Really Worn


I finished the old round stool yesterday. I have all this chalk paint left over because the stuff keeps on giving and giving and giving. I had read that you can mix colors to come up with a new color so that is what I did. I mixed the Chateau Gray with Old White in equal parts and the color came up as a very soft green since the Chateau Gray has a lot of green in it. I actually used an ice cream scoop to measure with. One scoop of each color was plenty to do this stool.

You are probably getting tired of me taking pictures in this spot, but the light is really good in here and it is going in the kitchen anyway. Oh, do you like my new rug. I ordered another Dash & Albert rug from since the shipping is free. I am in no way compensated for saying that. Just sharing the info. This photo of the stool is before waxing it.

This shows the color the best. Of course I heavily distressed this piece so it would look really worn.

I painted the whole seat in Old Violet then in the gray and white mix and sanded like crazy. I then stenciled 22 in the center with Old White. 22 is our wedding date.

I then sanded heavily over the 22 after I stenciled it.

This is before the wax was applied.

This is after the wax. You can see how the wax deepens the color.

 I waxed with a dark oak wax and I love the way it settled in the cracks. I also waxed the whole stool with clear wax and then buffed to a shine.

Then I said to myself, "self, where is it going?"

So I moved my little bamboo and wicker table that was here and placed the stool here and stuck my fern in the basket.

I moved the table over here at the end of the island with my seldom used cook books.

Then I decided the fern need to be closer to some sunlight so I put my cookbooks in the basket.

So for now it resides here in this corner.
Total cost for stool: $8

Hope you have a super week!

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  1. Very pretty. I distressing and waxing really add to it. I would love to try chalk paint some day. For now I just finished up two pieces with regular paint on hand, a night table and blanket box.

  2. Love the stool Kim and he table at the end if of the island! I really need to squeeze in some projects this week.

  3. Kim,

    I have been really tempted lately to try the chalk paint but I have never really painted any furniture before. The previous owners of our home left a large dining table that is pretty modern, but it is LARGE. It has two leaves and seats 10-12 when it is fully open. I think the wood is oak and there is a light stain on it. My husband has sanded the top in hopes that we could stain the top and paint the legs a creamy white but the stain is not coming off evenly on top so that is frustrating us a little. We got rid of the modern chairs and I am hoping to find some new chairs that will go with the table and maybe a bench? Anyway, would you use chalk paint on the top of a dining table? Do you think it will hold up? Also, for a large table, do you think one can will be enough?

    Thank you for you help.


  4. Kim, your little stool looks great! I especially love it with the towel hanging over one of the rungs. Awesome!

  5. Love it! The finish goes perfectly with your kitchen! I love how you accessorized it!

  6. It looks great! I'm eager to try my hand with Chalk paint. Just need to find the piece of furniture. ~ sarah

  7. Looks great! I've never redone any furniture, but always wanted to try. I have a headboard I don't like, maybe I should experiment with that!

  8. Kim you truly have a talent for the painting and distressing of wood pieces. Not everyone can get the look you achieve!!! Time for you to go into business!!!You have the gift for knowing just how much to distress and what colors to use, I say go for it, You would do very well at this!!!kathysue

  9. I love it! I have an old stool in the basement and I am feeling inspired.

  10. Wish I had room at the end of my island to do what you did with your wicker stand. Looks great. Love the rug and the towel hanging on the stool. You've got the perfect sense for what looks good. I really think you could do this professionally...have a great week. I hope to join you this week for WUW.

  11. Really cute stool. You did a great job on it. I haven't used any of the wax yet but will try it on my next project. I haven't put anything at all on the SIGN table I just I need to wax it...? and, if so, what wax would I use? I am not sure just what the waxing does..other than deepen the color.
    And, I adore your new rug...

  12. Your little stool with stenciled number turned out so charming...I love it! You have me looking around contemplating what I can paint with chalk paint now!!!! LOL

  13. How neat to use the number of your wedding date! I love your hand towel on there!

  14. Love the stool. It looks fabulous. I do have to say, however; I am a little concerned about your white trash cookbook. Are the recipes good or did you just add it for shock value? LOL!!

  15. LOVE IT Kim!! I need to get my butt in gear and work on a project, this week is crazy with final exams!! Have a great week, Martina

  16. Oh the cuteness! You've done a terrific job. 22 - you remembered my birthday - hoorah! Oh hang on, I've just read it again. Still, a GREAT day to get married.
    Unfortunately I haven't seen chalk pain here in Australia. Hopefully we'll get it soon.
    Now tell me about this "White Trash Cooking"...

  17. It looks just perfect! Some day I will try chalk paint too...I just know it! :)

  18. It looks fabulous. Love the basket also. Everything looks wonderful and the stool turned out great. Hugs, Marty

  19. Wonderful!
    Turned out fantastic...
    I have two oak stools that I'd like to paint! You've inspired me.
    Been debating cause their oak...don't like them the way they are so why not paint them!
    Love the numbers too!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  20. You are so good with these painting techniques!
    Wish we lived close so I could pay you for lessons!
    The stool looks fantastic, Kim.

  21. Love your stool. The paint is wonderful.

    I would love to know about your basket on the stool. Would you mind sharing where you found it?

    Thanks and God bless, Amy

  22. Kim that looks fabulous.You really are great at doing faux finishes.

  23. Love it sure looks good, and love the sentiment number too.

  24. Fabulous, Kim!! Your stool looks great. I have the same Roo, too! The wax made a big difference Thanks for sharing! XO ~Liz

  25. Love your stool and your new rug. You've inspired me to repaint a stool that I have in my kitchen.

  26. Great little project, Kim. That stool will work just about anywhere.

  27. Kim,
    Love the way your stool turned out! I really like color and the distressing. I've never used chalk paint but looks like something I'd like to try.
    Thanks for hosting such a fun party!

  28. Love the stool Kim, I REALLY like the distressing that you did. It looks old. Perfect!

  29. Love it Kim.... I see only one thing wrong with it..... It needs to be in my kitchen.. great job


  30. Love it! and that basket is darling on top! Does the wax seal the paint and what kind of wax is it?


  31. Kim,

    I mentioned your blog in my post today at


  32. PERFECT!!! I love the stool...The basket with books is a great idea...and the tea the finishing touch!

    I went to the Annie Sloan Chalk class this past weekend...I had so much fun and learned a few tricks on how to use the chalk paint...I will post 3 ways to use it...soon...Ill post my practice boards today or tomorrow...:)

  33. Your stool looks great and stools are so versatile!!

  34. Great job on that stool! I'm like you....I move stuff around my house all the time! (Funny cookbook in that basket, I remember reading that about 15 years ago? I checked it out at the library!)

  35. Yes, Meg the wax is what makes the paint durable. Otherwise it would scratch off pretty easily. It is a chalk finish.

  36. Hi Kim - Love that look, that corner. Love the worn stool and the metal basket with liner. You have a gorgeous kitchen!

    P. S. Thanks for commenting, following and joining my giveaway. I'm following you too.

  37. How lovely~ the basket is great!

    If you have a moment, please stop by and enter my giveaway.

    Happy Monday to you.

  38. Kim, everything you do is outstanding. I just wish I had half of your energy. Love your new-old addition. Peggy

  39. You are so cute! I would get exhausted following you around all day.
    I love the iron basket with the burlap and your wicker table. I am trying to find a tiny bookcase for my excess cookbooks. Yours look great in the basket.
    Do you have a painted hubby? I suspect anyone or anything in you house, moving slowly, gets painted. Of course anything you paint looks fab, Just go easy on the distressing of the hubby. LOL
    The stool looks great! Hugs, Ginger

  40. looks most wonderful

  41. Looks awesome Kim!! I especially love the way you show us your thought process as you are decorating. All of the arrangements really looked good!

    I am trying to start a linky party on Mondays for Make a List Mondays. Would love if you could join some time! :)


  42. Surely you must burn loads of calories from painting! It is pretty and I really like the worn look the best.

  43. I am really curious, what kind of dishes are in the White Trash cookbook? Cute stool too.


  44. Wonderful! I like the numbers on the top. Have to tell you I am chuckling over the White Trash Cookbook.

    Can I just move into your house?
    It is sooooooooooo my style!!

    :) Becky

  45. LOVE that stool and the wonderful basket now sitting atop it!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  46. Love it! Cracked up when you were talking about where to put it!!!!

    I got my chalk paint order today from Robyn. Gonna play tomorrow!

  47. So cute. Did you paint your cabinets? If so what are the colors, brand exc? I love them.

  48. Your stool is just darling, I love the way it turned out.
    Hugs, Cindy

  49. The stool looks fantastic. Your finish is beautiful.

  50. I realy like how you painted and distressd this stool...and I especially like the basket with burlap liner - and they look fabulous together!

  51. Well Kim, you KNOW I just love it!! I love that basket too!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Lou Cinda

  52. the color, love the spot you chose :) Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  53. Love how the stool turned out. I really like that basket on top too. You find the coolest stuff. Thanks for linking up to my Mod Mix Monday!