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Hi, I'm Christy, and I blog with my friends Amy and Terry at 11 Magnolia Lane. Kim, thank you so much for letting me share my favorite room with your readers! Y'all might be surprised that I'm showing you a porch in October, but we live in Savannah, Georgia, and it's just now cool enough that we can enjoy our porch without suffering heat stroke! Seriously--it was 85 degrees when I snapped these pictures a few days ago.
  Sheer curtains on back porch

My husband is in the military and graciously provides me with a new house in a new state every couple of years, so I'm NEVER done decorating (or unpacking boxes, sigh). Sometimes we own, and sometimes we rent. This time we're living in military housing, and that can be a real decorating challenge. Everything I do has to be undone before we move. We moved in mid-July, so about ten weeks ago, and I think I've gotten a lot done in that time.

  chippy white iron table and burlap seat cushions

I've learned to embrace the distressed look, since the movers have "distressed" almost every piece I own. I also gravitate towards thrift store and flea market pieces, because then nothing is so precious that I'll lose my mind if it gets broken. The chippy white table was a trash-day find back when we lived in Virginia Beach (you can't beat free!), and I bought the chairs at a flea market and recovered the seats with burlap.

  chippy iron table and chairs

 Because screened porches are a must in Savannah--and we obviously don't have one--I created one using sheer drapery panels and a staple gun. We just untie them when we're eating outside and they keep the bugs away. The conversation area is a great place to curl up with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine!) and a book. In a few more weeks we'll bring out the fire pit, but it's still too hot right now.

  patio conversation seating area
The back gate leads out to the woods. My kids like to explore back there, but not as much as the cat does!

  back gate grapevine wreath

Mums and lavender fall flowers

 I strung some grapevine lights inside the porch and we plug them in at night. And just like the sign says, "Every hour is happy hour" at our house!

  view from back porch

Speaking of which, this whipped apple cider martini is a recipe that Amy's husband invented, and it's one of my favorite Fall drinks. If you'd like to try it, the link to the recipe is {here}. Yum!

  apple cider martini

Last but not least, the dog photo bombed about twenty of my snaps, so I finally just decided to leave him in the shot--he matches the Fall color scheme, after all!

  dog on back porch

 Thanks for stopping by, and thanks again, Kim!

Thank you, Christy for sharing your pretty outdoor room. This is one area of my home that needs some work and I have been inspired by yours.

I hope y'all will go over and say hi to Christy, Amy and Terry at 11 Magnolia Lane.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. How beautiful and relaxing this space is. I would be out there all the time! Thanks for the tour.

  2. Like it so much, and it's the perfect place for a cup of tea or to read the newspaper, and of course to relax...Oh, it's like a dream:)

  3. With all her moves, it looks like this gal has acquired considerable decorating skill.

  4. Christy has certainly created a very inviting and relaxing beautiful outdoor room! I love her idea of making her own "screened" porch.
    Mary Alice

  5. First, what an inspiration you are to 'bloom where you'r planted.' You've created such a gorgeous space for your family!

  6. Love Christy and the ladies of 11 Magnolia Lane and love, love Christy's gorgeous outdoor spaces and not to mention how much I love Savannah!......Christy has a beautiful sense of design and her home is as beautiful as she is! Thanks Kim for another great Favorite Room!!!

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  8. What a lovely space! Looks like she got the very best of military housing, plus those decorating skills are to die for. ;) I want to visit!

  9. Christy, your beautiful porch looks so cool and pretty no matter what the thermometer reads! You have really created a beautiful outdoor living space with so many wonderful and welcoming details! I love love love Savannah and get there in the spring. You live in a place I call the MOTHERSHIP! Savannah is my kind of city.

    A special THANK YOU for the service your husband and your family have done for our country. I pray for our servicemen and women and their families often. GOD BLESS YOU!

    Thanks, Kim. What a sweet outdoor room and girl!

  10. Christy, Thanks to your husband for his service and thank you for being the wonderful woman and wife you are! Military life and changes are hard and bring moves, which you seem very capable of doing! Your decorating is amazing, especially since it has only been 10 weeks! Thanks for sharing!

  11. LOVE! I have that basket with chalk board, only round. So relaxing and so pretty it all is!

  12. Your outdoor space is a real dream Christy, truly. Thank you for sharing ladies!

  13. It is a wonderful space. I can see why it is your favorite!

  14. Christy your porch is gorgeous. I love the curtains. How soft and inviting and romantic it makes your space. I can see why it is your favorite space. Just beautiful.

  15. You are all too kind. I'm so glad you like the porch, and thank you for your kind words about my husband's service. Thank you for your appreciation, and your prayers! Christy

  16. I love Savannah Georgia
    and I love your dog in the pictures
    also love your curtains on your porch
    that is where I got the name for my blog
    I hung lace curtains in a tree over my back patio for
    the romantic breezy look pretending
    I was in the Caribbean someplace LOL

    I love going to Back In The Day Bakery on Bull street
    wonderful cupcakes
    I met Cheryl & Griff the owners one year I was there
    take the kids for a cup cake sometime

    tell Cheryl Janice in Missouri sent you, she will love it



  17. ps

    I was talking to Christy

  18. Kim, thanks for sharing this post on Christy's home. She certainly knows how to make a house a home. I'd love to spend time on that beautiful porch.

  19. What a great space! I love it!

    Have a fabulous weekend Kim!

  20. Thanks for sharing this outdoor tour, Kim. Christy's space looks perfect for relaxing or entertaining. The curtains really soften the area too.

  21. Fab porch! I really luv your version of 'screen' . Sooo dreamy and romantic. Makes me want to pull up a chair and join you.
    Thanks for sharing her porch Kim and for having us Christy.
    Hugs, Gee

  22. Kim, Thanks for sharing this wonderful space. Such a creative and comfortable looking space. Loved the sheer curtain ideal.

  23. An absolutely lovely and inviting space. You prove it doesn't take barrels of money to make an inviting space...just talent, and you have it.

  24. A dog makes every picture better! Don't even try to get him out! I would love a beautiful outdoor space like this.

  25. What a beautiful relaxing and inviting space! I bet you live out there in the summer months - I know I would.

  26. Thank you all again for such lovely comments, and yes, of course, you're all invited to come over and hang out! At Janice @Curtains in My Tree, I love Back in the Day Bakery! My kids go to school downtown (Bull and Oglethorpe) and we love exploring all the shops and restaurants down there. Y'all have a standing invitation if you ever get to Savannah!

  27. What a gorgeous porch!

  28. Love, love, love this porch I am a huge wicker fan decorated very nicely!