My Favorite Room......Poppy View


Hello everyone,

I am so excited and honoured to be here at Kim's today
 for her special series! When I discovered blogs, not too long ago,
 (yes, I'm all the way across the pond, and yes, I hear you LOL!), 
Kim's was one that spoke to me for its French Country flair!

 I couldn't believe my lucky stars - no more expensive magazines;
Savvy Southern Style was fabulous, French 'accented', and free!

By the way, I'm Poppy, writer of the blog Poppy View,
where I share my ideas of house and home,
a few thoughts here and there on life,
 and in the process, have met so many wonderful people!

I was born in Toronto, Canada,
but have been living on the island of Crete

for the past 25 years, and most recently, in a charming little village,
where we designed and built our new home all by ourselves!

I designed, (usually after sundown,
 and sometimes, dizzily, until dawn the next day!),

while my contractor husband built,
 (only when time and funds allowed, not a fun time at all!).

So far, we've been standing in my kitchen,
but this is not my favourite room. 
Confused? I don't blame you!
 Okay: a few cups of caffeine before we continue.

Have you tried Greek coffee? Dr. Oz swears by it!
 And I do make a smooth brew...

Or do you prefer tea?

And a sweet treat, of course!

Pick a teapot... any teapot.

Now, where shall we sit?

 How about the breakfast nook?

Or, would you be more comfortable in the living room?
It's always sunny and warm by the window.


Perhaps you would prefer to face the fireplace.

It's a popular spot, especially on cooler days,
cocooning in front of a cozy fire.

Then again, the views are quite pretty from the dining room,

either looking in, and across to the hallway and sun room,

or out, towards the garden,


 and the Cretan countryside.

If it feels like we've been going around in circles,
 that's because we have!
Finally, we've come full circle,
and are literally, and figuratively,
back where we started -

in the kitchen, which happens to be one corner of the great room.
Yes, the great room, my favourite room, as it contains 4 rooms in 1!


For me, the great room is a warm and welcoming space,
  inspired by French Provencal colours and English Country charm.

A little bit of whimsy thrown in for good measure,
 (that’s the Mediterranean in me–can’t get too serious!), and violà -

you have an eclectic, custom-made space that personifies its creator,
 a Greek Canadian expat, living on the island of Crete.

Hope you've enjoyed the tour.
Thanks again, Kim, for the lovely invitation 
and your sweet hospitality, and to all of you, here, today!
Hope you get a chance to visit me at Poppy View.


No need to call, just come on by when you're in the 'bloggerhood',
where a cozy corner awaits you, just in case you should!

Happy Weekend!


Thank you, Poppy for inviting us in to see your pretty home filled with wonderful color and such a beautiful scenic place to live.

I hope y'all will go over to Greece without the long flight and jet lag and say hi to Poppy at
Poppy View.

See all past favorite rooms here.

Have a super weekend!


  1. Hi Poppy nice to meet you. Your kitchen and home are just darling. Beautiful. I love roosters too!~ What a pretty back yard you have as well. Thanks for sharing your space today.

  2. Hi Poppy, nice to have you join us. Your home is just lovely!

  3. Dearest Poppy ,when I look to your blog and I can see all these cosy and happy corners ,I feel the beauty of your home !
    I enjoyed the home tour very much and thank you for sharing this ! Also a big thank you to Kim that she is a
    lovely hostess ! Have a nice day !

  4. Uma casa linda e cheia de charme em cada cantinho. Inspiradora.
    Tenha um ótimo dia.

  5. Poppy, your home is jam packed full of charm! And what a gorgeous view as well. Love your kitchen.
    Mary Alice

  6. What a great post Poppy and Kim! I just started following Poppy today before I read this post as we've been visiting back and forth a bit. Have a great weekend! Pamela

  7. I have always enjoyed Poppy's beautiful home!! What a great home tour!

  8. How pretty! I love her dishes!

  9. I love I love seeing Kim's Favorite Room series that starts off my Friday on a great note...and seeing Poppy's beautiful home truly did that....Poppy, your home is so beautiful...loved seeing all of the pretty details....Your rooms are so very cheerful and warm and the views are magnificent!...Thanks Kim for presenting Poppy's home today...Have a great weekend!

  10. so charming and inviting! my granddaughters and now everyone calls me Poppy :-)

  11. Poppy, What a happy home! I love the bright red you chose against all the white. I must admit... I do LOVE this color combo! What a beautiful and inviting home you and your husband built. Wonderful to visit the Isle of Crete today and get away from all the rain here!
    Thanks Kim!

  12. How wonderful to visit the isle of CRETE!!! Since I have never been out of the country this was a treat. Your home is so happy and cheerful, that is what a red and white combo says to me. Love it! You and your hubby have done a beautiful job creating your sweet home. I will be over to visit. Thanks, Kim for the intro!!

  13. Poppy's style and color palette match mine perfectly. I always love to see what she is up to.

  14. Poppy I love your home! It's beautiful. Thank you for the tour.

    Thank you Kim for inviting Poppy to share her home.

  15. Poppy's home is so sweet and cozy! Looks like it could have come right out of a magazine. I love her little pops of red and the pattern on the sofas are just darling! The pool...well that needs NO words is simply stunning!!!
    Thank you so much for bringing Poppy's home to your readers and have a wonderful weekend!!!
    XO Barbara

  16. A big thank you to Kim and all of you for your sweet comments! Happy weekend to everybody! :-D


  17. It looks like a happy house, Poppy! Happy Thanksgiving to you, even if you are in Crete.


  18. Hey Poppy! I have enjoyed your blog posts in the past and it was nice to see the rest (or most) of your beautiful home! I love your style....many of the same things that take my eye as well....and the roosters and chickens are my favorite! You did a fantastic job designing your lovely home, girl :)


  19. The colors in your photos are always so brilliant Poppy, it must be the wonderful light in Crete! Your home is so pretty and inviting and I love all the colors you surround yourself with!

  20. Kim I was so excited to see Poppy's colorful and charming home featured on your blog today! I absolutely love her style! Poppy, you know I am a huge fan~ love that floral couch! ;) Kim

  21. Your home is beautiful and cozy. I would not have expected to see a home like this in Greece. I, love Greek coffee. Thank you for sharing with us. Paula

  22. I'm a big fan of Poppy View, so what a treat to see so much of her beautiful home here on SSS!

  23. In all the time I've been following you I never realized all those rooms were one. Thanks for the full tour!

  24. I never tire of Poppy's place and the way she embraces colors - so charming and pretty !!!

  25. Poppy, I love, love, love......pretty much everything! It all looks so inviting!

  26. Hi Poppy, your home is so lovely! love your wonderful reds and your decorated hutch!!

  27. Greetings from Canada Poppy! Okay, my mouth is still dropped to the ground - your home is absolutely stunning and so inviting. I love the pops of red (my favorite color) and green and all those beautiful vignettes and florals...I could go on and on. I'm so thrilled Kim introduced you to us - Thanks Kim!

  28. Hello Poppy...your home is fun and cheery! I'm a fan of roosters and especially red, it was so nice to see your lovely home....Congrats on the feature!

  29. It was so much fun seeing all these lovely rooms together in one post here--instead of the time I've spent searching them out on Poppy View, although they are so worth the time searching! With each one we feel that we know Poppy more and more, and the rooms are authentic Poppy.

    Delightful--the rooms and Poppy!


  30. Oh! I just love this home! I am heading over to her blog right now!

  31. Great home tour!
    Thanks for hosting Poppy. Kim!

  32. Wonderful home! Amazing view!! Can't wait to go visit her blog. :-)

  33. Poppy, thank you for sharing your lovely home! So bright and cheery! And I have already been enjoying your blog. And thank you Kim for letting Poppy show off her lovely home. I hope you both have a great day!

  34. What' a delightful tour of your beautiful abode Poppy. Thank you for opening your door and your windows so we can enjoy the view with you.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend my friend.

  35. Kim
    Thanks for featuring Poppy!
    I've been following her for a while now, but I never tire of seeing her bright and cheerful home.
    Not to mention all of her beautiful photos of Crete!

  36. Poppy...thanks for showing us your warm and cheery home:)

  37. Hi Poppy, thanks for sharing your very sweet and inviting home! I can see you put your heart in it! Very Very cute and a magnificent view. Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  38. Poppy's home is so charming. I love it. I am already one of her followers, but I have to say I had not seen so many beautiful pictures of her home. Fabulous. Thank you so much for this wonderful post. Candy

  39. I've always loved Poppy's beautiful and charming home...and it reflects her beautiful personality, as well! Thanks for the feature.

  40. quante belle foto quanti particolari e quanti bei colori complimenti per questa meraviglia di casa .....ciaooo

  41. OMG, I love the hanging pot rack, I believe that is the prettiest one I have ever seen. Where did you find it, I would love to have one. Typically I don't like them but that one is off the chart!!! Thanks for any info.

  42. Quite a pleasant space! Thank you for sharing!

  43. I'm always dazzled by the colors and beautiful views that you share here on your blog, Poppy! Your great room is fabulous!