Old Chippy Timeworn Look


I am going to give you the steps of how I created this chippy timeworn patina to these cheap corbels from Home Goods.

Let's start at the beginning. This is how they looked before I got started.

First thing I did was clean them good with Krud Kutter or you can use another brand like TSP. This gets all the grime off and cuts the shine. Then I brushed on white paint using Sherwin Williams creamy.

Next I used Alexandria Beige by Benjamin Moore mixed in Sherwin Williams paint. I dry brushed this on to give the look of wood. I originally was just going to make these look like wood, but I kept on going.

Third paint color is silvermist by Sherwin Williams and I just dry brushed this on in several spots. It is the gray looking color.

Fourth color is a by Decor Art. I used Elegant Finish metallic glaze in Renaissance Brown just dabbed on in spots that you can see here. Fifth color is Valspar Glaze in Mocha brushed all over this and then I wiped a lot of it back off. 

Here is where I didn't leave it alone. It was fine, but I wanted it to really look like a French antique piece from many years ago. I dabbed globs of spackling paste all over and let it dry over night. I got this idea from my friend Sherry at No Minimalist Here blog when she did this to a pair of candlesticks and I loved the look.

After the spackling was dry I mixed the color Seal(black) by SW with glaze and brushed it all over to age this and then dabbed some back off not to rub the spackle off.

Next was some rub in buff in Patina added with my finger in a few spots. Patina is the aqua colored spots. Then I decided to put a few spots of gold back to make it look like it used to be that color long time ago and was showing through the aged layers. I used  some gold metallic paint in a little tiny model paint bottle and a little brush and brushed it on in a few places.

I hope you try this some time. It was a fun project to do and I love how they turned out.
Let me know if you try this. I would love to see it.

Well, on another subject. We have been out of town this weekend and thank goodness I brought my
lap top with me. My emailed has been hacked. I think that I have corrected this situation, but my blog has been messing up, too. I don't see my followers and don't know how to get it back on the page. If
anyone knows please tell me. We will be leaving to go home shortly, but you can tell me in my comments or by email. Please Help!!

O.K. y'all say you can see my followers on here and I can't for some reason. I will relax now!

Have a great day!


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  1. Hi Kim, Love that project! I remember Sherri's candlesticks well.
    I do see your followers listed. Blogger has been acting wonky at best lately....that is horrible that your email was hacked!
    Things appear to be ok, except blogger is still not loading thumbnails. I had to remove my signature so my next post will not load showing it...argh.

  2. Thanks for the tips on this technique! I'd really like to try it! Turned out great. Wish I could help with the blog issues. I'm not that savvy! :)

  3. Hey again...I am going to get some Valspar glaze today and see what I can do with it! Also...make sure and enter my thank you give away. I think the gifts would look lovely somewhere in your home. ~Ann

  4. I have a couple of those bright corbels that could use this treatment. I like how yours turned out Kim.

  5. Hi Kim..that is fantastic. Your blog is OK on our end I see your followers here on the right. Enjoy the trip. That happened to me once since blogging. I had to change my password. I even changed my email account.

  6. Love the corbel, great job on the coloring treatment. I have a few and have trouble with what to put on top of them. I like yours with just the plate above.

    I am getting some weird anonymous posts. I might put word verification on just in case. Or should I just send them to spam?

  7. Kim,

    Your corbels look beautiful. I have a gold one that I picked up at a garage sale last spring for 3 bucks that I've never done anything with because I didn't know what would look nice above it.... You've inspired me! I love the look of the decorative plate and you don't have to worry about something getting knocked off...

  8. Love the step by step here! I totally have one of these sitting in my basement, ugly and gold...but with too much potential to throw away. Thanks for the remind.
    OH! and I finally have a new blog post up. And one you certainly will be interested in :)

  9. Hi Kim...

    My friend, your decorative shelf turned out sooo pretty! You know, I seen Sherry's projects using this technique...just looks awesome! Of course, I think that the real "aged" look came by all the beautiful layers of paint that you used! Magnificent, my friend! Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial with us! One of these days I am going to give this special technique a try!

    Well my dear friend, I sure hope that you're having fun this weekend (on your trip out of town)! I wanted to let you know that I was having the same problems with my list of blog follows...yesterday! But it seems to be working fine today! I think that blogger was having a glitch!

    Have a super Sunday, dear friend!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  10. I see your followers on your blog. Yay! You shouldn't have to worry about that being gone. I know you worked hard to get those! Hope you're having fun on your mini vacay. Did you escape the rain? Yesterday was ugly!

  11. Kim- Isn't it amazing what you can do with paint? And you, my friend, are a master at it! Love it...and I assume there is a pair of them?

    One of the worst mistakes I used to make was when I got something to where I thought it looked REALLY GOOD...I would think..okay..ONE MORE coat (or color drybrushed on) and do it and regret it because it would change the whole look that I wanted. I have had a few of those flops in the past! lol

    Another great job, Kim...and a nice tutorial to go along with it!;>) Diana

  12. thanks for sharing your technique, they turned out great.

  13. beautiful job.. love the way it turned out. like how you hung the little plate above it. i have a few of these in my home but they are wood and i have candles on them i love the way they look

  14. They look great Kim! I love the effect the spackling gives, I am going to try it on a pair of brass sconces I have in my living room. Hope you solved your computer problem. Martina

  15. Maybe I'll get the courage to try a paint project sometime soon. I'm more comfortable with decoupage. I'm so sorry this happened when you should have been able to relax and enjoy yourself!

  16. Kim, they look terrific. You make it seem so easy, but I know this takes talent and a good eye. You are amazing! ~ sarah

  17. I love this. Makes you realize you can transform almost anything. It looks lovely with the plate.

  18. Awesomeness. I have vast amounts of spackle here from painting rooms and who doesn't have some gold piece to touch up? What has happened to the thumbnails on the blog rolls?

  19. Hi Kim, love that project -- what a beautiful result! The spackle is an especially nice touch.

  20. Kim ficou lindo demais!! Parabéns! Fiquei animada em fazer, mais me falta tempo! Espero que consiga resolver o problema em seu Blog! Mil beijos, Virginia.

  21. I love this project, Kim. All the layers really add to that old worn look, I love it!

    Hope your blog problems are over.


  22. I really think you've crossed the line into professional with this project. All those layers and it turned out gorgeous. Time to start writing your book!

    Sorry about the email. I hope you get things straightened out soon. It is so frustrating when things go wrong!

  23. VERY cool finish. LOVE it! I'm really sorry about the email stuff...totally stinks. We've had plenty going on this week with the site move, too, so I feel your pain. Have a great one,

  24. Hi Kim~ Blogger has been kind of crazy lately- but I do see your followers and your blog is showing up normally. Sorry about your email too. The corbel looks amazing Kim- it's beautiful! :)

  25. I love this look they do look old with that spackle on them

  26. That corbel looks soo much better. I would normally pass on anything with that finish, but not anymore! Oh, and that yellow ceiling in your dining, love it!

  27. Hey, Kim. Sorry about the e-mail and blogger issues!! That is SO frustrating1 Hope things are resolved soon.

    Your tutorial was excellent. You are a wonderful teacher!

  28. Hi Kim, I have almost the same gold wall plate holders( I named them that!). I draped faux grapes on them above our living room couch. Your idea is great too and I think I will look for decor plates of that look. Thank you and love the end result, Emelia.

  29. Hi Kim,
    True treasures! I admire the artistic patience you have to achieve just right look of your vision. Peggy

  30. So beautiful! I can't wait to try this out!

  31. Love the finish!... a lot of steps but well worth it, great job!