The Top Three

Hope your week is off to a good start. Here are the top three most viewed links from last week's Wow Us Wednesdays party.

21 Rosemary Lane opened her home up for us and took us on a tour. Over 794 of you toured it.

315 of you toured Ireland with The French Hutch.

281 of you looked at 17 ways to create a centerpiece with this long box by Far Above Rubies.

Ladies you can grab a featured button if you don't have one.

See y'all tonight!


  1. Gorgeous features! I missed all of those, so I am heading there now.

  2. Very nice... I do tend to miss posts so this is so helpful! V

  3. OK have not only wowed me but I had to actually climb up off of the floor!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to put up the top 3 each week! I am thrilled to be among the them this week. I did a full post on my blog and FB page to thank you and tell everyone about your wonderful WOW party!
    XO Barbara

  4. Great choices for features! I actually pinned all of Far Above Rubies long box centerpieces for inspirtiton for my own holiday tables. Blessings to you Kim. See ya' at the party! Patti

  5. Those are great! I missed that home tour so I have to check that out! And the Ireland one too! Sheesh....must've had my head in an OLIVE BUCKET or something......just sayin'
    Thanks! Your throw the BEST parties!

  6. Thanks and I'm still looking for a long box or long tool box since I have so many great ideas from everyone.

  7. Those are great picks Love them!

  8. What great posts! I really love Barb's tour!!!
    I'll looking forward to all the inspiration tonight!

  9. Well I am certainly shocked! Thanks Kim, and thanks for hosting each week!

  10. I think I need to go tour Ireland, since I won't will be my only way to go somewhere that I really would love to see! I keep putting up posts to link to WOW and then I forget to do so...hopefully, the post I put up earlier I will remember to link here this week!

  11. Great picks, Kim. I know all of them! xoDiana

  12. Hi Kim, Wow, thanks for Today’s features. See you later this evening......

    The French Hutch