My Collections


I love a good party and found out that Suzanne at Privet and Holly is having one to showcase some of our collections. Sometimes I don't think of what I have as collections, but I guess when you have more than a couple it becomes a collection. Most of you have seen these things before, but I wanted to share some of them for the party.

I showed you the vintage olive jar on the left before and I went back to the same store and got this other one that was in the same booth. Figured if it was still there it was meant to come home with me.

I have quite a few of these jars and bottles and am always on the lookout for more.
Looks like I need to get the ladder out and dust these.

Love these old demijohns and I have a couple of vintage grain sacks. Would have more if they weren't so costly.

One of my other favorite collectibles are these vintage Black forest roe deer antlers that I have purchased on ebay from an antiques dealer in Austria.

I have them in all different sizes. 

I also have regular white tail deer antlers. I bought these at a local antique store and then attached them to a plaque from Hobby Lobby that I painted black.

More antler sheds and bottles in this tray in the great room.

Started collecting silver in the last year and a half after seeing your collections in blog land. This is one of my favorite pieces.

More vintage silver and a collections of old wooden spools.

Of course I have been collecting vintage leather books, too. Always looking for more. This is just a few of them.

I have collected a few Staffordshire dishes and these reproduction Staffordshire figurines.

And one of my favorite collections is the English ironstone. I have some authentic pieces and have mixed them with new white ceramic pieces until I have enough authentic to fill the hutch.

All of these pieces are real.

These are a mix. Can you tell the difference?

I hope you are staying cool where you are. 

See you tonight for Wow Us Wednesdays!

Joining Privet and Holly for the collections party.


  1. Kim, your collections are so lovely! I love the black forest deer antlers, too.

    No, cannot tell the ironstone repros in the pics, however I am sure that the ironstone feels much more substantial in person than the fakes.


  2. You have such a knack. Love it all. I have a couple collections going but they won't be good and respectable until the three college tuitions are behind us. In the meantime, I do enjoy sitting alone admiring them and thinking of all the different hands that have held them and lives they have touched. I also hope that after me someone else finds value and intrigue in them as well and doesn't just discard them.

    Always enjoy your posts.

  3. Pretty things. I really love the silver pitcher. I'm still watching for an ice bucket/wine cooler but I want it at a bargain price. I can't believe I use silver all over the place now (after blogging) when I had all the pieces I got back in the 70's stored at my mom's because I hated it. Oh well, we can change our minds!

  4. Beautiful collection... Love your bottle collection... and white ceramic dishes....!!!

  5. Lovely collections.

  6. I LOVE all your collections, Kim...and the beautiful way you display them, too!

  7. i'm a big fan of your collections! esp the antlers which are so dang cool. i'm showing off antlers in my post too!


  8. I am still IN LOVE with those roe deer antlers!!! Love how you mounted the other antlers on the plaque! Great collections, Kim! XO, Pinky PS, am taking some pics to join the party later:):)

  9. Kim, your collections make my heart go "pitty-pat"...SUCH beautiful and interesting items displayed with style.

  10. Kim, the antlers are starting to grow on me. Love your ironstone collection. Well, I guess I love everything in your house. Goes without saying.

  11. Of course my favorite is the English ironstone. How do you know for sure it's authentic? I never tire of seeing your house. Great post.

  12. I would never think of antlers and silver together, but it looks fabulous! Hubby is a hunter... now maybe I will be a bit more excited if he gets a deer this year. :)

  13. I wouldn't think of antlers and silver together either... and that is what makes you so good at what you do!

  14. Kim,
    Your collections are gorgeous! The antlers are fabulous. I love your rich old world style and wonderful collections!

  15. Kim, Love your silver and Staffordshire figures collections. I'd love to actually have a collection of Staffordshire instead of only a couple of pieces. I've been trying to start a collection of old wicker covered bottles...small ones, but not having much luck on ebay or anywhere else. Maybe I should just stick to the things I can find and love, like transferware.

  16. You sure have lovely collections Kim!~

  17. Beautiful collections Kim... especially those vintage olive jars, I just love 'em! And your Staffordshire dishes and figurines are so pretty. Loved how you displayed the English ironstones and silver urns with those spools. You have a beautiful house and that coffee table tray vignette with those bottles and antlers is just perfect for the room. Enjoyed going through your collections. Thanks for sharing this week's awesome features as well especially that painted wall is simply gorgeous... inspiring ideas! Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful evening!~Poppy

  18. Your English ironstone collection is fabulous. You have it beautifully displayed.

    It is interesting when we look around how many collections we have. I have enjoyed watching your collections grow.

  19. Beautiful collections Kim. Love the English ironstone.

  20. Kim, your collections are
    as beautiful and elegant
    as you are. Love, love the
    antlers.....I only have one, so
    can't call it a collection......
    YET : ) Thank you for joining
    my first ever linky party. And
    for the fun peek at what you
    collect !
    xx Suzanne

  21. So many beautiful things. I especially love your china.

    I am coming over from Suzanne's at Privet and Holly.

    Glenda (link #27)

  22. Kim, I love all your collections and you have them displayed beautifully! I don't remember seeing the turtle it.

  23. You have some wonderful collections Kim. I really love all of your white dishes. And that silver pitcher is one of my favorites of yours!

  24. Great collections Kim! And you always know how to think out of the box and do great things with them! :)

  25. Your collections are lovely. I love the antlers and I need some ideas because I keep finding them laying around all sorts of places on the ranch. I love the ironstone, the beautiful silver pitcher, the riding hat, and on and on. I love it all.