Me Elmo too. Those shots of her opening that present are just precious. You were lucky to be able to capture that whole scenario on film. and the shots of her with the dog and cat are just so darned cute.

    I so hear you about the Holiday ending and the cleaning beginning. I started today but have a feeling there will be lots more going on over the Christmas break. Hugs - Diana

  10. Your Grands are so cute!
    Have a great week!

  11. Christmas celebrations truly are for kids! The wonder and delight in their faces is simply priceless. Glad you enjoyed such a good time with everyone! ~ Sue

  12. Kim, Your grandchildren are all so precious. I know you must have loved having them home for Christmas.

    Take a look at CSI Project. You and I both made the top 10 list for the Holiday Homes challenge.

  13. I love to see happy faces. Your grandchildren are so cute!

  14. Kim,
    Looks like your family had a great the pics of your sweet grandkids!


  15. Kim the image of her holding Elmo is priceless!

    Happiest of Holidays & All the Best in the New Year!

    Art by Karena

  16. oh the baby is so cute. .hugs!! merry christmas:)

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  17. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, Kim and a lot of fun with the grand kids. Those are great pictures. The "making friends" photo is precious! Have a great week.

  18. How adorable! Her face is just priceless! Precious grandchildren!

  19. ..and that's what it's all about.

    Great photos, Kim, capturing the moment perfectly. And, love the PJ's!!

  20. So many great photos Kim! Cute kids at Christmas! Love it!

    Love those pj's too.

    I enjoyed seeing your brother's beautiful home. Wow!

  21. Very lovely family photos Kim, both the kids are darling one... and HER Behind is so cute :)...
    Wish you a very Happy New Year
    I would love if you come to visit me at

  22. Be still my heart! That look just makes your whole insides light up!! So glad you had such a special Christmas this year, Kim! The babies bring their own special magic to Christmas, don't they? Love the photo on the stairs with Bailey, too!! Hugs ~ Tanna

  23. Precious! There is nothing better than experiencing Christmas through the eyes of a child! She's such a cutie patootie (as are those pjs). And, your brother's home is beautiful ... look forward to seeing more. Happy New Year!

  24. Cute photos, Kim! Grandchildren are simply the best.

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  26. Yay! That's what I wanted to see! Sooooo adorable. You got the whole moment on film! Her pj's were the cutest ever. Looks like Christmas morning was alot of fun at your house. All the kids are so young so you've got many more years of fun to come! Wish I could've been there to join in. Can I clone myself? Ha! Things are finally winding down. I've been catching up on my sleep and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (the Christmas tunnel, that is). How long is everyone staying at your house?

  27. Darling! Those jammies are the cutest EVER!

  28. Looks like some great family time! I know you're enjoying all those grand babies....too sweet :)

  29. Hi Kim...

    Ahhh...those grandbabies are just precious! You know, I love ELMO! Hehe! Such cute and memorable photos of your granddaughter opening that gift! Ohhh...and I do declare...those are just the cutest little jammies that I've ever seen! Enjoy your family while they're here, sweet friend!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  30. Oh my goodness - that TUSHY !!!!!! What beautiful children.... what a joy to have them with you on Christmas !

    Thanks for sharing,

  31. Darling Kim. They are all so sweet. It's also very funny that your granddaughter and our Zoe look a lot alike. Looks like a perfect Christmas. Happy New Year. Jane

  32. I came by way of Metamorphisis Monday and had to comment because these pictures were soooo cute!! I miss those days with my son and can't wait for grandchildren.

  33. Nothing much to be said.. I was all smiles... every picture has a little bit of the Christmas magic!

    Simply adorable!


    Luciane at

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