Rabbit Hill Tour part 1


I have lots to share from my amazing trip to France and wasn't real sure what to start with, but I just couldn't wait to share our host and hostess' home in Normandy where we were invited to enjoy a wonderful lunch. Cat and The French Guy just moved in last April and still have lots they want to do, but this home is amazing especially since it has been around for centuries.

 Be prepared to say oh and ah because I sure did while I was touring it.
How would you like to drive up to this each day? Yep, what can we say except, WOW! Oh, and not too shabby for an iphone photo. Look at that sky. This photo has not been edited in any way.

Want to go inside? I thought so.
To the right is the family room. Look at that huge fireplace and that beautiful mantel. They do have children so that is why there are a line of vehicles in the fireplace. Not sure about the giant wine bottle. :)

Of course you will find beautiful antiques throughout. Love the deconstructed chairs that Cat removed the old fabric from. She may recover these later, but for now they work like this. Oh, and did you notice the floor? The floors helped seal the deal for Cat.

Love how she has styled the mantel.

Oh and of course all the ceilings have beams.

Right across from the front door is this magnificent staircase. Solid wood railing and original tiled steps. You can see how they are worn from years of use. Wonder what stories these steps could tell.

At the top of the stairs on the first landing is a very old trunk for great storage.

Let's step inside the master bedroom. Don't you just love those leather chairs? Cat had to repaint this room. It was orange!

Upholstered bed with beautiful French linens.

They turned a small room in the back of the master their daughter's bedroom until she gets older. 

Let's step across the hall to the guest room. This is where their parents and other guests stay when they visit. Cat's parents were there when we visited. Wish I had a daughter in France to visit.

Love this bed, the ticking bedding, and look at the vintage shutters with sconces. Tres bien.

Wall to wall seagrass, an armoire painted by Cat, and vintage mannequins (one is for sale in Cat's shop which is open for three days now with free shipping so pop over for some French finds here.)

This is not the one for sale. 

Marble fireplace mantel.

Cat gave us a little lesson about park chairs verses a cafe chair. These chairs that fold are park chairs and the woven ones that don't fold are cafe chairs. 

One little problem with living in a very old house is there may be a little inconvenience. There is only one toilet and it is in this tiny little room that was added on to the back of the house at some point by previous owners. There is a master bath, but we couldn't see it since it is still orange like the master bedroom used to be. I think I could be a little inconvenienced in this home.
How about you?

I am going to stop here and share more next time.

If you ever want to go on a trip like I did they do this several times a year. They will do a small group of five to six or a couple or one on one. They are such wonderful hosts and are very knowledgeable about antiques, brocantes and the area.

To find out more and to enjoy real French living hop over to Cat's blog Sunday Brocantes.

See you tomorrow for another guest blogger's favorite room.

Oh, and the reason they named it Rabbit Hill is because there are lots of rabbits.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your photos! I feel like I have been on a mini-vacation to France after seeing them. I love the explanation for the name Rabbit Hill too.

  2. I just love how a lot of European homes are 'not fussy' and end up looking amazing. Their sense of style can be so relaxed and the end result is eclectic and uber inviting.
    Thanks for sharing such a lovely family home!

  3. Makes sense on the name! Drooling on the keyboard now:)!

  4. Beautiful! I know you had a wonderful time. Looking forward to seeing more!

  5. How gorgeous and unpretentious. I have always loved how pretty much most non-Americans live with the things Americans go crazy "up-dating." That is what makes their homes not look builder-grade subdivision all the same. I especially love that there are children's toys out and the old photos in gold frames. I really miss not getting to travel to Europe in the fall anymore. I'm sure you had so much fun...but what about the food?? Honestly that's my favorite thing there and I am looking forward to food photos, lol:-)

  6. Lovely! I know you must had had a fabulous time!

  7. So beautiful! I am sure you had a wonderful time. Both times I have been to Europe has been in the fall. It's such a perfect time to go! Can't wait for more posts!

  8. So fun Kim, thank you for the tour. The sky is a different blue in France, we noticed that in Paris, I could not get over the clarity of color, it must be the wonderful light. Oh how I want to go back,
    PS looking forward to more of your tour post.

  9. So interesting! An authentic French home and not the Americainized version of "French style"...

  10. Enjoyed this so much Kim! Thanks!

  11. Hi Kim, You were so right-all I could say was wow! Thanks for sharing this incredible home.
    Hugs, Noreen

  12. Great post, Kim...it was fun sharing your time there!

  13. What a great old house! I bet it was wonderful getting to tour it in person and enjoy lunch there with everyone.

  14. Gorgeous home! Makes me want to go back to France (not that I didn't want to already). :)

  15. I loved seeing our home through your eyes! What a treat! And what a pleasure to be able to host you in it. You will have to come back next year to see a few of the 'afters' and maybe even another toilet will be added by then.... maybe.

    Merci beaucoup for your kind words and of course you are welcome to pop over and visit again anytime!

    xx Cat

  16. or you could move to france so I would have a friend to visit! wonderful french home. one bath .....i guess you get use to that.

  17. Oh this looks fabulous! The house is beautiful and your trip sounds wonderful .

  18. I have been looking forward to your posts about your trip. I think starting with the house is a beautiful starting point - how completely charming - our house is old for US standards, but would love the patina of time in this house...dreaming of someday going :)
    I appreciate you sharing,

  19. Oh Kim how lovely and charming is Cat's home. Great place to start your posts on the trip. Loved every room in Cat's gorgeous home. Thanks for sharing with all of us. What a dream place to live.

  20. Oh, I love that first fireplace! Just gorgeous!

  21. What a lovely French home. Real French....I am having fun going on this trip with you Kim!

  22. Kim,
    So enjoyable to share in the excitement of your trip-I love those tile steps and oh the shutter headboard.
    Heading over to visit Cat's shop

  23. I miss it already....what a wonderful trip we had!

  24. This was a treat to have a tour of Cat's wonderful home. She only shows little bits on her blog from time to time, so thanks for giving us a peek into more of the rooms.
    Mary Alice

  25. Being at Cat and Alain's gorgeous home was truly an experience of a lifetime.....great pics...but you know you can never truly capture the true beauty in pics...Cat has truly done a magnificent job in just a few short months of moving in...breathtaking home with breathtaking views....Thanks Kim!...

  26. OMG Kim... I looked at this post 4 times.... LOVE it... great photos. Can't wait to see the rest. Have a wonderful weekend. I will be dreaming of Normandy, thanks to you!

  27. What a lovely French home...So quaint and that bedroom is gorgeous! I bet those stairs could tell some stories...

  28. It is just how I envision a French home to be. Loved the tour!

  29. What a gorgeous home! I enjoyed going through all those pretty rooms. Can't wait to see more about your trip.

  30. I am always amazed at the European style of casual living that looks wonderful without being fussy or pretentious. Beautiful photos Kim.
    Hugs, Gee

  31. Gorgeous! I am so glad you had such a great trip!

  32. Oh, this looks so wonderful! I love Europe so much. Architecture that is worn and well-loved and made of quality materials that last for years is so much more appealing to me than having everything sparkling new, the way that people like things here. Can't wait to see more about your trip :)

  33. Kim thanks for the tour. Driving up the drive must be so beautiful I can't even imagine it. The ski that day was unbelievable. So much beauty in this home.


  34. Beautiful home! I've always dreamed of living in a historic home. A few years back when making the decision to stay where we are and remodel OR to move into an old home we decided to hit the town looking at some old homes that were on the market. Though they do have so much charm the baths are tiny and there is really no way to modify some of them, the old chippy house paint is charming but I wasn't sure I wanted to be faced with it daily and the basements are SCARY. They were so expensive to purchase and all had so much work that needed to be done. So we stayed put and are making changes to this home. I do LOVE touring older home, especially those in France...thanks so much for taking us with you!

  35. Sigh! what year was the house built?

  36. What a lovely home Cat has! Oh the history of that home.....just love that!Yes it would be wonderful to have a close relative living in France.A good excuse to go and visit!