We Have a Winner


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday today with family and friends. We had a good day, but it didn't go off without a hitch. I thought the turkey was done, but it wasn't. Back in the oven it went. Then I thought it was done again. Go to carve it again. Still not done! Pahleeze, get done already! We have hungry people here. Anyway we ate two and a half hours later than planned. All good in the end though. Should have know something wouldn't go right.

And now for the winner of the Pillows by Dezign $65 gift certificate is..............

Heidi of Show Some Decor blog.

Congrats, Heidi! Just send me your email address and I will get it to Brian.

For all of you who did not win Brian is offering you a 15% discount Friday through Sunday. 
Just use the code "savvysouthernstyle" when you check out.

I still have another giveaway going on through Friday HERE. I will announce the winner on Saturday.

Now, I must go finish cleaning up and then I am going to crash. I am exhausted!!!!


  1. Oh, Kim!! That sounds like something we would have happen. LOL! I know it was delicious when it was ready! I FINALLY just did a WOW post. LOL! I was number f264!! You go girl! Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!! and blessings to you and all of yours! tanna

  2. PS Congrats to Heidi!!

  3. Congrats to Heidi...I'll bet you are exhausted...me too! Have a great day tomorrow! xo Diana

  4. Oh no, nothing worse than waiting for your turkey to cook!

    I have to ask, as Thanksgiving is not something we celebrate in NZ or Australia...do you do the same sort of meal for Christmas dinner? That is when we traditionally do turkey, and to be honest, that huge meal once a year is enough, lol, I just couldn't imagine stuffing myself on Thanksgiving then doing it all over again a month later for Christmas! If your families have to travel from far and wide to all be together, is that something that families generally manage to do for both occasions? Sorry for the questions but I am interested to know :)

    xx Karen

  5. Congrats Heidi!

    Just more time to visit while the turkey takes it's time. This is what future fun stories are made of! :)

  6. Kim, I've had the same turkey experience - eating at 8 instead of at 6 because the silly turkey had to keep being sent back to the oven!

  7. Kim, sounds like you had an interesting Thanksgiving! Have you ever tried Greenberg Smoked Turkeys? They were on Oprah's favorite things a few years ago; and we have been ordering them since! They are shipped directly to your doorstep, just in time for Thanksgiving. Just heat and eat! Great smokey flavor!

  8. My gosh, just now catching up on my blogs-- thanks so much, Kim!!! I'm super excited to choose my pillow prize! Have a blessed evening!