Weekend Ramblings


Hope your weekend is going well. We are having the most luscious weather here this weekend. Much cooler nights have already moved in and the highs are only in the seventies during the day. They were calling for lots of clouds, wind and drizzle, but mother nature has changed her course again. We do need rain badly, but drizzle would not have helped. We need daaaaaays of rain.

Did you notice my new header? I just love it. This is one of the pictures used in it.

This is just a little vignette I threw together to show off my new bread board.
I found the lavender at Hobby Lobby for half off and have been wanting some all summer. I bought the last bunch they had. I did not know they carried it or would have had some long before now.

You see, my sister had gotten a bread board like this one and I am such a copy cat.

The potted rosemary came from the grocery store. It was a better deal to buy this whole plant than just the little packaged sprigs. Now I can just snip these off when I cook.

I have been wanting a bread board for quite some time and this one just fits the bill.
I made mine a little darker by rubbing some mineral oil on it. This wood is so dry that the oil should help and mineral oil will not turn rancid like some oils can.
I still want some more bread boards and would love a couple of vintage ones with patina, but they are not cheap.

The return of cooler temps puts me in the mood for soup so I have a big pot of chicken tortilla soup on the stove now. Can't wait to enjoy a bowl.

This Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I have miss Leila coming. I have not kept her three days in a row before and she is crawling very quickly now so I may just be a little worn out this week. I'm certainly not getting any younger. I better go eat some Wheaties and lift some weights.

The credit for my beautiful header goes to Brenda at Cozy Little House. She had done the one before this, too. Brenda is packing up to move to a new little house and I look forward to seeing how she fills her new place and makes it her home.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Kim, you are so lucky to have a sister who enjoys decorating like you do! You aren't a copy cat, you're just inspired by her find, as I'm sure she's been inspired by more than one of yours. Enjoy the soup, and most of all, enjoy your granddaugter!

  2. hope it is a great time- love your pictures, always...

    Karen & Krumpet

  3. I did notice your new header, but I miss Bailey...as I have 2 Yorkies as well.

    Carol in ATL

  4. Since we like the same things, it's only natural to copy each other!! Ha! I love your vignette! I noticed it right away on your new header and thought how pretty it looked. It's so country french with the lavendar and rosemary. Hopefully, Leila won't be too much of a handful. I remember those days of having a toddler and they can definitely keep you on your toes! Soup sounds great tonight. I'll bring the cookies over too.

  5. LOVE the new header, Kim! :)

  6. that soup sounds wonderful.. enjoy every moment with your grandgirl.

  7. Kim I looooove bread boards, cutting boards, I just spent the last half hour getting pictures for a post I am doing on.... You guessed it!! Cutting boards. I would love to use your vignette if it is alright as a great example of how to use a cutting board. Let me know if it is okay!

  8. I love the lavender! I'll have to look and see if they have some here! Enjoy your weekend, my friend! I love your new header! ♥

  9. I love your new header, noticed it right away and was going to ask you how to do it! Oh well, I will see if I can figure it out:) Love the new breadboard too! Good idea to buy a POT of herbs rather than a bunch. I will do that! XO, Pinky

  10. Love your new header...and Brenda did a great job on it. She has sure been through a lot this year!

    You will be tuckered out by the time your pack that baby off home! Trust me- I know! xo Diana

  11. Hi Kim,
    One thing is for certain, if my sister has something then I have to have it too!
    Love your board and the vingette is so pretty.


  12. I love the soft look of autumn and chicken tortilla soup sounds wonderful. I agree the new header is gorgeous.

  13. Kim i love these photos!!!!
    Lavender and rosemary are my favourite!
    As i said before i just love your new header...i can't stop looking at it!
    These bread boards are awesome!

  14. Kim, Your new headers is wonderful and I love your new breadboard!!

  15. I'm so glad you told me what to do with the bread board! I've been looking for one, and the mineral oil will be what I'll grab to rub on it.

  16. Too funny! You sound like my big sister...she just had her 2 year old & 5 mo. old grandkids for 3 days...and now she needs a vacation! ;}

    m ^..^

  17. Great bread board. I love the rosemary and lavender also. Your new header is great. I think Brenda does such a great job. She is so talented. Hugs, Marty

  18. Love the lavender. We are still waiting for a Hobby Lobby in Savannah. Small wonder, since a lot of their mdse comes in throught our port.
    You had better get some rest. Leila, will have you panting by the end of the first day. What fun, I miss little ones. Have a great week. Ginger

  19. New header looks great, I can never keep the same images, I always am creating new collages of my latest favs. The breadboard is great too~

  20. I did notice your header, Kim, and wanted to comment on how much I liked it! I like it! : ) What a great picture that makes with the lavendar, rosemary and your demijohn on the board. A big loaf of French bread is all you need!

    I know what you mean about tiring out. My granddaughter is walking and is all over the place! I have to follow her around because she can be quick and I still have stairs to contend with until we move.

  21. I love the lavender Kim! And your new blog header is beautiful. Have a great week!

  22. I meant to tell you how much I liked your new header when I saw it yesterday. Love your new bread board and the way you displayed it with the other items. This fall weather has caused me to pull out all the fall decorations this weekend. Rest up today before Leila arrives!

  23. Hello~ Darling pictures! I am loving this cooler weather too!

  24. I didn't know about the lavender in Hobby Lobby either...humm, I had trouble finding baby's breath there. Maybe it's just my area. I adore your new banner and love the rustic vignette, it's delightful. We finally got some rain in North Texas and cooler temps but I still look forward to much cooler. Soups are one of our faves too, especially that first pot of chili. Yum! Have fun with your little angel.

  25. Love your bread board. I waited all day at an auction in PA a few years ago to buy one. I didnt know what it was at the time, just that it was so unique looking, I had to have it. I ended up getting it for less than $15, I think. No one else seemed interested. It's vintage with the neatest patina. I have it on my kitchen island with a fall vingette...love it! Loved your old header, but your new one is great too. Enjoy this beautiful weather!

  26. Love the new header!

    You are not a copy cat. You are an inspired imitator!

    I was thrilled to discover Hobby Lobby stocks lavender. I also grabbed the last bunch and at 50% percent off. Good to know!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and the cooler temps. Fall is coming!

    Best regards,
    Darleen~Places In The Home

  27. Love your new header! You need to come up here. The Screen Door always has tons of lavender!

    Love your bread board too. I just ordered some mini single serving breadboards from someone on ETSY and can't wait for them to get here!

  28. I love your new header. I need to take some new photos and make one. Love that bread board and the vignette! Yay for Fall!

  29. Oh I love the new header. I noticed it right away. Love the vignette on the bread board. My favorites in the header are the hutch and the apron shot. Gorgeous snaps!

    The French Hutch

  30. I love all the photos in your new header. Very nice! I need to up date mine one of these days. I am loving the cooler weather too and we could use some rain as well. And I hate paying for herbs when I can grown some of them. Love the smell of Rosemary.