Oak Ridge Revival


One thing I love about hosting the linky party weekly is I get to find new blogs and meet new bloggers. This week Andrea from Oak Ridge Revival linked her beautiful bedroom. I then started snooping around her blog and I just had to share it. Her home is just beautiful. She just started blogging in January and you will love what you see.

Isn't this room just gorgeous. She and her husband have done extensive renovations to their home.

Here is the before. They tore out down to the studs and changed the layout. I will let you check it out when you visit her blog.

This is their bathroom that used to be a bedroom.

 Oh, how I love her tub!

She has such beautiful furnishings throughout.

This is one gorgeous kitchen.

Awesome mudroom.

I just love a room with matching twin beds.

I hope you will pop over and visit Andrea's blog Oak Ridge Revival.
Get you something to drink and a comfy spot. You may be here awhile.

Thanks Andrea for letting me feature your blog.

Have a super weekend,


Watching the news this morning about the Tsunami, I sure hope our west coast friends will be o.k.!


  1. Gorgeous home! Thanks for the link! I hope you have a great weekend!

    ~Ricki Jill

  2. You know how I love a good revival story! Thanks, Kim!

  3. That is so gorgeous!! You have inspired me to keep on working
    on my house ~ I am kind of in a lull right now for some reason ~


  4. Kim, you are awesome! Thanks so much for featuring my blog and thanks to all of those that stop by to visit!

  5. Kim,Andrea's blog is very nice and her kitchen it to die for, will go over and check her out


  6. Kim, this is new to me and I love it. Great, more distractions :) Praying for the earthquake and Tsunami victims.

  7. So dreamy! Can't wait to go check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh WOW, what a gorgeous home!

  9. love her home!
    Hi Kim, I tried adding your button to my rolling "parties" but it threw off my left column on my 3 column blog(for some reason?). I'll just add your button to my post, thx for hosting the party!

  10. What a beautiful home, thanks for sharing Kim. Going over to ck it out.

  11. That is a very gorgeous kitchen, id love to me sat round that island sipping a latte & chatting with friends & I adore the bathroom

  12. Oh, the kithcen and bath--swoon...I'm heading over to check out more!

  13. Andrea has a gorgeous home...love that kitchen. We have the same bathtub but I wish I had all that room!

    Thanks for the link, Kim!


  14. Thanks for sharing this blog with us. I'm on my way to pay a visit now.

  15. I will go check it out right now! I have a long day ahead with the kids-we're trapped in our home due to the tsunami warning. ugh! In 64 there was a big tsunami here and we're in a prime wave spot due to our inlet. I'm staying high and dry, and blogging and sewing today =P

  16. Thanks for introducing me to Andrea! My best part of link parties is finding other great blogs to read!! Have a great weekend.
    The quake and tsumani is devastating, I dont even want to think about it.

  17. Great home ... Kitchen is something so beautiful... And I love her grey love seat...
    Happy spring time
    … Hope you like to pay a visit to my new spring arrangement saved in a cloche

  18. OK, I'm painfully jealous, thanks for pointing our this great site.

  19. What a gorgeous house! Thanks for sharing ! I'll be stopping by her blog soon.

  20. I love her kitchen and mud room.. Great renovation. I'm headed to her blog right now. Thanks.

  21. What you have shown is beautiful so I will go check out her blog! Thanks, Kim!!!!

  22. Beautiful home! Thanks for sharing, Becca

  23. Oh that shower!!
    Heading over now for a look see!

  24. Hi Kim,
    Her home is so lovely. I'm in love with her bathroom and that tub!!!

    Thanks for sharing and I'll go visit her now.


  25. I love her home too Kim!! Thanks for featuring her blog and introducing it to those who may not know it yet- is just gorgeous!! Hugs, Courtney

  26. What a beautiful home! I can't wait to check out her blog, thanks so much for the introduction!

    Kat :)

  27. Gorgeous home Kim!!

    We had warnings all morning here on the Island by our local news. Thank goodness it didn't come our way just heavy wind and rain! Scary to think we are right across from Japan.

    Have a great weekend!

  28. What a beautiful blog to feature, Kim. She has a beautiful home and I enjoyed all the pictures...Christine

  29. Great blog, Kim. I will pop over and check it out in depth. Hope you have a great weekend. Hope the babysitting is gonna work out long term for you. Diana

  30. Hi Kim~ Stopping back by to say thank you for sharing this at my party~just wondering though...it says' recipe binder all sizes' in the description for link up- it's number 148 at my party... Of course, this is a beautiful home post~ I am just wondering if that link is yours or if something is goofed up with the party? Hugs, Courtney

  31. Another great home!..thanks for sharing. I just love what people are doing and where they are putting vintage looking crystal chandeliers. I cannot convince the husband that I need to put a few around this old house! As if he should have say!!??...

  32. Another great home!..thanks for sharing. I just love what people are doing and where they are putting vintage looking crystal chandeliers. I cannot convince the husband that I need to put a few around this old house! As if he should have say!!??...

  33. Kim, I love the bathroom. What a gorgeous home.