A Favorite and an Announcement


 I thought I would take a look back over some projects I worked on this past year this week. Up first is my painted and Mod Podged sideboard.

There were several changes done to this sideboard in the last two years. It is all y'all's fault. Y'all keep sharing these wonderful furniture transformations and then a new idea will pop in my head and then I go and change a piece that has already been painted at least one or more times. Thank goodness this piece has stayed the same for the last several months. This project is one of my most popular ones.

Announcement:  Since most people probably don't have new reveals or projects to share this week I would love for you to pull out your favorite room makeover or project that you worked on in 2011 and share it at my Wow us Wednesdays party this week. I think it would be fun to look back at what you did. You can share up to three. Of course you can share a new one if you want.

Now for the original post on one of my favorite transformations of 2011.


One More Time.....

........for a change and hopefully the last for this piece. I just had to try this chalk paint color and thought it would be perfect on this antique sideboard. This is not what I have been working on this weekend.

This color is called Chateau Gray and it has a lot of green in it. I love how this turned out.

It was this blue gray color and I liked it, but it was a little too light and it was matching the bench too much that is right past this in the great room.

I painted this a couple of weeks ago in about two hours. I had first painted it in Old White chalk paint and didn't like it so then this color came and I went over it and distressed it heavily. I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I love it now.

I also watered down some of the paint and lightly brushed it over the fabric on the door panels to make them look old and faded so they would look worn like the wood.

Depending on the time of day and the light coming in this piece does change colors. It looks more gray when a lot of light is coming in.

I also painted on some rub n buff in antique gold on the handles.

I waxed this piece with brown and clear waxes. The waxes really bring out the color in these chalk paints.

I am glad I mistakenly painted on the Old White first because I love it showing the many layers on this piece. First it was Georgian green by Benjamin Moore then the blue gray color and now this.
These pieces need to quit talking to me when I walk by!

Hope you will join the Wow Us Wednesdays party, that goes up Tuesday night, with your favorites from this past year.


  1. You are so funny Kim. I think it has been pretty in all it's various phases but you can appreciate the color the sun and shadows effect on it while we cannot.

  2. You are making me laugh.... Sound like a fun Wow Us Wed. I just got everything put away for Christmas and I am pooped.... I think we might get snow tonight... I'm going to start working on the laundry room at the first of the year...

  3. Sounds like a plan Kim. I finally was able to get over here, some weird error was coming up. I love this piece third time around, or fourth I lost track!

  4. That was one of my favorites of yours too Kim! I still have some of that fabric, waiting to do something along the same lines, this coming year. You always inspire me!

    I will join you on Wed....

  5. Hey Kim sounds great except I wont have computer access for the next 10 days so for once I sharn't be joining.

    Wishing you a fabulous Holiday Season and thanks for all your wonderful support this year
    Carolyn xx

  6. This piece turned out great! Love how the colors blend in nicely, I agree, painting in old white first was the right choice. Your entry looks lovely by the way.

  7. This piece turned out great! Love how the colors blend in nicely, I agree, painting in old white first was the right choice. Your entry looks lovely by the way.

  8. It looks great, every time,

  9. This is such a great piece, Kim! I love all the colors that come through, and the fabric is so wonderful!

  10. Oh I have to agree that this is one of my favorites too. I love how the extra distressed look with the grey green color really makes this piece pop. I was blown away when you added the fabric, but the added paint job was the cherry on the top.

  11. That should be a favorite Kim! It turned out great!

  12. This piece looked great thru all it's makeovers. See ya tomorrow night!

  13. It's a gorgeous piece! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  14. Oops, hit 'Enter' too soon :-)
    You do what I do - I keep pulling my hubby's hands "Lets look at it again!" It is so satisfying to work at something until it is JUST RIGHT!

  15. I think this is my favorite of your "projects" too Kim. LOL! You have so many it would be really, really hard to choose!! blessings to you ~ tanna

  16. Great idea, Kim! I'll have to pick one of my favorites from this year and link up. I loved this redo you did. In fact, I'm glad you reposted this because I've been debating what color to try on a dresser I picked up about a month ago that is a stark, bright white. I think the Chateau Grey would work well with my master bedroom colors.

  17. Thank you for sharing this again. I have our original bedroom suite that we purchased when we got married 40 years ago. It is in one of the guest rooms now and i am going to give one of the pieces a chalk paint treatment. So you have encouraged me to go forward!