Making Cookies and Memories


I'm not a baker, but I usually do try to do some baking at the holidays. I have fond memories of going to my grandparents for Christmas and my grandmother would have tins filled with Christmas treats and cookies. Her decorated sugar cookies were always my favorite. So yesterday my daughter Brooke and granddaughter Leila came over and we baked some cookies, but wait it wasn't all that easy and this is why I am not a baker....something always goes wrong.

The day before I followed a recipe I had pinned on pinterest  and made the dough since it had to be refrigerated for at least three hours before I could roll the dough out. So I followed the directions and wrapped it in plastic wrap and stuck it in the fridge.

So we get the firm cold dough out and put some flour on the counter and on the rolling pin and I started rolling it out. The dough kept sticking to the roller and to the counter and it got very soft and sticky very quickly. I knew there was no way we could cut out cookies with this stuff. I really believe the recipe was printed incorrectly. There was not enough flour and it was just greasy.

So what do you do when that happens and I need to bake cookies? You go to the store and buy some good ole Pilsbury sugar cookie dough. Yep, that's right. We rolled out store bought dough and it worked.

So we rolled and then Leila helped cut them out.

Then we used icing and colored sugar.

And you see how excited a little one is to see her artwork.

The best part is they actually taste good. Who knew? 

Oh, and the other dough that I made from scratch? Well, I placed it in small balls on the cookie sheet and sprinkled them with the colored sugar and they turned out very thin and crispy, but still edible. That recipe was just not right.

The main thing is having fun and enjoying this time with family and creating fun memories. I wish I had all the grand kids here to do this together, but they can't come till Christmas eve.
Maybe next year.

I hope y'all create wonderful memories this holiday season.

Well, back to wrapping all those presents.

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  1. First: Leila is ADORABLE. Second: good for you for adapting and coming up with a plan B rather than letting plan A ruin you! The grandchildren all help decorate cookies at my mom's, and they each have their own... "interesting" tactic -- none of which necessarily turn out beautifully. However, we have learned that they all TASTE the same! LOL Personally, I am a huge fan of the kids who put on too much icing! *wink Merry Christmas Kim!!!

  2. They look yummy and I do love the colours, its all fun at Christmas anyway. My gingerbread cookies were fine the first time but I have had two attempts since and both failed before they got to the icing stage. First time the mixture wouldn't bind, second time I used some water to bind and they came out looking like they had a bad case of acne :(....Might just try a different recipe today.

    Have a lovely Christmas Kim.


  3. Your cookies turned out great....and your granddaughter is so adorable :o) I made chocolate covered peanut butter balls today from a recipe that I got off Pinterest and the recipe had a typo too. It called for twice as much sugar as needed. Luckily I was able to adjust it and they turned out really delicious!!!! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Aww, well aren't you smart to just go buy the cookie dough!! I love it!! And your Leila is such a doll. She was such a pretty baby and just keeps getting more and more beautiful!! Have a wonderful Christmas Kim!!!

  5. I'm one of those food purists and only cook and bake with "real" ingredients, but hey, when your goal is to have fun and make memories, who cares? The look of happiness and pride on Leila's face says it all. Merry and blessed Christmas to you and your family!

  6. Hi Kim, My recipes always come out wrong somehow too! Glad you turned it into a "win" with the store bought cookies. Leila is a beautiful child. Merry Christmas!

  7. I am glad you didn't let a bad pinterest recipe spoil your fun! I too have found an occasional "turd in a punch bowl" as my Grandma used to say...LOL Even tho I grew up in the South and southern women usually aren't allowed out of the womb until we can make biscuits and gravy from scratch, I too will let Pillsbury do the hard work for me so I can get to the fun part :-)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  8. Merry Christmas, Kim! You should do one of those split photos with the Pinterest original and your Pinterest 'Nailed It!', lol. No matter, in Leila's eyes you're a cookie rock star, Grandma!

  9. I never have much luck rolling out sugar cookies either. Glad you had a great time baking with your granddaughter.

  10. Sweet memories baking with your granddaughter.....Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  11. Love how you make real cookies (not perfect) with your Granddaughter. Merry Christmas! Margie

  12. I have a friend who bakes sugar cookies better'n the bakery. Me, I've never had the sugar cookie skill. I can make a mean chocolate chip, but sugar cookies I have not mastered. So for us, the Pillsbury sugar hits the spot. Merry Christmas to you & yours.

  13. I have the worst trouble with sugar cookies. I think it's mostly me as I've tried many recipes. My daughter and law and her mom bake their recipe every year and she brings a plate and they are so yummy. Bet if I made her recipe I'd ruin them too.

  14. Kim, it looks like you used self rising flour and salt? Usually a recipe will call for all purpose flour if you use salt.

    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

    1. Dyanna, you are right. I didn't even realize I pulled out the wrong flour. I'm crazy, what can we say. It still was the wrong amount of flour, too. It was just greasy.

  15. Hi Kim,
    Leila is adorable and what fun memories you are making with her to bake cookies. I always use the pillsbury cookie dough and the cookies get rav reviews so I have not made them from scratch for years. Have a beautiful Christmas.

  16. As soon as I saw Leila's picture smiling at her work I said "AWWW". She is SO sweet and getting prettier every day. Good for you to go with the flow and just buy the dough. I have some of that in the fridge so maybe I will make some cookies real quickly:) Thanks for the idea. Have a WONDERFUL Christmas, Kim and thanks for all your wonderful inspiration all year long. XO

  17. Thank goodness for store bought dough! That's how I've done mine in the past, except I never got as fancy and crafty as you with all the shapes and toppings. They sure look pretty! Leila looked like she had a good time and that's the most important thing.

  18. Decorating the cookies is the fun part for the kids...I had all of the little ones over a week or so ago and I baked the cookies ahead so that they could just do the icing and sprinkles and they loved it. I do not bake much, certainly not as much as I did when my boys were little, but the sugar cookie recipe that I have is wonderful, as it is from my cousin who bakes all of the time.
    If you want to save it for next year or perhaps Valentine cookies with Leila here it is:
    3/4 cup butter, softened..just room temperature
    1 cup sugar
    2 eggs
    1/2 tsp. vanilla
    2 1/2 cups flour ( then I'd say I use a good half cup when rolling them out as I have to keep adding flour to the table )
    1 tsp. baking powder

    I chill it for about 3-4 hours / bake 400 degrees 6 minutes. If I watch the oven and do them exactly 6 minutes and no more they turn out perfectly.
    Merry Christmas, Kim, to you and your family!

  19. Kim, I was giggling as I read your post...I am not really a baker, either. I would much rather decorate the kitchen than bake in it, but making Christmas cookies with the kids is a tradition here, too! Thank goodness for that Pillsbury mix! I wanted to thank you very much for your party each week. I am a pretty new blogger and through it I have found many new friends and tons of inspiration. I also wanted to thank you for the tremendous amount of traffic that comes to my blog by way of it! So thank you, thank you! I wish you and your family the very merriest of Christmases and all the best in the coming New Year! :) Kim

  20. Leila looks like she had a blast. I always loved making cut out cookies when I was little and it's some of my fondest memories too. Unfortunately neither my son or husband eat them, so I end up eating them all myself, so I quit making them a few years ago :( Have a great holiday!

  21. I love Leila's creations! So sweet! Merry Christmas, Kim! Enjoy your time with the family!

  22. It doesn't matter what kind of recipe or how they taste or look…it is all about the fun times of making memories…Love the pics of Leila!...

  23. Where there is a will, there is a way. And, you all made beautiful cookies.

    Merry Christmas to you and all you hold dear,Kim.♥