My Favorite Room....Beaux Reves


Happy Friday Everyone!  
It's me, Cindy at Beaux R'eves  
and can I tell you HOW excited I was when Kim asked me to feature my favorite room 
in her lovely Friday series.  
I have been an avid follower of Savvy Southern Style since before I started blogging 
so this is quite an honor.  Thank You Kim.  
I had planned on showing you my Kitchen and Hearth Room 
but when I was talking to my daughter, Miss Beaux,  
she rolled her 16 (almost 17) year old blue eyes at me and said 
"You have shown that room like a gazillion times MOM!"  
Why are kids so darned honest?  
So, I have decided to share a room that I have never really revealed in it's entirety : 
The Master Bedroom.  
I love my Bedroom, it is like my private sanctuary 
and respite from the rest of the crazy house. 
Come on in and I will show you around. 

This is the view as you enter the room.  
We have a long bedroom measuring 22'9" X 14'6".  
To offset the length, I have set up a cozy seating area as you enter the room.

 A pretty settee placed at an angle with a matching ottoman.  
And do you remember Delilah that I found at an Estate Sale? 

She is still one of my favorite finds.  
I was so lucky to find the perfect chair in the perfect color for this room.
I purchased this Armoire at High Point 
when Mr. Beaux and I were building the house almost 11 years ago.  
Ooops!  I didn't take into consideration that it wouldn't fit through 
the narrow hallway into our bedroom.  
The guys had to take the sliding glass door all the way off to fit it into the room.  
This is where I store all of my clothes as we don't have a dresser.  
I would open it up and show you but it's kind of like Monica's closet in Friends.  
I know you understand.  
 It has two full length mirrors inside, drawers and lots of shelves where I keep all of my t-shirts and workout clothes in plastic bins that are supposed to keep me organized. 
Our Wesley Allen Iron bed has been with us for about 16 years now.  
I keep thinking that I want a change and either get a padded headboard or a beautiful wood French style headboard, but I'm going to wait until our next house.  
The chests on either side of the bed both have marble tops.  
This is such a must have for setting water glasses on (and the occasional
bedtime snack) and never having to worry about stains.
I love having all white bedding.  
It makes me feel like I'm in a hotel.  
I've added a soft aqua matelasse underneath the white feather down comforter.  

I'm a sucker for Battenburg lace and frills.  
The great thing about white cotton is that it is all washable.  
That is crucial in our house with the dogs.  

This is the view from the other side of the room.  
The two double doors lead into the Master Bath. 
To tour the Master Bath click here.
We have the flat screen mounted over the see through fireplace.  
I hate to admit that I am a TV watcher in bed.  
I love snuggling up under the covers and watching DVR-ed 
episodes of Jimmy Fallon.  
Poor Mr. Beaux!  

The little niches hold urns from Nell Hill's that match the paint color exactly. 

I'm dying to get down to her shop again.  
I always find the most wonderful things!

The see through fireplace gets a lot of use!  
It really warms up the room and adds such a nice romantic effect.  
We even have a remote so you can turn it off from the bed.  
Now if I can only find that darn thing! 

The lighting was fun to design in this room.  
The lights over the bed are reading lights.  
When you flip the switch on Mr. B's side the halogen light is angled towards his side of the bed and vice versa when you flip my switch.  
Fun trick right?  
Now I just need to get rid of the fan light and switch it out for a chandelier... 

 I hope you all enjoyed taking a look at my Master Bedroom tour!  
It really is a peaceful place to snuggle up and get cozy~ especially when the weather looks like this outside!

Thanks again, Kim for inviting me to share my favorite room

Thank you, Cindy for sharing this stunning master bedroom.

Okay, my readers, go on over to Beaux Reves and tour the rest of her beautiful home. They are in the process of getting it ready to put on the market and
I don't think they will have any trouble selling it.

Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. What a glorious bedroom...I am so envious of that fireplace...such a warm and cozy retreat!...Cindy, your bedroom is just beautiful!...Thanks Kim for this great presentation today...I so enjoyed it!! Have a great weekend!

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    Mary Alice

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    Amazing and beautiful.

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    Cindy you know I LOVE your kitchen and hearth room too!!
    Have a great weekend ladies:)

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    Hugs ladies,

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  25. Hi Kim!!

    Thank you Cindy and to Cindy's daughter!!

    I love this room!! It's so beautiful!! So relaxing and not cluttered. I went crazy over the settee and matching ottoman, and Delilah is gorgeous!!!

    Thanks Kim for having Cindy visit. It was great!!