On the Back Porch


Last week I sat on Anita's back porch and she interviewed me, virtually of course. I thought I would share the post here just in case you missed it and want to find out a little more about me. Visits were way down last weekend since it was a holiday weekend and y'all were busy celebrating.

1. What was the most exciting thing that has happened to you because of your blog?

Now, that is an easy one. When I was looking in my emails one day and came across an email asking me if I would be interested being published in Romantic Homes magazine? Who? What? Me? Squeal! Then after sending photos of my master bedroom into them they said they were going in a different direction and wouldn't be publishing my bedroom after all. I was crushed. To get so excited and then have it not happen, but this happens all the time with magazines. Then they saw my powder room transformation and the editor loved it and wanted it for the Cottages and Bungalows makeover addition. Yay! Of course it wasn't a professional photo shoot which I was hoping for, but they used my photos that I took and sent to them. Hey, it was still my stuff in a magazine.

I was just recently featured on houzz.com and was thrilled to be asked. A local freelance writer/photographer came to the house and interviewed me and took all the pictures.

The magazine article was exciting and being featured on houzz, but the absolute best thing to happen to me because of my blog are the new friendships formed. I didn't have girl friends before, but now I can say I do and I am so glad to have these friends now.

2. What is your dream gig?
Even though I did have my powder room in a magazine I would still love a real photo shoot for a magazine. Mr. Savvy would rather me not get that gig. He says I will be impossible to live with and he may be right.

3. What are a few things readers may be surprised to find out about you?
I was born in Greensboro, NC and the oldest of three. We moved about every three years when I was growing up because of  transfers with my dad's job with Exxon, but it was always in the southeast. My favorite place to live and my mom's was St. Simons Island, Ga. I have been back a few times to visit.

Another thing most of you don't know, I sang in the church choir for many years and even sang solos occasionally.

We use to travel to many beautiful places for business conferences with my husband's job, but those ended when the economy went sour in 2007. I've been to Hawaii three times, several cities in Italy twice(once was to go to our son and dil's wedding reception given by her parents since most of her family was unable to come to the states for the wedding), San Francisco, Colorado Springs, Amelia Is., Fl every summer, Cancun, Bahamas cruise, Alaska cruise, and more. We have been very blessed getting to travel all over. Sorry no photos on a disc.

4. How would you describe your style?

Hmmm, that one is kind of a mixed bag.

I actually love several different styles. I would say my style is pretty traditional with French Country, English Country and some farm house style thrown in.

breakfast room

powder room

And there must be some whimsy thrown in here and there. I just want my home to be comfortable and not too stiff.

5. What are your top three favorite posts?

My favorite posts seem to be my readers' favorites, too according to the comments and numbers.

I love my sun room and this was the spring/summer look reveal in 2012. I also shared this on hometalk and it went nuts on there.

My kitchen reveal two years ago after adding beadboard wallpaper, trim and new paint color is my most popular post. Fun looking back since it has been updated more since then.

This sideboard that I painted more than once and revealed is another favorite of mine. I love how adding the fabric really added to the French country and very worn look I was going for. I never even knew I liked to paint furniture before blogging and now I can't stop.

 Blogging has really brought out the creativity in me. I also love photography now and never thought twice about it before blogging. Now if I could just stop and really study photography more.

Well, did you learn something new?

Have a super Saturday!


  1. We love both St. Simons and especially Amelia island!

    I was quite surprised at the choir comment - I don't believe i've ever read a comment about church on your blog.


  2. Now I know why I enjoy your blog so much! My home is traditional with a twist of French and Italian country. I will paint almost anything. I've traveled extensively with my husband over the years related to his work as a state legislator. I do not sing. Did I mention I love cows!

  3. It's really fun learning more about you, Kim! I am a big fan of whimsy, too!

  4. Love learning more about you Kim! HUGE congratulations on your HOUZZ feature and May's Romantic Homes too!! :)

  5. Congratulations on being published. I love your style and think it would appeal to a broad audience--you have brought an almost contemporary feel to traditional decor. I want to try adding fabric to a painted piece--loved your sideboard. Come on over and check out my published work, if you haven't already: sundayview.blogspot.com

    Have a great weekend!


  6. Congratulations on being published! I enjoyed reading this Kim! You are so lucky to have traveled to so many wonderful places.I too moved allot as a child.It think that is why in our 24 years of marriage we have only moved three times.I only want to do it one more time! Probably to downsize someday.

  7. Such a great interview, Kim! Making friends is my favorite part of blogging too. I didn't really have pals to decorate and craft with before blogging! You are one of my faves, congratulations on your success. You deserve every bit of it :)
    xo, Andrea

  8. That was interesting! Congratulations on being published too!

  9. What a fun read Kim! Your home and your blog are so lovely and you are a very talented photographer! Enjoyed reading about you :)

  10. Great post Kim, and congrats on all the wonderful things going on in your life. I did learn where your hubby works and it interests me because we own an Environmental Co. and clean up oil spills. Beautiful pics, girl!!

  11. Kim, I love this post with all the pictures of your gorgeous home. I totally agree with what you said about the friendships. Great icing on the cake! Or perhaps its the cake, too :)

  12. Kim, nice post. I also like a mixture of traditional, French country, and farmhouse. That's probably why I like your blog :) Linda

  13. I loved reading that Kim! It was so nice to get to know you better:)! Have a great weekend, Jen

  14. Great interview. Who knew u sang!!!

  15. I did learn a lot!!! I learned that we have a few things in common. I'm a born NC girl and still live here. I also spent many many years singing in the church. I also sang with a couple of trios and a Christian Praise Band for about 12 years. I 'm not singing right now, took a break and I miss it terribly. Thanks for sharing a little more about yourself! Enjoy this beautiful Saturday!

  16. Congratulations on your features! I love your sunroom!!!

  17. I love how you describe your style, Kim - complete with a little whimsy. Shouldn't there be a little fun in our homes, after all? Great post!
    xo Heidi
    PS -- enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

  18. I love this post - very fun! The thing that I've got to ask is this: In your powder room you have the cow banner hanging.... where did you get that? I LOVE IT!!!!! ~ Dori ~

  19. Kim, this was so much fun. Your home is beautiful. I'm off to look at your paint colors!

  20. Kim, I visited Anita's for the interview, but enjoyed it just as much the second time around. '-)

  21. Kim - I had to giggle about your hubby saying you would be hard to live with for a full on magazine shoot. hehe. Wouldn't we all ;)I like it when you spill little bits about yourself, it's fun to learn about the lady behind the great design and pretty pictures.

  22. Kim, This was fun seeing highlights of your rooms in one place! Your fabric panel insets of your sideboard still amaze me and I would never leave your sun room :)

  23. All very exciting!! As a Georgia girl, I do appreciate the reference to St. Simons - I used to spend some happy days there, when I was growing up. We tend to head to the Florida Gulf coast these days. Always love seeing your home!

  24. Saw this over at Anita's and loved seeing it again...every time I look at one of the pics I see "something new"...:)..so many beauties to see!!...

  25. You're a hoot, Kim. Big head and all if you got professionally published! LOL Didn't know you were a NC girl. I don't think I'll be able to meet up with you girls during market.
    :-( I'll be busy downtown while you're all visiting the show house and I leave Sunday afternoon. Have fun looking around! Don't forget to check out Market Square. :-) Sue

  26. Very exciting Kim....you deserve it...you work very hard on your home and it looks beautiful!

  27. Kim this was a fantastic interview. Truly it has been so enjoyable to see you grow and make the friends you have. Not to mention all the people that really love your style and decorating. There is more to come for you, so hold on sista and enjoy the ride!~

  28. Kim, How exciting for you to even be asked to be in a magazine... an honor that has not happened to many... that's for sure!!!
    I love everything you do and it is all so magazine worthy!

    You are certainly a rising star in blogland!
    I hope you count be among your dearest friends... I feel that way about you!!! xo

  29. Kim
    I get all your updates in my email, that's how much I love your style! A girl after my own heart {maybe cause we're both Kims?} I was born on the East coast too, albeit New England.
    I just think the 'farm animals' in the bathroom are such a decore statement. Keep surprising us with your style. <3

  30. I have been blogging three years and I have loved watching your style change....so happy for all of your praises with Houzz...etc. Great interview!