My Favorite Room....Debbiedoos


Hi there Savvy Southern Style friends.

Thank you so much Kim for asking me to be a part of your Share your favorite room series.
I bet you thought I was going to pick our kitchen.
Although, it does seem like the obvious choice, because we truly do love it....
I went a different route, because honestly
our outdoor patio area is my favorite part of our house.

For one, it's because Mike and I from start to finish, designed it, built it and share the enjoyment from it just the same.

My only wish is that it were not so cold here in the winter.
You would be surprised though, there are days we can get a good day and enjoy it as well.
So let me take you on a little before the days of the outdoor area.
This was the before. Although, lovely, and rustic, it probably was not that safe now that I look at it.
Then one horrible day in the Spring,
a very scary storm hit our area.
Tree's and limbs went down everywhere.
Our yard cleared out fast with at least 6-7 trees gone.
It was sad.
But with this devastation, it opened up our yard to new possibilities and to create something of a dream in which we now enjoy.
First we started with getting a stamped concrete patio
This was the only phase of the outdoor project we could not do ourselves.
Although, Mike probably could have, considering,
we did build an outdoor pizza oven after this whole ordeal.
You may see the step by step by clicking on the highlighted links to both the stamped concrete and the diy Pizza oven
Even in the midst of summer,
we enjoy gatherings and perhaps even a fire cooking in the outdoor fireplace.
I forgot to mention...
the Pizza's we make...
are to die for.
This dessert pizza was a new one we tried and it was delish.
My husband made this outdoor rustic bench for me after I saw it in a gorgeous neighborhood that looked like a park.
I said to him, you can make a bench too.
And so he did.
We even have things of sentiment that were passed along to us as well.
I adore my vintage birdcage.
The Patina on it is fabulous.
The Fall season is probably the prettiest setting and feeling out here.
The colors are just gorgeous, and so bountiful you could sit out here and stare for hours.
Of course a little whimsy would have to be out here.
{that's all me btw} Mike not so much into whimsy.
although, he does like this.
this past summer we finally got around to landscaping and think we made a good choice with the cypress trees.
So far so good anyhow.
And just look at all these gorgeous colors!~
Even with all the work, leaves and clean up I have this time of year...
I would still say, this is our favorite spot and enjoy it every chance we can.
The outdoor furniture, picnic table and Adirondack chairs all came in a natural wood.
Mike and I chose the colors and he stained them versus painting.
They are holding up fantastic.
Whew, this post was longer than I thought.
I told ya I love it out here.

Thanks Kim for having me over today.


Thanks Debbie for sharing your beautiful outdoor space. I can see why it is your favorite. I would be out there all the time.

I hope you will go over to Debbie's blog and say hello. She has lots of thrifty craft projects she shares plus you can click on her home tour page and take a look around her home.

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. What a beautiful outdoor space - I would so love to pop over and share a pizza and a cuppa with you whilst admiring the colours in nature!! What an amazing transformation. It's a positive way to look at storm damage - to reinvent! Well done - i've enjoyed looking! J9 x

  2. Debbie has such a great outdoor space! I'd love to sit by the fire after enjoying a yummy pizza from their awesome pizza oven! Thanks for sharing and hope you both had a Happy Thanksgiving with your families!

  3. That is such a lovely area, Debbie! I used to love sitting outside on our patio at our old house. Part of that was the surroundings and our gardens that I got to enjoy {the other part was just feeling the sun and fresh air}. I try to enjoy the weather here at the condo when I can but we are thinking {and allowed to} add on a small patio adjacent to the front door area, where I sit now. You did a wonderful job on your patio. Thanks for sharing Debbie's favorite room, Kim.

  4. Hi Debbie!
    I love your outdoor area! We live in a brand new subdivision, completely devoid of trees. It can be kinda depressing!
    We had stamped concrete put in this Summer and I absolutley love the three patios...less lawn to mow!
    It inspires me to finish in the Spring!
    Thanks for having Debbie over, Kim!



  5. Thank you so much for having me over today. Thank you ladies for your kind comments. Have a great day!~

  6. Your space is beautiful, Debbie! Really makes me long for my Carolina home! So peaceful and relaxing. I always forget how many trees are in the south. Thanks so much for having Debbie over to share, Kim! :)

  7. Just beautiful! Outdoors is always the best place to be when youhave a lovely spot like that. :)

  8. Absolutely stunning, makes me want to travel across the country to see it myself! One of these days I'm gonna surprise you and do it!

  9. You all this a fabulous job Debbie. Beautiful and functions well also. Doesnt get better than that..

    Enjoy every moment of it.

  10. Love Debbie's yard, it is gorgeous and the fireplace and pizza oven are both wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  11. Debbie, now wonder you chose this as your favorite room! It just might be my all time favorite, here at SSS! What makes this room tug at my heartstrings is all the love and planning and sweat and work that you and your hubby did yourself to make a the perfect outdoor living space! Your outdoor fireplace is spectacular!!!! My favorite!!!!
    I would never go inside if I had this wonderful area to live in!!!
    Thanks for letting us come and visit!
    Thanks, Kim! ANOTHER great "favorite room" post!

  12. that's a great outdoor space! We are hoping to do stamped concrete around our firepit, this summer =)

  13. What a beautiful outdoor room! Love how cozy you made it!

  14. I love Debbie's style and her backyard is gorgeous! That pizza oven and fireplace are amazing!

    Have a great day.

  15. Debbie and Mike should be very proud of themselves, they created a BEAUTIFUL outdoor room!! These pics are gorgeous! Have a great weekend ladies!

  16. Well, I think that storm was a blessing in disguise! I love how it looks now. It's so woodsy and natural with the adirondack chairs and outdoor fireplace. I'd LOVE to have something like that in my backyard! That would be my favorite "room" too.

  17. It is just beautiful! I know it would be my favorite room, too!

  18. Debbie, I just LOVE this outdoor area that you and Mike have so lovingly created. It would be MY favorite too. It SO reminds me of our old house, in the woods. I can realte to all the leaves and clenup!!!! Thanks so much for sharing this, wish I could come for a pizza and then sit with you in one of those chairs. Thanks, Kim for featuring our Debbie!!!!! XO, Pinky

  19. Debbie-It is just a wonderful makeover after the storm. I really love it and can see why you want to spend so much time there. Love the pizza oven AND the touch of whimsy. Blessings- xo Diana

  20. Beautiful outdoor space, Debbie. I have to say our sun porch and outdoor spaces are favorites here, especially this time of year. We had our Thanksgiving dinner outside on the terrace last evening. ;-)

  21. Very charming. Love the way you turned a storm into something better!

    I live in an old mining town. We have a furniture maker up here who makes some wonderfully crafted gliders, Adirondack chairs, picnic tables, etc. He uses cedar. Seeing your pictures makes me realize how much I want to invest in his craftsmanship.

    Have a great weekend!

    Smiles from Idaho,

  22. What a great outdoor space! It is really making me itch to get our backyard done!

  23. Thanks are all welcome anytime to stop in for a pizza:) I will let you know when the fire is going too.

  24. Debbie has the most amazing patio - that pizza oven is to die for!

  25. what a sweetheart Debbie doo's is, she is the reason I came back to blogging after my blog crashed, she is the perfect example of the best of blogging, although we are mostly many miles apart geographically people like Debbie make the miles disappear, she is like a friend you can sit and have coffee with, everyday, aren't we lucky!
    Thanks so much Kim for having Debbie today, her outdoor room is amazing, so beautiful yet family friendly, you and she are what make my blogging so much fun , and I am so NOT a decor or craft blog but I love to read yours and others like them, a girl can dream right???lol,

  26. what a beautiful outdoor space! thank you for sharing it!

  27. everything is so stunning... I was also thinking of giving my backyard a makeover and now i know where to head for the inspiration.


  28. I just love Debbie's outdoor space. I'm so jealous of the fireplace and pizza oven! Thank you for sharing it with us, Kim.

  29. Out of chaos comes beauty made with love :)

  30. Debbie,

    What a beautiful space. Love the fireplace. Sorry for all the branches and all.


  31. Thanks for sharing Debbie's great outdoor space. This is the definition of how to extend the living space of your home!

  32. Awesome feature Kim. We put in a patio off a deck about 5 years ago and I say every time I go out there..."we should of done this years ago". Like Debbie I wish I could use it year round, but January in Minnesota just isn't enjoyable to me!


  33. Hi Debbie and Kim,
    What a great backyard! Your Mike sounds like a terrific guy, Debbie. Let the good times roll!

  34. I have seen snipits of Debbie's outdoor space, but never in its entirety and it is beautiful....What more could you ask for in an outdoor space than a fireplace and a pizza oven?....Fantastic area Debbie...let me know when to show up of for pizza party!!!!....Thanks again Kim for a great "Favorite Room" feature!!!..enjoyed it!

  35. Debbie, I remember the changes as they were happening, individually. I must admit seeing it altogether and the awesome fall color is amazing. I agree, one could sit for hours admiring the colors. It turned out to be a great family space. Love the gate!
    Blessings to you and the guys, Ginger