Silver and Grain Sacks


Combined together what could be better? I put this simple centerpiece together after I came home
from the flea market yesterday. I had to get some fresh air. I think the Mod Podge fumes are
getting to me. That stuff doesn't smell very good.

Look at this ginormous silver bowl that I found for only $18! Not sure whether to leave it
alone or polish it though. 

I like the old tarnished look of silver, but this one is a little streaky right now so I may
polish it up and then let it tarnish again.

When I first saw this bowl I picked it up and looked at it and hesitated to get it. I was standing
there thinking what would I use it for? Dumb I know. There are a ton of uses for this.

I think for a minute the Mod Podge was still affecting my thinking.

So for now it is in my dining room sitting on my vintage grain sack.

Yum, two of my favorite things, silver and grain sacks.

What would you use this bowl for? Come on I want to hear some ideas.

Looks like a good day to finally clean up some leaves out in my beds out front. Should be 
near 70 today. Can't wait to feel it. This has been one unusually cold winter.

Hope your day is glorious, too.


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  1. Kim, I love to combine rustic and fine things together like that. I use one of my silver bowls to hold moss balls or pine cones and love it. Enjoy your nice day. We are looking forward to a 50 degree day here too.


  2. Oh don't think the funes have affected your thinking. My, has your paint brush been busy lately!!

    70 degress here yesterday and today (I'm so excited!), but snow prediction for Tuesday.

  3. I'm sure glad you didn't pass that bowl up, Kim! You would have had to drive back to look for it, and IT WOULD HAVE BEEN GONE~!! How many things have I passed up like that??? It looks great just the way you have it and I know you are going to have fun thinking of things all year to do with it! Large pine cones come to my mind, because I love em so! Artichokes? endless possibilities!

  4. Kim your bowl was a great find! I love the way it looks with the grain sack. I cant find grain sacks in my area but once in a while there are good silverplate pieces. I wish it would get warm here its freezing.

  5. OH Kim don't tell me that... the weather is still very cold here we are going to have snow every day this week. Love the bowl like it the way it is. Kiss the sun for me and send some warm weather this way.


  6. That looks great Kim! Love your grain sack runner. I love seeing them but, I don't have one. Silver is a favorite always.

  7. Kim, such a wonderful find. Love the size of the bowl. It looks fabulous filled with the fruit, and I think it's the perfect size also to do a beautiful twig and floral display in. I would treat it like an urn and create all kinds of displays. Love it. We are having super weather also, so glad yours is warming up. Hugs, Marty

  8. Kim, I bet you are going to end up using that bowl in a million different ways. What a great piece for $18!

  9. Love that silver bowl! It looks great as you have it. At christmas you could fill it with mercury glass ornaments. You could always pop a potted plant in it and cover the pot with moss. So many uses. I am glad you got it!

  10. First off, thanks for the post on the bench. I so want to do those kitchen chairs that color...someday...
    I had a bridal shower last weekend, and the hydrangeas are now beautifully dried, I just said yesterday how beautiful they would all look in a big silver bowl. I think I need to go flea marketing.
    I also just bought grain sack thanks for the inspiration.
    Lynette in La.

  11. Kim, Your mod podge project was amazing...guess what? Yesterday Traditional Home mag came in the mailbox and there was an expensive commode cabinet with doors on it just like yours!!! What a great knock-off you did. You have to check it out, unless you already saw it and got that amazing inspiration from that pic. Your idea was one of those extra special ones.

  12. Kim, I like it. I really like tarnished silver. I have a small display with a few platters, etc. and it DRIVES MY MOM NUTS that I don't polish it. I just know one of these days she's going to sneak in and polish it :) I like your use of grain sacks around your house too. Am on the lookout for some inexpensive ones for Christmas gifts next year. It's pretty the way you have it, but since you are looking for ideas, what about a collection of wine bottle corks? Have a nice weekend.

  13. Love the mix of the textures. As always - beautiful!

  14. Mornin', Kim! That silver bowl was a fantastic find and I'm so glad you didn't pass it by! I find that any sort of tray or container gives the best bang for the buck because they're so versatile... I'd leave that bowl tarnished until Easter and then polish it up pretty for a nice Easter tablescape. It'd look gorgeous next to some pretty Easter pastels...

  15. I have a similar bowl that I display vintage Shiny Brite ornaments in at Christmas time, but for now I would line that bowl with plastic and put something green and spring-ish in it--maybe hyacinths or even paperwhites.

  16. Kim ~ wonderful find and I love the mix~You can use this bowl for anything ~ I am soooo jealous that it's 70 where you are. Here it's 20 and snowing ;-)

  17. please post what 70 degrees feels like i am sure most of us have forgotten!!

  18. Beautiful bowl. I can see it sitting on your table with a big fern in it!

  19. Hi Kim~ Love this find! It looks beautiful as a centerpiece on your table! I do the same thing~You know that champagne bucket I just showed in my post? I left, drove away and had to go back to get it! I blame hormones for unclear thinking! lol!
    So glad you are getting some of the wonderful warm weather over your way!! Enjoy! :)

  20. Love it, Kim! The silver again the grain pretty! So many uses for a nice silver bowl~ I particularly love ornaments, hydrangea, and I can even imagine some floating candles or roses in the summer...Great find!

  21. I love it, Kim! But I think I'd have to polish to get those streaks out, with my compulsive nature. You could put it on a side table and put old family photos in it. Put pretty soaps in it for the bathroom. What you have in it is certainly beautiful! But you asked for ideas. could put pebbles or marbles or shells or something across the bottom to level it out and stick thick candles in it. Don't get me going now...

  22. What a wonderful find! I love the size of it. You really could use it for so many things. I was on the fence about going to Goodwill today, but I think you've inspired me!

  23. Kim, good thing you didn't leave that gorgeous bowl sitting there. It will be fabulous for all sorts of things through the year. I'm the polishing type, so first I'd polish it. Then for February I'd fill it with candy ~ buys some bags of conversation hearts. $ Tree has them a $1 a bag. Or you could fill it with some collection you have. I have a friend who fills a bowl with her collection of silver baby cups. Hydrangeas, tried or otherwise, moss covered balls, ornaments, . . . the list goes on and on. You'll have fun with this one.
    My Traditional Home arrived yesterday. There is a photo of a beautiful antique chest with painted panels like your latest project. Thought of you first thing. It's as if you were recreating this piece. See, you are always on the cutting edge! ;-)
    Enjoy your new found warmth. We've been enjoying it the past few days. Feels great! ~ Sarah

  24. Love your silver and grain sack! My dear, little mother gave me a wonderful silver bowl for Christmas. You've inspired me to get busy and put it together with something special so I can enjoy it more.

  25. How lovely it is and a good thing you picked it up, I don't think it would have been there the next time:) Green apples in it might be striking for summer and you could try polishing then leaving it to tarnish.

    Have a great day...back to painting the hutch!

  26. I would do something very similar to what you have done with it. I like the tarnished look btw. :-)


  27. I love the contrast between the grain sack and silver bowl! I also love unpolished silver. Great find in my book!

  28. What a great find Kim. Looks great on the grain sack runner too. You will find lots of uses for that bowl. I agree, maybe polish it and let it tarnish.
    I found the deal of the century too. 12 place settings, plus 7 serving pieces of silverplate for, are you ready?
    $99! OMG, I couldn't pay and get out of the consignment store fast enough. Gary and I looked it up on Ebay and priced it way over 700 dollars. You just gave me the idea to blog about it!

  29. Love the bowl. Would you believe I found one almost exactly like it at GW yesterday? I didn't buy it, because, well I'm moving and all that. I was just taking myself out of the house, away from all the tidiness, away from staring at the phone (had my cell for the baby call), & just basically needing a change of scenery. I wandered in & out of Michael's, Tuesday Morning & then over to GW and walked away from all of them empty-handed. It was a real test of my will-power. Good to know you got the great bowl. I like what you have in yours. If I had gotten one, I would probably fill it with some of those sparkly red hearts or heart ornaments that are all over the stores. I might do potpourri, or fill it with fresh lemons or limes. Endless possibilities. Have fun being outside.

  30. Awesome bowl Kim!!~ You are right modge stinks...I actually water mine down a bit. Have a great weekend!!~

  31. Kim the bowl is gorgeous! You the decorator Queen will find the perfect place for it. Love the silver with the burlap. Thanks for joining JFF. hugs, Linda

  32. You must polish the darling girl and then fill it with soap and towels in the bathroom.

  33. great find, love the look with the burlap.

  34. I have one that I have all my vintage beaded fruit in... I showed it a while back on my blog. I think they were punch bowls? Love it and glad you got it. You would have kicked yourself if you came home without it!

  35. Kim, LOVE your Revere bowl. It's a gorgeous and useful size.and such a classic style. I have three in smaller sizes, one with a clear liner to use for dips, etc. The others I use to hold small "treasures". Now you have me wanting a large one... thanks a lot Kim!!!
    Seriously, thanks for all your inspiration and sharing your new found treasures with us.

  36. I love the shape of your footed silver bowl and WHAT A STEAL! I sometimes struggle, like you, on whether to polish it or not. Since it is so streaked, I would tend to polish it and let it tarnish more evenly.

    I have lots of wood bowls, woven basket bowls and a few in metals. Since deep bowls require a lot of filling, I sometimes put a filler (packing peanuts, crumbled newspaper, etc.) on the bottom and then I add a covering of moss. I will often fill with things like flowers, fruits, nuts, pine cones, etc. Sometimes, I just leave them empty and appreciate the clean simple lines.

    No matter what you do, $18 for a beautiful footed silver bowl is a treasure you will be glad you bought.

  37. I came back by to take another look at the painting process.

    I cannot wait to get out and do some junkin'. We have had a brief reprieve from winter, but oh my, it is threatening to come back with a vengence, next week!

    I love the silver and the grain sacks. I need to start looking around here for grain sacks!

  38. I would suggest to use the punchbowl as a "bowl of curiosities". I put photos of my family and trasures that remind us of times we shared....the duck feather from the pond, the pebbles Gracie loves to collect, the pinecone we found on a walk, the button that fell off of Gracie's favorite dress when she was three yaers old. It makes a great conversation piece and a trip down Memory Lane!

  39. Kim,

    I love, love your silver bowl! I actually picked up a little silver dish today that I will share soon. I got it at an antique shop for $4.50. It's dated 1954 and is Reed and Barton. I thought that was a pretty good buy.

    You got a great deal on the bowl!
    It looks gorgeous as is!!

    I'm loving this warm weather today too! It's GREATTTTTT!!!


  40. Love love love the bowl as is! I love old finds and the personality they bring, I actually have two silver goblets sitting on my mantle with big pinecones sitting on top and they are all tarnished! If I have that charming bowl I would put hygengeras (???) in it.

    You must be in Texas or somewhere close! Its 70 today too!!! Your blog is full of Southern Goodness, you have a new follower.

    Check out my blog and comfy southern style!

  41. Great find! What a deal. For me I like polished silver. I guess it is a generational thing. I notice the younger folks seem to like the tarnished look. I don't seem to like the feel of the piece when it is tarnished. It really does look very nice on your table.
    The revere bowl has so many uses. I have put glass gems in them with candles. Fruit is pretty and I love them just standing alone, it is so classic.
    Hugs, Ginger

  42. Hi Kimmie! Our pretty! Your bowl looks wonderful on your sack and the fruit in it is pretty too.
    Well, I guess I'd go get an entire now chopped pineapple and poke it in the center and then fill the edges up with apples! :) I really don't know.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  43. Hi Kim,
    I love the silver bowl and the grain sack. Perfect pair for a lovely centerpiece.
    I have a huge silver bowl and platter in my booth that I have filled with the brown paper grass. I then added the book bundles that I made and it looks wonderful.
    I'm sure that whatever you fill it with, it will look perfect.


  44. Wow that is huge and you did the perfect thing with it. I just came home from garage saleing today with silver too, but not that big! Wish I had you here to show me what to do with my new finds.

  45. Love it, great idea! Beautiful display, too! XO~Liz

  46. I think it would look great if you decide to polish it - but I agree about leaving it. I love the antique tarnished look, it adds more character!

  47. Kim, I new when I read the title of your post that I was going to love it, and I wasn't wrong. I love the mixture of the silver with the grain sack. Thanks so much for sharing this for Favorite Things Sat. laurie