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Hi everyone. I'm Delores, author of the blog Vignette Design.
When Kim asked if I would be interested in contributing to her series, "My Favorite Room," I was incredibly honored.  
The only problem?   What room to pick?
You see, my favorite room is our sunroom, off the kitchen, but it is so lived in that it isn't blog worthy!
So I'm featuring my "other" favorite room, our kitchen!

Our home was built in 1906, the year of the San Francisco earthquake.
The kitchen has probably been remodeled many times over the years, but most recently got a facelift with new countertops, backsplash, appliances and a new paint color for the cabinets.

I wanted the kitchen to have that English cottage "evolved over time" look, as indeed it has.

I replaced a built in cabinet and cooktop with a free standing Wolf range, similar in my mind to the wood burning original stove that lived here 100+ years ago.  The chimney is right behind that wall that I tiled with subway tile all the way to the floor.
Stripping the corbels and letting them age in the backyard for months adds to the look, as does my Mother-in-law's Persian rug.

Oil, vinegar, salts and utensils are corralled atop the stove in a galvanized tray.
I have a confession to make.  I am a terrible cook!
But, two of my grown children are chefs and my husband could be, he's that good.
So, this stove is for them, and do they love it!

Painting the cabinets "majolica green" really gave the kitchen that cottage feel that I was going for.
It took three coats, each adding a different layer to create the distressed, aged look.
The island is distressed black with its original pine showing through.
Although Kim, who is so talented with a paintbrush could achieve the same effect with her eyes closed, I hired a professional! Trust me, I'm not good with a paintbrush.

I purposely left the doors off this cabinet for open shelving display of some of my favorite ironstone and majolica.

While not everyone can live with a glass door refrigerator, it is my dream come true.
My family is instructed to bury me in this when I die!
Seriously though, it is so much fun and a great conversation piece.
People always ask how hard is it to keep neat and tidy.  
I don't keep it neat and tidy.
What you see is what you get!

Keeping the dishes in the cabinets neat and tidy is more my style!
Since painting the cabinets green, the white ironstone really stands out now.

Lamps, curtains and paintings in the kitchen?
Why, of course!
I love to keep this brown transferware lamp on when it's a gray day, and especially at night.

An old still life oil seems appropriate in a kitchen.
A wicker demijohn, French confit pot and a French vinegar jar add that rustic element that I like to contrast with the floral curtains.

The curtains were repurposed from the dining room and I've yet to hem them.
I'm keeping my eye open for another fabric that will make my heart skip a beat, but in the meantime, I'm loving the brown floral against the green cabinets.

The family room and eat-in breakfast room connect to the kitchen, just on the other side of the peninsula...

...and continues with my collection of old European oil paintings, confit pots and majolica.

The breakfast room is where we eat all our meals, even when company comes.
We dine in our formal dining room at Christmas and Thanksgiving.
If you follow my blog, you may know that I've also created many a tablescape in the breakfast and dining rooms with the plethora of dishes I've collected over the years.

And there you have it!
My favorite room!

As a faithful reader and follower of Savvy Southern Style, I am truly honored to be featured at Kim's "My Favorite Room" series.  I'm always amazed at how she can transform a piece of furniture with a can of paint, as well as her ability to accessorize like no other.  I love her style!
Thank you so much Kim!

Thank you, Delores. Your kitchen is one of my favorites in blog land. I could just move right in and not change a thing. All the updates are just perfect.

Okay, my readers, if Delores' blog is new to you you must get you something to drink, get comfy and pop over for a nice long visit. Delores not only has this home, but they have a second home in Asti and it is beautiful, too with wonderful views of vineyards.

If you missed any of the past favorite rooms you can view them here.

Have a super weekend!


  1. Delores, eyes closed, I don't think so, but thanks. I didn't realize you had so many confit pots. I am hoping to find some good deals on them in France. I have been wanting to add those to my collection for years.

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    Thank you for sharing your "next" favorite room.

    ~ Lisa ~

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    Congratulations Delores for your kitchen and Kim for another great choice.

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  11. One of my favorite kitchens. This room is definitely worthy of a "favorite". I don't agree with all rooms selected but Delores has a winner. She has such great taste in all her rooms. Great job, Delores! You set the bar...HIGH!!!! xo

  12. Yes, Ron, her kitchen is fabulous, but the other guest blogger's favorite rooms are their favorites regardless if you agree or not and I thank them for sharing them with my readers. There is no setting the bar high. Everyone's homes and favorite rooms are unique and fabulous in their on way.

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    Mary Alice

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    Thanks for sharing ladies. Following for sure. Luv your warm style and those green cabinets!!
    Hugs, Gee

  23. Oh my goodness...I think this is my favorite room too and it's not even in my home! So great. I'm going to save this post for when I finally get to redo my kitchen!!!
    Thanks so much!
    Ashley Rane Sparks

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  25. Hi D and Kim! So fun to see D's kitchen here today. always a real pleasure to see her home. I love that D always stays true to herself and anyone can tell it is her style! Her kitchen eating area is one of my favorites with all of its light and it is just comfy looking, her whole home is. D is as warm and inviting as her home is. A treasure in blogland for sure!!
    xo Kathysue

  26. Delores, What a fabulous home you have!!!! Your kitchen is truly my dream kitchen. Your refrigerator is a real work of culinary art!!!! I can see why it is so precious to you! You have a decorator's touch! Every last detail is attended to!!! Your home reflects your gracious spirit and European flair!!!

    Kim, this is a great feature!!!! I love everything Delores does... and getting a big glimpse of her home is a real treat!

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    So many special period touches really make this kitchen seem like it's always been in the home. Well done!

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    Cheers to you and yours,
    Therese @ Fresh Idea Studio

  38. Thank you all for such lovely comments!
    To answer Tracy Boyle's question about the paint brand. I really don't know. A painting contractor painted the cabinets and used many coats.
    Probably Benjamin Moore though! ~Delores

  39. Kim, thank you for featuring Delores' home. I admire Delores' style and sense of design. Her home looks very comfortable, warm, and inviting. Every image I've seen of her home and garden both in SF and the wine country make me think she is one who has an excellent eye. I love her collected look. Great series, Kim! ~ Sarah

  40. Kim I am so thrilled you have featured Delores. I adore her kitchen and I am not even a "green person" It all works beautifully and I love seeing all of her collections!

    Art by Karena
    Giveaway by NOVICA

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  42. Delores, The kitchen is fabulous! It's such a great look and I don't blame you for wanting to be buried in your beautiful fridge!

    Ladies (and Gents), Please tell me how marble can be used in a kitchen without the pitting and staining that comes from wine, vinegar and citrus juices??? I have it in my bathroom and even mouthwash destroys it! I'll give up mouthwash, but not wine!!!

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