An Atlanta Tradition


Every year on the fourth of July thousands of people run the Peachtree Road race in Atlanta.

Here is some information from
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peachtree Road Race 10K is a 10 kilometer road race held annually in Atlanta, Georgia on July 4, Independence Day. The Peachtree Road Race was until recently the world's largest 10 kilometer race (an estimated 55,000 participants in 2007),[1][2] a title it has held since the late 1970s.[3] The Race's registration of 55,000 was surpassed in April 2008 by the Vancouver Sun Run which had over 59,000 registrants (although the Sun Run is two races, a 10k and a 2.5k; the Peachtree has just one), although it is expected to pass that in 2011 with the new limit.[4] The race has become a city-wide tradition in which over 70,000 amateur and professional runners try to register for one of the limited 60,000 spots. The event also includes a wheelchair race which precedes the footrace. In recent years the race also has a special divisions for soldiers stationed in the Middle East.

 I could not imagine running amongst 60,000 people in the heat and humidity here.

Some folks on the sideline really get in the spirit of the holiday.

I know they have to be happy to see this.

This would be what they would have to do with me.

Yes, the winner is usually not from here. They travel from many countries to run in this.
I guess you have to be a runner to understand that. I just don't get it.

These folks really got in the spirit.

After you cross the finish line you get a t-shirt. Yep, a t-shirt.

Well, I found out yesterday that my daughter and son in law are running in it tomorrow. Well, she said she will probably be walking half of it. I wish them luck!

Anyone out there running in this tomorrow? I will be watching it on t.v. where it is nice and cool.

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  1. Our children are all marathon runners so I understand the exhilaration of this event but also know of its dangers in the heat. I'll pray for a safe run for everyone.

  2. I think that the same guy that runs in the race before the Indy 500 He wins here too...LOL...


  3. Our hospital hosts a big 10K run too that is growing every year. This year we had 22,000 and I thought THAT was a we don't have quite the heat and humidity that you guys have. My daughter runs/walks it and so did Lulu this year.

    That guy that you are showing winning is the same one that won our race at least 3 out of the last 5 years and I think his name is Korir and he travels the world running races and has won quite a lot of money.

    Happy 4th...I wouldn't want to be sweating aweating away out in that heat. I'm with you- where's the TV set and Diet Coke? Hugs- Diana

  4. Whew, hot just thinking about it. I am not a runner, hate it as a matter of fact.Wishing your daughter and son in law luck

  5. I would be watching it on tv also ! :D I saw someone running in the heat recently and he looked like he was about to collapse - guess I don't understand their thinking.
    Hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend.

  6. Hi Kimmie! Congrats to your kids as they run. Mr. Precious is a runner and he runs in the Houston Marathon each year, but that is held in January! It's a bit hot, but those runners are just crazy! :)
    Be a sweetie and have a wonderful weekend.
    Shelia ;)

  7. I used to always be on the sidelines on Peachtree Road with bloody marie's in hand. Yes, bloody maries at like 6am....which makes for a very long 4th. The wheelchair racers are the best part!

  8. Ahhh... this brings back memories! I used to work at the Piedmont Park Conservancy, and we used to serve coffee and bagels at the Visitors Center during this event. Fun times! Good luck to your daughter and son-in-law :)

  9. It always amazes me to see so many runners out!! What a commitment!

    Art by Karena

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  10. That is amazing!!! Thanks so much for sharing those photos...I especially like the ones where folks are "in the spirit" with the red, white, and blue. How many miles is 10 kilometers?

  11. I am with you, just staying inside in the air conditoning. They have huge races here too, but not today thank goodness since it is 113. Hope you have a Happy 4th. Hugs, Marty

  12. Absolutely not my cup of tea, but my sister and her husband do marathons and 1/2 marathons all over. I'd rather dig in the garden.

  13. How fun Kim!! Reminds me of the Bay to Breakers~ there are always people who choose to run a bit uncovered...okay, a lot uncovered. Have no idea why.
    I cannot imagine running in the heat and humidity either... especially when you add all that body heat too! Ugh!

  14. I can't imagine running in that heat and humidity either. What an exciting event though. Have a happy 4th!!

    Susan and Bentley

  15. I can't even stand being in the sun in weather like we've been having! Best wishes for your daughter and son in law!

  16. Oh, Kim! Peachtree was on my bucket-list of runs before my knee gave out on me. I am very excited for your daughter and SIL! I know they will have tons of fun!! Happy Fourth! blessings ~ tanna

  17. Kim, The Peachtree is great. My husband and son ran it for several years. I was a spectator when I didn't have to work but running it is NOT my thing. Neither is standing in the heat and humidity for several hours. I'm such a baby. lol.

  18. Kudos to them all! My daughter is just now getting into races....

  19. A friend and her father both ran in the Peachtree! Congrats to all participators!