Nutcrackers, Antlers, and Ornaments


Bet that title grabbed your attention. I didn't know what else to title this so that is what describes what I have used in the sitting room to add a bit of Christmas cheer.

 My small nutcracker collection sits atop the vaisellier.

 I did have just the antlers in this silver bowl before the Christmas decorating started and then I just added some of my gobs of leftover ornaments.

I used this cone tree along with its mate last year on the mantel. This year I just stuck on in this basket filled with greens and a couple of candles.

More to come.

Thanks for all your kind words on last night's post. I will continue to share all these posts that I have lined up. I am not trying to belittle the horrific tragedy, but I and some of you need to see the pretties to escape the evil in this world if for only a few minutes. Let's not let evil win.


  1. Very pretty, Kim. I love seeing your new piece of furniture and it looks just lovely with the addition of your Christmas decor.

  2. I am very glad to know life goes on.

    I so enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing each lovely holiday post.

    Because it is CHRISTMAS and a very special birthday celebration.........and it is wonderful to share in the beauty of the season.

    I really adore that rose tree - such a gorgeous unexpected.

    Still can't get used to antlers, but I was a vegetarian for almost 30 years so animal bits freak me out more than a little, haha. I don't even care for animal print - I know, I need therapy!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day, Kim!

  3. Everything looks so pretty. I love your new hutch, it is so beautiful and looks lovely with all it's Christmas decor. Hugs, Marty

  4. It's all looking so pretty, Kim. Up here I'm getting it all done, slowly but surely!

  5. Just ignore the trolls. You were spot on when you said, "Why is she looking?"

    Honestly, I was so sick on Friday night and Saturday morning over the news coverage of the event, that I couldn't focus on my book (a crime novel) or much of anything. Couldn't sleep, etc. I went to the blogs, yours included, and finding pretty things to look at (and turning off the TV) saved my sanity. Some of us internalize the horror more than others because it is the way we are wired, but in times like these, we do need a distraction.

    I may write a post about this on my other blog, and I would like to quote you.

    Thank you for all the "pretty" you share.


  6. Looks beautiful Kim. I especially love that basket filled with greenery, and how you have the pretties under it. Keep sharing, makes us smile!

  7. Kim, your red sofa with the seasonal pillows is lovely. I like the simplicity of the basket filled with greens. Your home has an open, fresh look. I like that!

  8. Kim, everything you do is beautiful. The antlers in the silver bowl look fantastic with the "leftover" bulbs. So so pretty.

  9. I think we need tolerance.
    Blog, don't blog.
    Look, don't look.
    People need to do what feels right for them.

    I enjoyed the diversion of looking at your holiday home. The very last shot was my favorite Kim. The sweet little drum table all surrounded by pretties!

  10. All very well done. Love the mix of holiday cheer and natural elements. Perfect post:)

  11. Your use of red and green are perfect in this room!
    Mary Alice

  12. I love all of it! I have a house full of boys and not one nutcracker....gotta fix that! I also have antlers but they are put away because I have always worried that they were a bit too pointy for little people, but now that they are not so little people I will fix that as well!Thanks for the ideas!

  13. All of your decorations in your family room and sitting room look so pretty. I bet you did have a lot of left over ornaments this year. I remember last year you had about 3 trees! I like how you were able to use them in other ways around your home.

  14. Catching up with your posts, Kim...your home looks so beautifully decorated for Christmas! I'm sorry you had such a mean comment yesterday, and it was really unfair. Everyone feels terrible about the awful tragedy...

  15. Your sitting room looks so lovely with its wonderful Christmas color.

  16. I am so glad you are getting the support you deserve!!! Love the sitting room embellishments. That cone tree is wonderful, I love it. XO, Pinky

  17. I'm still drooling over the vasselier. The rose cone tree is such a nice pop of color.