The Makeover Of A Chest


My first post showed my foyer and the chest in it that I recently refinished. Now I am going to show the before picture and the refinishing process. 

The before wasn't bad, but I was ready for a change. So I went to Ace Hardware and picked out my base coat paint and picked up all my supplies and I was ready to begin. I lightly sanded the surfaces and put on my first coat of Benjamin Moore Georgian green semi-gloss. I did not use a primer since I was going to distress the piece to make it look old and worn. I also just noticed that this shows the way my dining room use to look. I will share that makeover soon.


Let's Get To It !


Well, I am going to enter the wonderful world of blogging. I have been reading several blogs for more than a year now. My sister was telling me about some decorating blogs she likes to look at and my response was, "what is a blog"?? I am not very computer savvy so I did not know about the wonderful world of blogging! She gave me a list of blogs to look at and I was hooked. Later she introduced me to rate my space. See, I need a creative outlet because I love to decorate and love anything that has to do with decorating. I am certainly not saying I am good, I just love it. I started posting on rate my space and that was so much fun until lately. Now I need a new creative outlet thus the new blog. I will be sharing my home, projects, shopping trips and maybe some home tours that I like to go on. I have been very inspired by many blogs and hope that maybe mine will inspire others. This computer thing will be a learning process for me, so bear with me. I have been told it will get easier the longer I do it. So let's get to it!

Come on in and welcome to my home. I am going to share photos of my foyer today. I just recently painted my antique chest which is called a French commode. I bought this chest at an antique store in Alabama while traveling through from Mississippi. The chest was originally done in a walnut stain. I bought some green paint for the base coat and then added a mocha glaze to it. Sanded the edges to distress it and added more glaze. I am really excited at how good it turned out. I have grown very fond of painted and distressed furniture  and this is just the start to more projects I'm sure. Here are a few pictures to enjoy!




Thanks so much for stopping by. 

Please come again real soon!