My Favorite Room......Creative Cain Cabin


I was so excited and honored when Kim asked me if I would like to participate in her new "Favorite Room" series.  Well of course I would love to give it a go.

The Kitchen is my favorite room.

I actually love our whole home, but the kitchen is were all the love flows.

I am normally cooking and enjoying all the excitement going on around the island.

There are always several kids around that island and I enjoy every minute of it.

Our home is not the traditional home, we live in a log cabin.

Most people walk in our home and you see shock on there face.  I'm not sure what they are expecting to see.

Our home took 5 years to build and my family did all the work.

The home is "green", environmentally friendly.

There's not a day that goes by that I don't say to myself, " I love our home."

I can appreciate every log in the place, because we did it all ourselves.

Here is a list of where all the items came from:

Logs - Were cut by a local saw mill
White Cupboards - Custom built by the Amish and painted with Sherwin Williams "Lotus Pod" by little ole me.
Black Counter tops - Concrete done by my Hubby
Stainless Appliances - Sears Outlet 
Island Grain Sack Runner - Flea Market
Galvanized Sap Bucket - Flea Market
Dinner Plates - Target
Salad Plates - Pier One
Drinking Glasses - Mason Jars
Bar Stools - Garage sale and painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in "Antibes Green
Laundry Cart - Vintage Store
Linens in Laundry Cart - Garage sales, and thrift stores
Kitchen Curtain - Vintage Table Cloth
Red Apron - Walmart
Pyrex - Vintage and thrifted
Sunflowers - From my garden
Veggies - From a friends garden
Bark Tray - Roadside ditch
Gum Ball Canister - Thrifted
Egg Sign - Gift from a Blog Friend
Pantry Curtain - Gingham material from Hobby Lobby
Melamine Plates in the Rack - Better Homes and Garden series from Walmart
Cabinet Hardware - Online

Thank you Kim, for letting me participate in your new series.  Who doesn't love seeing the inside of others homes.

Thanks Dawn for sharing your fun colorful kitchen. You can be so proud that y'all built this home yourselves. 

If y'all want to see more of Dawn's home be sure and pop over to Creative Cain Cabin.

 We are heading out to see our grands and celebrate a birthday this weekend.
Have a good one!


  1. Thanks again Kim, for the opportunity to show my kitchen. It was great fun participating:)

  2. Oh my...what a wonderful kitchen! I love every detail...especially the pops of fun colors :) Laurel

  3. Oh, I love this kitchen! This is my style through and through! So cozy and welcoming... like there is lots of activity and love going on! You did such a masterful job at combining the log cabin style with a great white kitchen... it has so much character! I could move right in... or at least visit!!!

    Thanks Kim, I so enjoy your Favorite Room series!

  4. what a pretty and bright space. Kuddos for all of the hard work!

  5. What a beautiful kitchen! I love the bright colors against the white cabinetry, and all those lovely vintage finds. This is my kind of kitchen. Thank you to Dawn for letting us in, and to Kim for hosting her. Enjoy your travels, Kim!

  6. Wow! I love your Kitchen and I'm so impressed that you have a 'green' home built completely by your family. Not many can say that. My kitchen (in AZ) has similarities - concrete counter-tops, brightly colored accessories {plates, vintage pyrex bowls, etc.) - love your favorite room!

  7. Dawn, I love your kitchen!!...I so love the gorgeous colors and the great vintage items in every corner...I am sending your blog over to my friend as it is her dream to build a log cabin on her family property in the Shenandoah Valley...Going over to subscribe to your blog!!!
    Thanks Kim for presenting this gorgeous kitchen of Dawn's....Have a wonderful visit with the grands and family!!

  8. What fun to see Dawn's kitchen. Seems like the kitchen is often where we all spend much of our time. Dawn's kitchen looks to be a happy place to hang out. I like all the bright colors with the white cabinets and black counters.

  9. What a beautiful, bright, happy kitchen! I am not familiar with this blog, but will have to visit! Have a great weekend, Kim =) ps how's Bailey doing lately? Any tummy upsets?

  10. I love Dawn's beautiful bright kitchen! That large island is fabulous!! Enjoy your visit with the grands Kim!

  11. Hi Kim, the log cabin kitchen of Dawn's is beautiful. That they built it is frugal and wonderful. hugs, olive

  12. Great kitchen! I love the farmhouse feel to it. I love the island, too. So much room there and I love the stools.

  13. Hi Kimmie! What a wonderful kitchen and thank you for sharing it with us.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. I just get tickled every time I see Dawns home! She was my very first home tour featured and I just LOVE her style..LOVE that cabin and all her colorful beautiful pictures she shares.

  15. What a wonderful kitchen! It looks homey and inviting.

  16. Wow - what a gorgeous kitchen!

  17. Kim, thank you for sharing! Her kitchen is so inviting and I love the use of the primary colors throughout.


  18. Great kitchen--- bright & colorful!

  19. I love Dawn's is so cozy and pretty! Oh how I wish I had room in my kitchen to have her beautiful island.

  20. What an inviting kitchen. So colorful and homey. :) LOVE!

  21. Your kitchen is beautiful Dawn! Great to see it on here.

    Have a great weekend!

  22. Lovely kitchen with wonderful colors !You must be very proud that you did this !

  23. its beautiful and the thing that impresses me most is the fact they did it them selves, it reflects their own personality, now thats a home,

  24. Great feature, Kim. I have been following her for quite a while- xo Diana

  25. What a charming kitchen! I love the details you added. You're so talented to be able to build this home yourself. My husband would love to live in a log cabin! I like how you made the cabinets white so they contrast against the log walls too.

  26. Everything about this impresses me. From the environmental aspect to the DIY family effort to the decorating style, I'm in love with your home, too! ~ Maureen

  27. Hi Kim,
    How fun that you would feature Dawn, her house is very pretty. Her kitchen is such a happy place, it's obvious that she enjoys and loves her home tremendously.
    Have a good weekend, Cindy

  28. Kim
    Thanks for featuring Dawn. She is a blogging friend and her home is just so lovely! It's obvious she has put so much of herself into her homes design. Love it all!

  29. Absolutely beautiful kitchen! Thank you Dawn for sharing and Kim thanks for featuring Dawn's wonderful favorite room!

  30. Thank you for sharing, Kim and Dawn.

    Dawn, your kitchen is wonderful, and it is an amazing tribute to the love and strength of your family.♥

  31. I LOVE this kitchen... oh, those green chairs!!!... so many great touches.

  32. Thank you, Kim, for sharing Dawn's favorite room. Her kitchen is wonderful!

  33. I have always been impressed with Dawn's kitchen and home because they made a real commitment as a family to have a mortgage-free home. It may have taken them 5 years to build it, but it's a real showplace for ingenuity and fortitude. You can see pride and love in every corner!

  34. I love your kitchen. It is not only a beautiful space, but appears to have been created from and is now filled with love. :)

  35. What a fabulous and fun and colorful kitchen! And I'm so impressed that they built their very own green log cabin! That's a diy that is WAY over my head!

    Enjoy your weekend and the grands and the b-day celebration!



  36. What wonderful family kitchen. I can see the love in there!

  37. What a great vintage feel in this kitchen! It just seems perfect for family affairs!

  38. wow, great job! Cant believe they did it all them selves.

  39. I can see why that is her favorite room. It's warm and inviting, bright and cheerful. Who wouldn't want to have some food or coffee there.


  40. I absolutely love that laundry cart. It's so charming!

    I also enjoy your bright and cheering color scheme.

  41. I love your whole look. The first thing I noticed was the green bar stools. I need to get some of the Antobes Green ASCP.

  42. Love Dawn's bright and cheerful home and her blog too.