My Favorite Room......Sunday Brocantes


 I am certain that Kim will be surprised to see which room I chose to feature when she asked me to share my favorite room this Friday.  She was just here in Normandie at Rabbit Hill last month and I was gushing about my love for the kitchen and true, it is my favorite space in the house and where I do spend the most time, but I thought I would instead give you a tour of my other favorite creative space -- my studio office or 'atelier' ... which also happens to function as our 'chambre des amis' -- or guest room.

After deciding that this large 360sf room was a bit too big for our almost three year old daughter to use as a bedroom, making it a work space and occasional guest room was a logical plan. Would you guess that behind the panel doors on the right and left of the fireplace there is a hidden 'salle de bain' and on the other side a laundry closet that hides our washer and dryer?

 Initially, the room was set up with a single day-bed and a table that I could use as a desk but eventually we found a gorgeous Louis XV upholstered bed that now has a permanent place there.  I am currently dreaming about doing away with my oval work table (which was once our kitchen table!) and replacing it with a long 'table de drapier' which would work much better running the entire length of the wall.

The armoire found at a brocante and then repainted, holds all of my brocante finds, vintage linens and small items waiting to be photographed as well as and packing supplies.

 Decorating this room has been fairly easy for me.  The already existing palette of soft grey and cream was perfect.  Most of our furnishings were purchased at brocantes or found at local auction houses.  The shutters behind the bed which were added to bring the eye down and to work with the very high 13' ceilings, make the room cozy and lend to the rustic elegant contrast that I love to use in decorating.  They were salvaged from the side of the road the second year we lived in France.

It is sometimes the 'petite assistante' who shows more promise as an 'un-decorator' than a decorator that brings the most challenge when working on a room.

The space for me, not only has to serve several purposes but also has to be inspirational and functional.  My visions was to fill it with decorative vintage items that I love, create backdrops for staging and photography, have a place to write and work and when not busy with all of that be ready to accommodate guests.

 And because it is essentially 'my' room, I have filled it with things I love to have close; old French books, vintage postcards, soft grain sack cushions ...

 I have to admit that this bed beckons to me at times when I am sitting at my desk and working. Maybe no one would ever know if I snuck in a quick nap!

 I just recently found this vintage crate and sled base at a flea market in Northwest France.  It is staying in the studio for now but I cannot wait to set it up for the holidays filled with packages and evergreens!

As you can probably guess, I am inspired by texture and light and this room is filled with both.  Can you see why it is one of my favorite rooms at Rabbit Hill?

Thank so much Kim for inviting me to share a favorite room!  I hope you can come back to Normandie soon and try out the room for yourself!

Have a bon week-end everyone!

Thanks so much, Cat for sharing this beautiful room with us.

Did y'all enjoy your trip to France from the comfort of your home? I hope you will go over and say hi to Cat at Sunday Brocantes and read more about their life in Normandie.

I am off to the Country Living Fair and I hope y'all have a super weekend!


  1. I must say that this room is one of my favorites too....however, every room in Cat's and "Mr French Guy's" home is stunning....the bed in the guest/office is magnificent..such a showpiece...the many details and the room which mainly consists of extraordinary French antiques are truly magnifique!!!...I remember being in awe of this incredible are such a talented the way you decorate and style and in your fabulous writing....Thanks Kim for presenting Cat's favorite room today...

  2. Just three words.





  3. that is one favorite space....beautiful! Everything in it has a story.

  4. It is such a treat to see more of Cat's lovely home! I LOVE her style and the way she mixes textures, rustic with all works to perfection!
    Mary Alice

  5. So very, very lovely! Have fun this weekend!

  6. What a wonderful tour, Kim. That is an amazing room and I love these peeks into real life. What fun and I will pop over and visit her blog- xo Diana

  7. So many beautiful things to see and so many well-thought of details in this space, I can see why it's your favorite! Thanks for sharing!

  8. What a beautiful home...charming and cozy!

  9. What a beautiful home with so many French touches! I can see why it would be your favorite room. Love the crate!

  10. Such an amazing home! A true dream come true I am sure. Thanx for sharing it with us all today.

  11. Beautiful room! I love the collected feel of it

  12. Love that BED !!!! missed one similar at an estate sale I just couldn't bring another piece of furniture in my house , now of course wish I had picked it up for $50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your room is so french

  13. What a gorgeous and romantic space! pinning fingers will get to work to share with my Pinterest buddies! Once again, my Thanks for hosting this tour of a wonderful and gracefully decorated space, Kim!

  14. Cat's room is a sheer delight! That bed is AMAZING! I adore all the french decor and especially the vintage crate and sled base Cat found in Northern France!
    I have hung on every word about your trip to France. Thanks for taking me along!

  15. Kim, This is a wonderful room to create in and have a nap...for the wee assistant.xoxo,Susie

  16. I can understand why that is her favorite room. Oh so lovely.

  17. Fabulous style and details!
    Harvest Lane Cottage

  18. French flair, made to look so easy and effortless, (that's where a keen eye and the good design sense to edit, edit and edit, comes in handy), is always a joy for the senses. A beautifully orchestrated room.


  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this space!!
    Have fun at the Fair Kim!

  20. There is just one word for this room and that is....PERFECTION! And how wonderful that you got to see it in person, Kim! Enjoy the fair!

  21. Thank you KIm for sharing Cat's beautiful room. I love the old chippy shutters behind the bed. Oh la la that is gorgeous. So beautiful.

  22. Hi Kim, Have fun at the fair! Thanks for sharing Cat's lovely room with us. It's gorgeous, especially that bed. It's going to be fun to see what you bought in France.

  23. What a lovely room. I love the mantel: I knew from that picture before reading that the room was in France! A table de drapier would work very well in the room, flooded with the light coming from the window!

  24. I love the shutter headboard. It would be very pleasant to be a guest and stay in this lovely room.

  25. Cat's home is gorgeous! Love this beautiful room and that bed........absolutely gorgeous!And you know how much I adore those chippy shutters!

  26. Loving this French brocante vibe!!!

  27. Can't wait to see her crate and sled base at Christmas either! So wish I could be transported back to Normandy right now!