It's Party Time


The summer blockg party is finally here. First up is my friend Debbie to kick this shindig off sharing our summer paint projects. At first I thought hmmmm what paint project can I share. I was going to just share the wicker chairs that I just painted and then I remembered that I painted the deck for my part of the party. duh!

It was in such sad shape and it looked fine last year.

Peeling and faded. ewwww

So there was lots of scraping and sanding.

Much better. Would love to replace with Trex decking when we can. No more painting.

This is the only before picture I could find of the red wicker chair I painted. As many sun room pictures I have taken this is the only one of the chair while still red.

So much better white.

It took three cans of spray paint to cover all the red. It kept looking pink.

I like having this chair right inside the door from the deck so I can grab it for extra seating which is what I will do for the deck and porch party Tuesday night. Do you see something on the floor to the right of the chair? Look closely.

Look who it is. We were outside and it is so darn hot. She just collapsed on the cool floor.

Now you will have to wait till my party time to see the whole deck put together.
Hope to see you then.

Be sure and check out the summer paint projects at Debbiedoos and join in the party. Lots of cool prizes for those who link up!
Hope you join me on Tuesday night to share your summer decks and porches. New or old post is fine.
 This will be in place of the wow us Wednesdays party this week.

Have a super week!


This post is on automatic until I get home from a short much needed trip out of town. Did you miss me? I will be home later tonight.

Between Naps on the Porch for Met. Monday


  1. Looks great Kim! I really like the chair white, what a pain in the butt though, wicker is not easy to cover. I will link you up as soon as I can. Party is not starting yet. Hope you are having fun!

  2. Hi Kim, Love the chair and love the pillow!!

  3. Hi Kim,
    Your deck looks great! Love the red chair turned white, (wicker is so hard to paint)!

    Love that gorgeous imaged pillow.


  4. You could doll anything up with paint, Kim! I won't hardly go near the stuff. But you're a master at it.

  5. looks spectacular and so inviting

  6. Your deck and chair look great! I recommend the Trex if you ever re-do the deck, it's so easy to maintain. We just hose it off, or sometimes I use a floor brush to wash any areas that get dirty from leaves and such. Hope you had a nice break.

  7. Love the chair painted white Kim! Deck is looking great too. Can't wait to see the reveal.

  8. Gurl, I am one big FAN of yours. I've got to set aside some time to come back and peruse through ALL your posts. I love your style!! I leave here feeling inspired (and a little over-whelmed) by the things I see. You're a real "find" for me!!

  9. Can't wait to see your deck, Kim!
    Hope you had fun on your trip away from home.

  10. Kim the deck turned out fabulous. I know what a big job that was. The hubby and I are thinking of redoing our deck next spring and using Trex, nothing like no maintenance!! Love the chair white too! Hope Mr. Savvy had a wonderful Fathers day! Martina

  11. The deck looks wonderful and I agree, the wicker chair is so much better white. Looks fabulous. I am all ready to link up. Hugs, Marty

  12. I have 4 of the same chair around my kitchen table. They could use a spray too. My three Yorkies look just like your pretty baby! So there you have it...more chairs and more Yorkies!! LOL!

  13. Hi Kim, your deck looks great. We have the same exact thing going on at our new house. It going to have to wait until next year since there are so many other projects we are working on. Glad you got yours done. It looks new again,

  14. oh wow-- that chair looks great painted white... love it lots better.


  15. It looks great! I like that you kept a few pops of that beautiful red though. Gorgeous.

  16. Painting wicker always takes more paint than you the new look. Where did you get the pillow?
    Your poor little doggie...hope she recovered once she hit the AC!

  17. The deck and chair both looks fab! I sympathize with your puppy. It's 104 here again today
    (4-5 days in a row now) and I feel about the same way!

  18. THE DECK LOOKS GREAT! Im working on my deck as well i know how hard it is. our deck is about 13x16 and we ripped up the floor of it and are in the process of putting down trex planks but we are keeping the wood railing. at least i wont have to paint the flooring. i have to remember to take a before pic.

  19. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the deck - you have already done a lot of work. Scraping and painting is not easy.
    Your sweet furbaby has the right idea - stay in where it is cool. :D
    Have a great week.

  20. Can't wait to see it all together!!! I know I'll wish I were there sipping an iced tea and visiting! blessings ~ tanna

  21. Kim, love the chair and the pillows, and Yes I missed you...hope you had a good time.


  22. Your deck looks great, all ready for summer living. And I agree the chair is better in white, nice and fresh!

  23. Your deck & chair look great! The chair is pretty in white & I love the cute cushion & pillow.

  24. Can't wait to see the whole thing!

  25. I know painting was a pain but the deck looks great! I like the wicker chair, classic!

  26. Hi Kim,

    I can't wait to see your finished deck! Your sweet dog is that sweet....

    I had white wicker furniture and decided to paint it chocolate brown. It did take many coats.


  27. Hi Kim, love that chair and pillow. As always beautifully done.

  28. the porch looks awesome Kim! I have to do this very same thing in not long. Love the chair, ya know if it continued to "look pink" u coulda just sent it to me....LOL..................Bonnie

  29. Your deck and chair look wonderful Kim! I love the new look, and the chair pad and all, very classy!

  30. A white wicker chair just says "porch" to me, Kim! It looks great and I can believe you did three coats to cover the red. I'm glad you kept at it as it looks wonderful!

  31. So inviting! When's the next porch party at your house!? I'll bring the lemonade.

  32. You find the best pillows!!...

    Where'd ya go?

  33. Come paint my deck! Mine needs it but it has been over 100 degrees every day for three weeks and I can't imagine getting out there and painting in that!

  34. I am sooo impressed that you got the red covered by white. That took determination!

    I hope you stained the deck with something that will last a few years. That is also a mjor project to take on.

  35. Just spray painted a red basket white for one or our daughters and it took almost two cans, red is hard to cover. I like the white the best, looking forward to seeing the entire deck.

  36. Oh Kim everything is so wonderful. I am so ready to get busy this summer now. Thanks for the inspiration!


  37. What a job, it looks great! We say the same thing, the next deck will not be wood!!!

  38. Your deck turned out great Kim. We are in the process of power washing and staining our deck at the lake. It is huge ~ stretches across the entire back of the house, so I know it is not a fun job. The results are worth it though.
    Have a great day.

  39. there is nothing like white wicker ... I've had it for years on my porch but just switched out my spray paint to high gloss black!

    ...starting to post the Fox River Cottage wedding previews ... you might enjoy

  40. Your deck is looking the white chair but I also liked it red...good luck with all of your projects in this heat...and humidity!!!
    Have a beautiful week!!!

  41. The chair looks great white. Red is SOOO hard to cover up, isn't it? Hope you had a good little out-of-town jaunt. We were gone this weekend too! xoDiana

  42. Hello Kim,

    I love the chair's new look. Your determination certainly paid off. Your deck looks great too. That is one of the items on my project list. I need to replace the front deck and I figure while I am at it, I will extend it and add some rails to it.

    I hope you have a fabulous week!

    ~ Tracy

  43. OK I love this look, fresh and clean!!! I too would love to replace my deck with Trex but its not in the cards this summer.
    Love the wicker chair too, one of my favorite textures.
    Can't wait for your party too, this has been a lot of fun and a great way to get to know people out there in blog land:O)

  44. Your wicker chair looks great. I love what a difference a can of spray paint makes. I painted a wicker chair this summer too. :)

  45. Kim the white wicker chair looks amazing! The pillows really add to the whole look too. Love it by the door. Good thinking!!

  46. I thought that the red wicker chair was just darling. (I have one I painted red in my living room). Then I saw your white one. I love it too! Staining decks are a heck of alot of work. We did it plenty at our Highland home. Our new home has a Trex deck, but it is small. Love that dog, she is so dang cute! Enjoy your get-away!

  47. Great job on the chair! Love it all.