Chore or Project?


It was a bee-yu-tee-ful day today. A good day to do this, but I didn't.

I was supposed to clean up our garage. It is rather disgusting, but for some reason I started painting instead.

Hmmmmm, let's see........dirty chore or pretty project? Yep, project wins.

What did you do today?

Happy weekend!


  1. Oh what a tease!!
    Having a great weekend regardless of our nasty weather up here in Canada!!!!

  2. I'm liking that chippy blue table, but I love lazing around in the hammock!

  3. My project and I are not on speaking terms! LOL! I had to walk away from the secretary project for a while because I am flummoxed over what I should do. I have cleaned my windows, washed the dogs and ordered that order! LOL!
    When do we get to see the table?



  4. I haven't been able to go "thrifting" in awhile because of so much school work, but today hubby and I drove to Santa Barbara. We scoured some of our favorite thrift stores and consignment store. I didn't come back with any grand treasures but it was all about me and him anyway!

  5. Today?

    Hit the huge garage sale of the United Methodist Church in my little town - huge huge huge one and found some wonderful treasures - all I am keeping!

    Had my niece overnight.

    Went to clothes consignment store because I cleaned my closet out today, and it was fun having her with me.

    Ordered custom made blinds for the office and one of the guest rooms. Went into sticker shock
    VERY productive day and now I just wanna lounge and watch a movie, haha.

  6. My hubby and I actually spent the day cleaning out and organizing the garage! Not as fun as a project but it was loooong overdue and feels good now that it's done! The weather here is NC is gorgeous but the pollen is horrible so it was a good day to stay inside. Loving your chippy table! Have a great weekend : )

  7. Well, that looks like something fun :)
    I cleaned up my horrendous (still pretty bad)garage yesterday, with the help of my grown daughter. Today, I'm working on creative projects for the shop. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Jeanette @ Creating a Life

  8. I did a small project too! It is fun to finish something that has been waiting!

  9. NOW- Which part of this post is supposed to surprise me?;>) I bet you have fun and a new project to show us soon- xo Diana

  10. Hello Kim!

    I love you hammock!I think you should take some time to relax in it before the weather is to hot!

    The garage does not sound fun, although I will be doing that myself tomorrow.

    Looking forward to your painting adventure.


  11. It always makes me happy when my friend has a dirty garage =) mine is horrible! It's on my to do list! Beautiful hammock and great table! We worked in the yard all day.

  12. À beautiful calm.


  13. Sometimes a gals gotta do what a gals gotta do! Sounds like you had fun & thats a good thing!!

  14. The hammock by the pond is just like a great pic from a magazine!!..yes, pretty project!!

  15. :) Love this. Sometimes, indulgence is best eh? I mowed. Today I paint. Tomorrow, I rest. Hugs. Tammy

  16. Haha, this is an easy choice for me, always! We were supposed to tackle a long list of garden yesterday, but a friend came over for lunch and we sat outside and ate and drank wine for 3 hours! Then we needed a long nap :) It was heaven, and made us realize that we should take a break every once in a while. Back to the grind today though ...

  17. I like that finish you're giving that little table. Really neat!

  18. I was thinking about your hammock this morning! Honey wants one and I might do it for his birthday or dad's day. Lovely!!

  19. Oh Kim so many chores I should be doing but alas, I chose not to do anything! A first for me, but I rather liked it. LOL

  20. Yesterday was a delight. My granddaughter celebrated her sixth birthday with sixteen sweet friends at a tea party room restaurant. My daughter and I took an abundance of candid pictures of these darling little girls pouring their milk, pink lemonade, or in my granddaughter's choice "water" from their own small-sized teapots. Many of their moms stayed and enjoyed soups,salads and delicious scones from the menu. It truly will be a great memory.

  21. Warm in the 70s today, so my mom and I drove through the cemetery to look at the weeping cherry trees.

  22. Same here! Northern California in the spring is glorious! Can you spill the beans on how you did the gorgeous chippy table finish?