Guest Blogger.....Debbiedoos


Welcome my friend Debbie who is sharing a guest post with y'all while I'm gone. She is such a hoot.

Hi there, all you Savvy Southern Style friends!
My name is Debbiedoo's!
Well my real name is Debra, but you can call me Debbiedoo's.
When Kim asked if I could do a guest post for her while she was away, I without hesitation said Yes.
Kim, and I go way back BB {Before blogging}
I met Kim on the HGTV's affiliate site Rate my space.
Not sure if that place even still exists.
We both kinda high tailed out of there around the same time.
Well, I was first, and then
asked Kim to start a blog too.
Not only because, I felt all alone, but because I knew Kim truly had talent and style like no other.
You all know that too, obviously that is why you come here for your daily dose of Kim.
Truth be told I could not be happier for Kim and how she has grown.
She works hard, she is loyal, dedicated and has energy like a 20 year old.
{We should ask Mr. Savvy about that ey'?}
I could have made this post all about me, my blog, my talents {ha, now that was funny}
but I decided not to.
I will share a we bit at the end of this post.

For NOW, let's make it about Kim shall we?

{Don't be afraid Kim, I am not about to roast you}
How about I share with you a blast from Kim's past that I have been with every step of the way.
About 3 months into her blogging, Kim was running full force into this gig.

31 one month.

At this point the painting had not begun began {not sure on the correct usage there}
There was however, lots of accessory,tweaking, moving things from room to room goings on instead.
and let me mention, her photography sure has come a long way too!
mirror mirror on the wall.

Poof you now BE gone!

6 Months later, Kim was still in full force, I believe November she had 38 posts in the month.
Kim was overwhelmed with the Holidays coming.
I will call this Kim in Chaos post. I just have a vision of her sweating here.
But wait, look at all this unpainted furniture.
Boy has that changed!
I see a lot of furniture color changes just from this post alone. Bench, side board,
and this here piece next to the vacuum.
Now moving ahead another 6 months later....
41 posts in May.
Somewhere in between Kim upgraded her camera.
Her photos are absolutely beautiful and she keeps getting better and better.
At one point in between all this I had also asked Kim if she wanted my weekly Before and After party.
She was nervous, yet excited and she graciously accepted.
I was taking a break from blogging at that point.
Ha, that did not last very long!
However, it was not a WOW party, when I gave it to her.
It was a LAMO in comparison to what Kim has done with it today.
I can keep rambling on and on here because it has been a fun ride so far that we have had.
All I can say in closing is that it has been an absolute joy day after day watching Kim grow, decorate, paint and share with us her family, her grandchildren and from time to time Mr. Savvy's hand, leg or back:)
He truly is a gem as well.
They sure make a wonderful dynamic duo of diy'ers!

Now in reference to me...well..not nearly as exciting with all the DIY doings.

But I am fun!

I also have a weekly Home tour feature of blogging friends.
There is always something fun in between.
You can find some great little diy projects, from burlap, stencils, spray paint, mod podge and more.
It has been a pleasure being here today and I thank you Kim for asking me.
Hope you are having a fabulous and much need getaway of a good time! XO
and Thank You Savvy Southern Style readers!~
Kim has a great group of readers and friends out here that is for sure.

One last thing:

You can find Kim on Facebook,
and I am right next door to her

Thank you, Debbie, you made me laugh so hard pulling out some of my old pictures. Yep, nothing looks the same around here and I never knew I would love making over furniture. 

Okay my readers, you need to hop on over and visit my friend, Debbie's blog and all her shenanigans. She has a way with burlap and spray paint like no other.

The Wow Us Wednesday party will go up at it's regular time tomorrow night. 


  1. Thanks for having me over Kim. It sure was fun digging back in your archives. You have gotten so much accomplished..or should I say painted:) Have fun on your vaca!

  2. Ah, the Rate My Space days.Blogging is so much more fun and the the gals(and guys) are wayyyy nicer and more encouraging. Kim (and Debbie,) have both worked really hard at sharing all their wonderful inspiration with us. Thanks!

  3. Debbie I enjoyed reading about Kim's start of her blog! I just started following blogs last fall and started my own in January so I missed the beginnings of her blog.You two lady's have great style and I love reading your posts!

  4. Love this post, Debbie and Kim. Haha! Yes, I think all bloggers have come a loooong way since we started. Just imagine what our homes would look like without blogging? I pity those people who haven't discovered all the inspirational goodness of blogs. Now, if only that weight loss/health blog I've been reading would have the same makeover affect on me =)

  5. Good job Debbie. Love this post!

  6. You could not have chosen anyone more fun and happy than DebbieDoos for a guest blogger. She is the best....
    I really enjoyed it all and LOVED seeing that you didn't always love painted furniture. lol

  7. I remember those days too! You both have certainly left me in the dust, lol! I remember you and Kim both commenting on my very first blog post exactly three years ago today. Things have certainly changed! I'm so happy for both of you:-)

  8. Great post Debbie and Kim. I think I need to upgrade my camera!!

  9. Great post...Love learning how you both got started in blogging.

  10. I love this story Debbie!! is so interesting to hear about how people began their blogging!...

  11. Oh that was fun, Debbie always is! Loved seeing your house in total disarray!! And pictures that were not so perfect, I guess we forget that not all blogs were born picture perfect, but Kim, yours sure is now!!


  12. I love this! It's great to know that others started in a similar fashion. :) So many blogs are total "perfection" and a bit intimidating. Glad to know that you two go back a long way...great way to grow a friendship and outstanding blogs!


  13. Hope you're having a blast Kim!

    Yep, that Debbie is a good "talk ya intoer" haha.
    So glad she did! Love getting to see all the great stuff you share :) Looking forward to this years holiday decor.

  14. Kim, hope you are having a wonderful time!

    DEB was the best gal to have guest host for sure - she is awesome.

    I just started blogging in Jan of this year and she was one of the first to welcome me. She never fails to bring smiles!

  15. Debbiedoo always delights and she was the perfect guest blogger for you, Kim!!!

  16. What a fun little trip down Memory Lane. Honestly, Kim, no one deserves success more than you do. And who could be more fun to have by your side than a sidekick like Debbiedoo? You two are the epitome of all that's good about Southern--style, hospitality, kindness, generosity, and fun! :)

  17. It's fun to look back at old pictures of her house to see how much it has changed through the years. Nothing stays the same too long at her house or mine for that matter! ha! I know she's probably having a great time up north right now. Can't wait to see some pics when she returns.

  18. Thanks for sharing some insight into Kim's life. That was a very sweet thing to do Debbie.


  19. YOu are both fun and incredibly talented bloggers that I think I discovered around the same time!!! It's great to go down memory lane with you both!

  20. Both of you are two of my favorite bloggers! I enjoyed the blast from the past, and I remember when the two of you finally met last year.

  21. Great post Debbie! It's always fun seeing Kim's changes.

  22. This is such a great post,Debbie! It is fun to see Kim's changes! You're both very talented and I enjoy your blogs! Thanks for taking us back in time!

  23. Look who's talking! YOu are both such creative and kind forces in the blog world and I am so happy to follow and learn and be inspired by both of you!
    Your blogs are better than any magazine!
    Hugs to both of you!!!

  24. so great hearing how you two go way back! amazing how we all change from our early days. thanks for the peek into the past!!

  25. I am in complete awe of Kim and her beautiful home and all the little changes she makes. Thanks so much for taking us for a look back and how far she has really come. You are both amazing and such creative forces in the blog universe!!


  26. I love trips down memory lane, so much fun! Thanks for guest posting Debbie, you are so much fun! XO ~Liz

  27. What a funny post, Debbie! Love the picture of her house being a little messy. I don't remember that one, or the nekkid furniture (without paint!) ;o) Didn't know you got her to come over from RMS. I never posted over there, but that is how I started blogging back in the day, following Susan @ Naps and Gollum/Michael. Also, I didn't remember that she took over the 'wow' party from you or that you've ever been on hiatus. Hope you fill in again so I can find out some more secrets! ;o)

  28. Thank you Kim and Debra. this was great fun!!!

  29. Anyway you look at it, Kim is spectacular.

  30. Thanks for sharing some of those pictures with us. It is funny, I only posted once on Rate My Space and thought the comments were rather mean so never did it again. So far no one has been mean in the comments on my blog.

  31. This was a fun post to read! Debbie, I am always inspired when I visit Kim on her blog. She is one decorator and photographer. I just KNEW she was full of energy! Now I am off to visit you, Debbie, on your blog.

    Thank you, Kim, for having such a beautiful blog.


  32. oooh, that kitchen is absolutely wonderful!....Love love love it.

    The weather here is yucky... hope you're having a good time anyway...

  33. It was like reading about two celebrities together. But holy catz Kim.... 41 posts in a month!!!!!!!