My Rooster with a Twist


This morning I showed you the expensive paper mache roosters from the Ballard Designs catalog and website. I teased you with my rooster that really wasn't finished. First I did just cover my large rooster in old book pages, but then I had an idea pop in my head again to take it a little further.

 Are you ready?

Are you?

Wait for it......

 Ta Da! Do you love it?
You want one don'tcha?
Well, this chick (excuse the pun) isn't making another one right now. This was kind of tedious and messy. This took me two days on and off.

The other side.

When Mr. Savvy came in the other day and saw it and loved it. Now that is quite something for that man
to say anything about a rooster!!

  I used old book pages applied with mod podge and then I used some paper napkins that I purchased at Tuesday morning a few weeks ago for the vegetable pictures also applied with mod podge.

Then I carried him around the house to see where he fits best. Not here. Blends in with the background too much.

Nope, this won't do at all. He kind of doesn't go with my equestrian room.
Ignore the aluminum foil on the back of the sofa. Keeps Bailey off there. Don't want these cushions permanently  flattened.

Works pretty good here when I am ready for a change.

Sun room is a possibility.

Even on this other table in the sun room would work. Oh, that little rooster? That is his little brother.

He is actually the first one I made with just the pages at first and then I added these paper napkin 
flowers to it. He started out as a brown resin rooster.

In the end he is staying in the breakfast room for now.
 I purchased this giant sized rooster from Pier One several years ago. Last year I spray painted him blue and placed him outside on the deck. Now he is back inside in his new outfit.
Now that is what I call recycling.

I hope everyone has a glorious Easter weekend!


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  1. Kim Kim KIM!!!

    Pages were a cute idea, pages PLUS napkins = great idea!!!

    Love it!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  2. I do, I do, I do LOVE it!

  3. Wow amazing. Your rooster looks better than Ballards any day.I'll have to keep my eye out to see if they come to Canada.

  4. LOVE the rooster, he's wonderful. Wishing you a blessed Easter also.

    Have a God Filled Day

  5. This guy looks good everywhere he goes!

  6. Wow you beat Ballards!!!

  7. That is so dang adorable! Love it! very clever.

  8. Hi Kim,
    You're making me like roosters! He's really cute!
    I'm afraid of real life chickens and roosters after being chased by them when I was a little girl! LOL!

    He and his little brother looks right at home.

    Hugs and Happy Easter.


  9. Oh gosh that is so cute Kim! I really loved him with all your colors in the sunroom! But he is cute wherever you put him!
    Have a Happy Easter!!~

  10. that's just adorable and it goes perfectly, everywhere :)

  11. What a fantastic job,looks so good you could also put clear crackle paint over him and that gives a nice effect-love dee

  12. I adore roosters. Your roosters are just too cute to be true!!

  13. So cute!! and I have two roosters that don't match my decor anymore just sitting up in a closet that I didn't want to get rid of... the wheels are turning!:) thanks for sharing!

  14. Your roosters are too cute! We're giving away a rooster on our blog this week. Come on over!

  15. Congratulations on creating something to crow about...he's adorable!

  16. Wow Kim those are great! very cool. just watch they'll show up on PB .

  17. I loved him in the sunroom against the green wall. Totally love the pop of color. I too spotted those in Ballards & was thinking what a cute idea. I would choose yours over theirs.

    Happy Easter.

  18. He's one fun rooster!


  19. Whoot whoot, loved before, love it even more!

  20. Dear Kim,

    What an idea!! Love it so much and thanks for sharing.

    Btw, i wish to join u for the wows wednesday and hope my dream will come true one day.

  21. They are wonderful! I love the pop of color you added...

  22. Hi Kim-
    I like your twist - makes it all yours.
    My best- Diane

  23. Holy cow...or should that be holy rooster?!

    Ballard's is going to be knocking at your door for the rights to this. Too amazingly cute!

    You never cease to amaze us!

  24. I gotta say that is pretty darn cute!!! Very clever......I see a lot of possibilities here!!! hugs...cleo

  25. It's a "clucker"...great work and love the napkins you chose to use! So colorful! Love, love, love it! Thanx for sharing...Tiff from The Cranky Queen

  26. I love what you did with both roosters! Very I'm looking around my house thinking what can I mod podge?

  27. Very cute, Kim! I love that you were able to do something even more creative then Ballard!


  28. another idea will be borrowed a lot!!

  29. I have to tell you, I was skeptical at first. I just loved the blue rooster, but the napkins really made it super, super, super cute! I am in love! He is perfect now!

  30. what a fantastic idea he looks awsome just in time for the easter parade.Yours is by far better then balards have a happt Easter to you and yours:)

  31. Kin, guess you know if you went into an art gallery and spied this you would have to empty your purse pockets.
    This is very clever, and sounds like you did it on the cheap, although you'd never know to look at mr. cock a doodle do. Now you need to please post a how to for all of us who want our own. I love him!
    Happy Easter....

    The French Hutch

  32. How cute! You are very clever Kim! I think he looks great in your sunroom.

    I am going try your trick of using foil on the back of my sofa. One of my cats is destroying the shape of one of the back pillows. I can hear my son now...

    I hope you have a Happy Easter!

    ~ Tracy

  33. You totally beat Ballard's!!! Yours are the best, love the vegies.

  34. Kim,
    That is super cute! I love the veggies on it and the book pages. He is really cute beside his little brother. LOL Looks perfect on your table. Have a lovely Easter! Thanks for linking it up!

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  36. it looks so cute. looks as if the rooster is made up of fruits if you focus on them

    Swiss Fun Holidays

  37. Hi Kim, I love the rooster! It looks so adorable.Happy Easter to you, and your family.


  38. OMG! I love it! Very clever!

  39. You never cease to amaze me with what you come up with as projects! Love your rooster better than the original. I think it is the napkins that are making it for me!!

  40. The rooster turned out fabulous! I love the patterns you chose.


  41. oh they turned out very well! great job! you have a great blog! glad i found you :)

  42. Ah! This is so cute. Have a lovely weekend!

  43. Kim!!!! That is the most ingenious thing I have ever seen! So creative to put your own spin on it like that. Love, love, love it!! Hope you are doing well:-) Working on the CD has kept me away from blogging much but I have missed saying hi!!

  44. It turned out perfectly! I may even like yours better than the Ballard ones, particularly for your house with all those colors in it! Great job!!

  45. Very cute and clever but he needs a name...
    maybe a "name the rooster" contest :)

    Have a blessed Easter

    Cindi @ Rustique Art

  46. I'm cracking up at you, Kim! It takes you 2 days to *do* a rooster & you call it messy yet you can sand, distress, base coat, paint, distress again, wax & or varnish an entire room of furniture & think its fun! LOL You are one crazy lady & I LOVE the look! I love how you're not afraid to tackle anything & change is your middle name.
    "Hello, my name is Kim Change N_____ and I'm a paintaholic!" LOL

    Love what you do, Lady...wish I could, too.
    Happy Easter to you & the whole family including Bailey.

    Bunny Hugs,

  47. That is just as cute as can be, Kim! I so wanted you to delve back into the decoupage, and you did! Love the rooster!

  48. You are brilliant!!!
    He is so darn cute.
    You need to take him to the Martha show or to go see Nate. This idea is Fabulous!!!! (With a capital F)!!!

    Love it.

  49. same here: Kim, kim, kim! You always come up with great ideas and you display it beautifully! It looks great everywhere! Verbena Cottage

  50. Your little rooster and his little brother turned out darling Kim~ such a sweet idea! Thanks for sharing at my party~have a Happy Easter! :)

  51. Kim...he really perked up with the creative. The possibilities are endless......

  52. Such a great idea! I like your one better. Happy Easter. xx

  53. OMG, Kim, your rooster is fantastic! I'll admit that I wasn't getting the newspaper print, but adding the veggies made it so cool and fun! xo Delores

  54. You are too much girl....why couldn't I get just an ounce of your creativity! Love, love, love it!

  55. So amazing Kim! Love the colors and this whole post just put a smile on my face. :-) Thanks for sharing it at Inspiration Friday!

  56. Oh my gosh Kim, I laughed all through the rooster post! You need to give him a name!! Thanks for making my day!!!