Holiday Touches in the Great Room


I shared the Christmas mantel, but didn't show you the rest of the room. I have added a few touches of Christmas with pillows, greens and pine cones, and other items that I pulled out of the bins.

The only new things this year are the winter bird Pottery Barn pillow covers from the outlet store. Y'all know I have a thing for pillows and changing them is such a easy way to change a room.

Last year I filled a tool tote with greens and pine cones, but used my large vintage basket this time.

 I have a smaller tree this year so what to do with all those leftover ornaments? Fill baskets, bowls and baskets.

 A pair of partridges in the bookcase certainly say Christmas.

An elf sits on a shelf to add a little whimsy.

I picked up these English crackers from Tuesday morning and filled this old jar with them.

The deer that I covered with moss last year sits proudly on a stack of books. Leila said it is Santa's reindeer.

I dressed up the back wall of windows with a single wreath on each one. You can see a peek at the tree. I will show the full thing when I get the gifts wrapped.

Each wreath is adorned with a glittery red deer ornament.

My view from the kitchen sink.

I am finally wrapping gifts and then I will be able to take pictures of the tree.

I had a very negative comment left on this morning's post saying that I had no empathy for the ones in Conn. who lost their loved ones and that I just want to keep on posting to share my decorating so that I can get more followers, etc. Then this person deleted their comment, but it was still in my email. Seriously, how can anyone seriously think that? So so sad. I have four grandchildren and cannot imagine  anything ever happening to them. My heart aches for those families.
And by the way if this person thinks it is so wrong for us to share our pretties on our blog then why is she looking at them??


  1. It's all just so, so, SOOOOO beautiful, but beware: I'm comin' for those partridges!

  2. the great room looks great. I love the wreaths with the reindeer on the windows. Sometime people lash out their anger on others...not nice. I am hoping for a fast and full recovery before we make the trip down for Christmas.

  3. Gorgeous. Now is not the time for anger and cruelty... Sorry someone said that :-(

  4. Whoever left that comment is being ridiculous. ALL of our hearts are broken. It is unspeakable sad.
    I adore your pillows on the sofa, is the middle one PB too? Also can you please tell me about your blinds in this room???? I am searching for blinds too. I have the same type of view from my kitchen sink and a house behind us so need blinds that I can lower at night but put up during the day for the sunlight. Thanks so much. XO, Pinky

  5. Hi Kim, Firstly I'm sorry someone left you such a comment; I don't think anyone is thinking of anything else today. As for me, I love seeing your home and beautiful decorations-it makes me smile. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  6. Why would anyone say that? I believe it is a great time for us to see PRETTY things in a world full of "UGLY" things. Your room is gorgeous, Kim! xo

  7. It's beautiful Kim, I love those pillows. Sorry about the negativity, now is not the time for anger and cruelty.

  8. this is such a wonderful room, Kim. Your pillows always bring in so much fun. I think all of us are heartbroken over the tragedy, it goes without saying. someone was just being judgmental, please don't take it to heart. none of the rest of us feel that way. Can't wait to see your beautiful tree!

  9. It's all very pretty, Kim. What a cruel thing to say. We are all so deeply sad over these killings.

  10. Everything looks so beautiful as I knew it would :o) I can't wait to see your tree too!
    Everyone handles grief in their own way. I for one need to stay busy,busy,busy or I feel as though I will loose my mind. Hey you know what they know your blog has "made it" when you receieve hate mail!!! LOL

  11. OMG Kim... I've gone through your pics twice and sent your link to my sis... everything looks so pretty!!!

  12. Kim- Well, I have a couple of words for that person that left the nasty comment but I am too much of a lady to say them...and NO one of them is NOT the really BAD WORD.

    I LOVE your whole room but I REALLY love those pillows. Is that middle one appliqued or is it printed? Love it- xo Diana

  13. So nice and cozy, Kim...I love the moss covered reindeer the most!

  14. Everything looks so warm and inviting... such festive the pillows! Sorry for your hurt... on top of the grief.

  15. Everything is just beautiful! I think I adore the basket with the greens and pine cones!
    And just for the record...I really don't think you want the type of reader that is so critical. Blessings, Dianntha

  16. it's all so pretty kim...i especially loved that moss covered reindeer and the wreaths in your windows!

    there are many sick-os in this world, as we all found out yesterday. apparently your commenter never heard of "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!" why anyone would think you would post just to increase your blog traffic is crazy...i've had to delete some strange comments lately so they're coming out of the woodwork.

    can't wait to see your tree!

  17. Hi Kim,
    So sorry you had to hear that! I think one of the things that helps us stay positive is bringing as much beauty into our lives as possible. and you do that for us daily. Our world is in terrible shape,
    and we all know it, but we can't live there every moment or we would all be in the pit of despair.
    What has happened in Conn. is horrible and I think everyone is in shock and hopefully praying for all those poor grieving and shocked families,
    I can not even begin to imagine what they are going thru, but prayer is the best thing I can do for them right now, and I bet you and plenty of other bloggers are doing just that too................unfortunately, life has to go on even at times like these.
    So, we thank you for bringing beauty into our lives everyday hon,
    Blessings abundant,

  18. Kim your room looks beautiful, so elegant and festive, I especially love the wreaths in the windows.
    Ignore the horrible comment, it's ridiculous to even suggest that, surely this hypocritical person should not be blogging at this time either then!
    hugs Mandy x

  19. Your great room is beautiful, Kim. So many gorgeous touches. I love the wreaths in the windows, and the baskets with the pillow/stocking and the pinecones/greens. Love your festive pillows too. I am saddened by such senseless losses, and while I am keeping up on the news, praying for all those affected, and hugging my own loved ones, I can still enjoy the beauty and friendship that blog land, and your blog, provides. Thank you for that.

  20. Everything looks beautiful ~ and despite tragedy we are still to love our families, even more, and do special things for them. Christmas is decor is one of those things.

  21. Everything is beautiful, Kim. I love the pillows and the cute reindeer. My heart goes out to the victims and their families of this tragic event. That comment was uncalled for and so terribly rude.

  22. Hi Kim,
    I love all of your pretty decorations and your home always looks lovely all year round.

    Shame on that person who said that. I agree that now is not the time for others to be so cruel.


  23. What a lovely place to gather. So full of Christmas spirit.

    - The Tablescaper

  24. the shooting touched us all no matter where we live, but if we focus only on the tragedy we lose the joy in life. You're on the right path, please don't let someone else bother you.

  25. Love the pillows, sure wish a PB outlet would open in Pittsburgh but then I'd be broke so maybe they shouldn't:) Love the wreaths in the window and also the sparkly reindeer in them!
    To leave a comment like that is so low of that person, I think we are all heartsick over what happened, the only thing to do is pray for her and the families that are hurting.

  26. I'm glad some of the girls are still sharing, there are plenty of hours in the day to mourn and feel sorrowful, but we can celebrate life and the Christmas season too. I love your windows filled with wreaths and that fat little sparkle snow man. Keep posting, It certainly does not mean you don't care Kim. We all know you do. Hugs!

  27. Hi Kim,

    Anyone who reads your blog knows you have a heart of gold. Enough said.

    I love your pillows and I'm looking forward to seeing your tree. I'm sure those packages will be great in that vintage style paper. Happy Holidays!

  28. Your great room is so pretty, Kim. I really like the wreaths in the windows.

    I can't imagine that there would be anyone who hasn't been terribly touched and saddened by what happened to those sweet babies and the adults who tried to protect them. I also cannot believe that someone would expend the energy to just be mean and hateful. I guess it takes all kinds.

  29. I really love the wreaths in the windows. I may have to steal that idea!

    I think everyone is hurting and not thinking clearly. Since they deleted their comment, I'm sure they spoke before thinking things through.

    I'm sure there are many out there that need all of us bloggers to acknowledge that this tragedy happened and express our sorrow. Which is why I think Tuesday's Blogger Day of Silence and Support is a wonderful idea.

    As others have said, we need the beauty of these blog posts to bring some light to a very dark time. Try not to let them get to you.

  30. Hi Kimmie! OH, everything is so pretty, always so pretty!
    Now hearing about the nasty commenter, it just makes me mad! This has been a horrible tragedy and I need a little beautifulness to get my mind off of the heartbreak for a little while. Well, at least she deleted the comment and hopefully that meant she had a change of heart. This has touched everyone.
    I thank you for continuing on. We have to as we lift up every one involved in prayer.
    Shelia :)

  31. Yes, thank you for continuing on and bringing beauty in our lives......I can only handle so much of the ugliness before I am dragged down with it. We are all sad....

    Love the pillows, everything is so cheerful!!!

  32. Of COURSE you added moss to the reindeer, because you have a magical way of transforming things that most would not even think of. :) The wreaths are a superb touch, as well as the centerpiece.


    P.S. In case you missed it, I have recently changed my blog name from A Penny For A Thought to The Laundry Can Wait. The content will remain the same though.

  33. I can't wait to see your tree. I think that must be it's reflection in the TV. The wreath's in the windows has inspired me. Thanks for all you give. Ignore the haters...if you can. gheez, I just can not believe some people-that is too strange.

  34. As always what you have created in your home is just lovely. Your home is filled with beautiful decor--but more importantly--we can all see it has been decorated with love of your family and home. Please do not pay any attention to that rude person with her insensitive comment. She hopefully felt shame in what she wrote to you by removing it. Everyone's heart is broken and filled with such sorrow for the families of these little children--no words need to be spoken to feel this sadness. We are raising prayers for all these little angels.

  35. It's nice to come over and see all the pretties and the loving way that you decorate your home. Very insensitive comment from a reader. They obviously regretted it otherwise wouldn't have deleted it. I can only watch so much of the tragedy and then I need to get my mind off of it by reading and enjoying all my favorite blogs. Our whole nation in grieving the loss and it hard to wrap our heads around a senseless tragedy. This is the place to share beauty and love and your decor is always inspiring.

  36. First, the negative.

    I absolutely refuse to let Satan win and take the joy from us over this tragic event. I didn't stop posting either - so don't even give that "Nasty Nancy" a moment of your cares.

    Sheesh. Such ugliness, as though that nasty comment helps ease our concerns and pain? Sigh.

    OK on to these beautiful and amazing touches of your "holiday home..." wow. Everything is so fresh and awesome!

    I about screetched when I saw the Christmas holiday bird pillow and immediately went to PB to see if maybe they were still available, but no. Dang. We have no outlets around here and I SO WANT ONE - it belongs in the NEST!!!!!

    Anyway, lovely post and glad you are carrying on. We all must or Satan and his evil ways wins.


  37. Of course we are all deeply saddened by this tragedy, but we know that life will go on. I am a 3rd grade teacher, so I have a certain dread of tomorrow when I have to see my sweet students' faces and try to reassure them and answer questions. Nice to escape here with a little prettiness. thanks

  38. The wreaths on the windows are oh so lovely!

    Personally I am looking at your pretties because I had to take a break from the news this morning. All of our hearts are heavy with sorrow and I am sure you have shed tears as much as I have. What the parents are going through...there are no words. So I am looking at your pretties for a few moments for...equilibrium, I think. And then I will go about my day and shed more tears. Your anonymous commenter was wrong....

  39. Anyone who follows you should know that you are definitely not like that. Not an appropriate way for them to use their anger. Your home looks so beautiful. I love all the touches of Christmas everywhere.


  40. Your room is gorgeous and I love the wreaths on the windows. Sorry to hear about the negative comment. I feel comfort reading blogs during this sad time because it is a nice escape from reality.

  41. Love all the pillows, Kim. The wreaths in the windows look wonderful. I wanted to do that in our sunroom this year, but never did get around to it. I'm sorry you got such a nasty comment. Every time I read or watch news about this tragedy I start to tear up. I felt like there was a cloud over me all day yesterday. I need to see some pretty things to counter the horribleness.

  42. I'm so sorry about that comment, Kim. I don't know why people feel compelled to be mean. At least they did try to take it back by deleting.

    LOVE all the natural greenery!!! My favorite decoration. blessings ~ tanna

  43. Looks beautiful Kim. I love the wreaths in the window. YOu have the perfect back drop for that. Sorry about the meanie. I don't understand at time like this why someone would want to be mean..but they are and we just have to ignore!

  44. Kim love your wreaths on your windows and your pretty pillows too!
    I know you care!We are all praying but life goes on as heartbreaking as it is life goes on!
    Thank you for continuing to share the pretty!

  45. I agree with you and everyone else. If she's so concerned, why isn't she reading something other than a blog? After seeing so much sadness on TV and in the paper, it's a welcome little glimpse of joy to read the blogs that I love so much. Love all of your Christmas decor!

  46. Your room is beautiful, done with love for the people you love in your life, then shared with us. I for one won't dwell on tragedy, for every day there is something new somewhere to break my heart. Those around me, especially my family, look to me at this time of year to set the tone of peace, hope and love - and that is just what I will do. Whether you or I post is irrelevant in the big picture.


  47. Kim,
    Your place is beautiful. Love all your touches, you sure have a thing for decorating and pulling it all together. Keep on posting your lovelies. The world is sad place and blogging is a way to escape to see all thing pretty:)

  48. Yesterday on FB I said that it truly saddened me that people were tearing each other apart in a time that we should be coming together.

    I then went on to say that everyone grieves differently and that if someone needs to share beauty in an ugly world why is that a bad thing.

    Let's share joy, beauty and put prayer out into this negative world I asked.

    I received hate mail. I deleted it.

    On Friday night my little boy asked if we could turn on our outdoor lights in memory of the kids. His words: "Because mom, all kids love Christmas lights and they will know we are thinking of them."

    Wise words.

    Shine on.

  49. Love the 4 wreaths in the window Kim and the wire basket filled with ornaments.

    Forgot what that gal said - how could anyone even think that way?

  50. It is so warm and festive, Kim. I especially LOVE the wreaths on the windows.. :)

  51. Kim, the images of this room make me want to slip through my computer screen and settle in. It's so warm and welcoming. I like the wreaths on the windows. Absolutely lovely! ~ Sarah

  52. Kim it is so lovely! With that view from your kitchen sink I'd think you would want to wash dishes all day long!
    And I want to say THANK YOU for continueing to post about your decor. We are all devestated about what happened in Conneticut. And just because we blog about normal everyday stuff does not mean we are not thinking of those people and praying for them. But for me at least it is so nice to still be able to see normal everyday things going on. Wallowing in sorrow gets me down very fast and I need to be refreshed!

  53. So pretty, what is your elf's name??? :-)

  54. Hi Kim!!

    I just can't believe that someone said that!!!:( My goodness, how sad that that person had to take out their anger on you.

    We ALL feel bad about what happen, but, for a couple of minutes we can read your BEAUTIFUL Blog and see something peaceful and nice.

    Have a great week Kim!!


  55. It is all lovely, but I am so very partial to the elf and the moss reindeer. I love whimsical touches. I have found that the bloggers I follow are caring, sensitive and creative people. Thanks Kim for being that kind of blogger.

  56. Kim, as I sit here reading your blog this morning, I am also watching the morning show with more coverage of the shooting. I'm sorry someone felt the need to leave a negative comment--on your blog and other blogs. I think every one of us who are normal cannot stop thinking about what we've seen and heard from Connecticut. I, for one, feel the need for something to help take my mind off the horror and sadness, if only for a few minutes. And the lovely blogs I follow do that for me. At some point, we have to keep going, living, most of you must do this for your children and family. We can't stay in a grieving pattern forever. Thank you for adding a bit of normal to our day.

  57. I love those pillows! Everything looks great Kim. My heart aches for all those families and all those little angels that were taken from this world way too soon!! That comment was so uncalled for!

  58. People sometimes say things in anger or profound sadness and then realize that it's unfair and untrue and then think better of it. Hopefully, that's what happened. Your room is beautiful and I hope that you continue to share your lovely things.

  59. i don't understand: first we had the politically correct police, now the emotion police? How dare anyone judge you because you are trying to add some beauty and joy, especially when there are so many dismal things in our world today? Frankly, I am glad that some people went on with their blogs as ususual. I have felt inundated and overwhelmed by all the sadness and repeated rehashing of the tragedy on the news and on blogs. sometimes I think we almost seem to need to punish ourselves and others by hanging on to the horror when these things happen. Terrible, yes, but it is also terrible that people are dying of cancer and starving, yet we don't necessarily have to reiterate these bad things constantly. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and won't let those sorts of comments drag you down.

  60. Your room exudes a happy feeling. We all desperately need that!

    Your wreaths are such a great statement. You have a great eye for design.Love your mantel too.

    Thank you for beauty during a sad hard time. Merry Christmas. May His Light guide our way.

  61. Kim,

    I am speechless that someone left that comment for you! I think that there is not a person in the world that is not affected by this and that many people bloggers, writers and etc have pondered over what to write this week. The fact is that this is a terrible tragedy, it is heartbreaking and heart wrenching. But insetead of writing comments to people like yourself who are trying to aleviate some of the pain by showing beautiful images and thoughts that reflect the spirit of the season perhaps we should be railing at the media for continually showing the horrified faces of parents who have just been told their child did not make it, or for showing the face of the person who did it.

    I am sorry to go on, but I think that your house and blog as well as all of the others who agonized over whether to post or not bring a little light and beauty in the face of such misery and sadness.

    Have a great holiday Kim!


  62. Everything is lovely, Kim and you know how I feel. Blessings to you.